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Mozilla Firefox Conecta inteligencias e intereses WCN TRANSMEDIA GROUP UniversCiné : VoD – Le meilleur du cinéma indépendant à télécharger Films en vidéo à la demande Société production audiovisuelle, vidéo entreprise, réalisation film - Videoagency Ferran Clavell "GET IT ALL OUT" - a documentary - the improbable musical journey of John Creighton & Stick Against Stone 8 No Time Left Dear friends, We are happy, very happy, to meet so many of you Monday night during the 3rd No Time Left Festival. You were close to 400 to the City Hall of Paris to share with us this Evening event in the presence of Mr. Costa - Gavras, Honorary President of the festival. For your presence, for your participation, for your time, also, a huge "Thank you" to you all! 7 awards were presented : Lille Métropole Prize of international solidarity Abuela Grillo, Denis Chapon The Student Prize Tau Seru, Rodd Rathjen The Children Prize Abu the orphan and the magical tree, Julien Coquet and Gael Chevailler The Women prize What to Bring to America, Christophe Nassif The Cinema Prize Two & Two, Babak Anvari Grand Prix and The No Time Left special Prize Oscar Lalo Thank you to our winners, who gave us films as different as beautiful and impactful. Thank you to the 297 filmmakers from 62 different countries and 25 filmmakers selected for making the Millennium live through their art. Very soon! The festival team