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Kevs3D - HTML5 Canvas demos by Kevin Roast

Kevs3D - HTML5 Canvas demos by Kevin Roast
Arena5 - Game My latest HTML5 canvas game experiment - Winner of Canvas Innovation Prize in the Microsoft Dev Unplugged contest! Updated to run at a full 60 frames-per-second with improved game performance. It's more than a little "inspired" by Geometry Wars and similar, but that's not a bad thing... A good test of canvas performance as it hits the browser hard with lots of glow effects and particle explosions. Another example of my canvas 3D library - K3D in action! Works best in Chrome and Safari, FireFox and IE struggle a bit with the shiny effects. You can comment and rate the game as it is featured on the Google Chrome Experiments page.

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CubicVR 3D Engine on WebGL CubicVR.js uses only your web browser, Javascript and WebGL (OpenGL ES 2.0 based) to produce high quality 3D graphics in real-time. To use the demos below you will need a WebGL enabled browser. WebGL is available in beta for many major browsers -- however if you wish to view the some of the audio based demos first-hand you will require FireFox4 or newer: CubicVR.js Sample Projects and Demonstrations: Please visit: For all the latest and greatest updated demos and example projects. 20 Impressive CSS3 Techniques, Libraries and Examples Danny Markov In this list we’ve gathered for you some of the best sources of CSS goodness. We’ve chosen some amazing demos from various artists that come to prove that nowadays everything is possible with CSS. We’ve also included articles that depict the awesome new features of CSS3 and a few helpful libraries full of CSS tricks. There is a lot to gaze your eyes upon and a lot to learn so we better get started!

100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things These days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates. Below we compiled a list with over 100 download sites that serve that purpose. We will also try to keep the list updated, so if your favorite download site is not here, let us know about it with a comment. Building a pure CSS 3D City Most of you are aware that Safari and most decent modern browsers support CSS rotation. No javascript nor plugins involved. The following code rotates #element by 15 degrees. Okay, admittedly, this is boring. What is really interesting is that Safari (mobile version included) and Chrome support transforms on a 3D matrix, opening an endless range of opportunities.

Old Games : Free download [eng] ↓skip navigation↓ Best Old Games Support forum Best Old Games CopperLicht - JavaScript 3D Engine using WebGL Open Source WebGL 3D engine with editor CopperLicht is a commercial grade WebGL library and JavaScript 3D engine for creating games and 3D applications in the webbrowser. It uses the WebGL canvas supported by modern browsers and is able to render hardware accelerated 3d graphics without any plugins. Optimized, Fast, and Free CopperLicht originally was the WebGL rendering backend of the CopperCube editor, and was made free to be used by anyone. Thus, it comes with a full 3D editor and supports all features necessary to create full 3d games in the browser.

25 Creative Website Footers Footers have evolved from being insignificant pieces of design to one of the key factors in capturing the attention of your sites visitors. Many sties have taken creativity to another level and incorporated functionality with twitter updates and contact forms. This enhances the appearance of your website all while improving your sites usability. Every footer is unique in its own way and offers some sort of inspiration or lesson. Below you will find 25 Astonishing Website Footers to serve as pure inspiration. Please feel encouraged to leave us a comment or link to a site we may have missed with a creative footer!

Examples and demos · cjcliffe/CubicVR.js Wiki · GitHub A collection of samples and demonstrations currently within the CubicVR GitHub repository. ⌘ Basic Cube Rendering a simple Cube Mesh, manual rendering of the Mesh is performed using CubicVR.renderObject(). Basic Cubic UV Mapping is applied and rendering is performed in MainLoop. → Link to Example → Link to Source ⌘ Basic Scene 40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates For Web Designers using High Quality PSD Website Templates can be a great starting point for designers just starting out or if you're on a budget. These High Quality PSD Website Templates are all user friendly and quick to use containing all the elements you need to create your own website. We have hand picked these High Quality PSD Website Templates from trusted sources all over the web, all of these free psd website tempates are fully customizable, allowing you to edit the color scheme, fonts, images, background, wording and any other elements you want changed. In today's collection we've gathered 40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates, these psd website templates are some of the best we've seen and contain professional websites. We hope these High Quality PSD Website Templates allow you to create your own websites quickly and easily, whether it's for a client or personal use! Enjoy!

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #90 Subscribe D-Lists Design + Developer Resource Facebook Fan Page CategoriesArchives Babylon.js: How to load a .babylon file produced with Blender - Eternal Coding - HTML5 / Windows / Kinect / 3D development - Site Home - MSDN Blogs In a previous post, I described Babylon.js, a brand new 3D engine for WebGL and JavaScript. Among others features, Babylon.js is capable of loading a JSON file through the .babylon file format. During this post, I will show you how to use Babylon.js API to load a scene created with Blender. One important thing to remember with Blender is to use the Blender Render if you want to export your scene to Babylon.js In my previous post, I already described how to install the .babylon exporter in Blender, but for the sake of comprehension, I copy/paste the process here:

HTML5 templates This freebie is the HTML5/CSS3 version of last week free PSD template called magnetic, it’s an amazing responsive HTML5 template, it can be used by photographers to showcase their beautiful photos, or by creatives such as web designers, graphic designer, illustrators…etc. The Magnetic Responsive Photography Website Template, comes with three... Crafty is an amazing, beautiful template we published last week, this week we are sharing with you the responsive HTML5 template version, it looks amazing on tablets and phones, and it’s very fast to load, the source files are well-organised, the crafty HTML5 Responsive Template is well-coded, commented and easy...

Interactive 3D for the Open Web White Label Publishing The easiest way to show off your 3D models and scenes is by uploading them into Verold's Showcase Viewer. White Label Publishing gives you control over the branding of your viewer to use your own logo to label it. API + Export Verold's cloud hosting solution provides scalable delivery of interactive 3D elements for businesses and agencies building custom web applications that use interactive 3D. You can optionally export your projects to your own servers and host the content yourself.