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Water Shortage!

Water Shortage!
Ever since the beginning of this nation, Americans have always been able to take for granted that there would always be plenty of fresh water. But unfortunately that is rapidly changing. Due to pollution, corruption, inefficiency and the never ending greed of the global elite, the United States (and the entire world) is heading for a very serious water shortage. According to a new report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council, more than one-third of all counties in the lower 48 states will likely be facing very serious water shortages by 2050. And Americans certainly do use a lot of water. In fact, a five minute shower by an American uses more water than a typical person living in poverty in a developing country uses in an entire day. For hundreds of years, North America has been blessed with an overabundance of fresh water, but those supplies are quickly running dry. If the breadbasket of America were to dry up, what would that mean for the future of this nation? Why? Related:  ALTERNATIVE MEDIAtujas

The Fact File » Your source of factual information on today's top issues. Water Scarcity and Agriculture by Katherine Sentlinger, Guest Writer Water scarcity has a huge impact on food production. Without water people do not have a means of watering their crops and, therefore, to provide food for the fast growing population. According to the International Water Management Institute , agriculture, which accounts for about 70% of global water withdrawals, is constantly competing with domestic, industrial and environmental uses for a scarce water supply. One such method is irrigation management. Another method is water management for rainfed agriculture. The Water Project works to combat this issue by helping to build water collection systems, such as weirs or sand dams . Using these different methods of water management is essential for agriculture, as the increasing population calls for an increase in food production.

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Stop the Canadian Oil Sand Madness Now Historically, surface mining has been used to extract tar sands and this method has produced at much CO2 as all the cars in Canada. The tailings, what are left when the bitumin has been extracted, are being stored in ponds. In the tailings pond, the sand, clay and water separate out. The water is sent back to the plant to be reused. Even so, the huge amounts of water needed threatens the world's third largest watershed. Mining is the oldest technique for removing the bitumin from oil sands. Between the ever increasing air pollution and the poisons and heavy metals built up in the tailing ponds that may now been seen from space, there has been a rise in certain cancers and syndromes since oil sand production ramped up in 2005.

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Water scarcity, high food costs to hit poor nations Bloomberg Jul 9, 2011, 02.05am IST SINGAPORE: Developing economies will be "hammered" as declining water supply adds to problems confronting farmers who are struggling to meet food demand, pushing prices even higher, said CH2M Hill Cos. Countries in short supply of water including China will continue to boost food imports, draining resources in some of the largest agricultural producers including the U.S. and Brazil, said Lee McIntire, chairman and chief executive officer. The company provides services from treating waste water and building irrigation systems to cleaning up nuclear sites. Food costs tracked by the United Nations advanced in June for the 10th time in the past 12 months, staying near a record on higher sugar, dairy and rice prices, while meat reached an all-time high. "Food prices are going to go up," McIntire said, without giving a timeframe. "There's a connection between energy, water and food," said 62 year-old McIntire.

OVERFISHING Appropedia SAFSF.ORG :. Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders Et tu, Mr. Destructo?: Game Over: Scans of Over 50 Ron Paul Newsletters For a certain segment of the Ron Paul fanbase, no evidence of his disseminating hateful, paranoid material will ever be enough. Citing James Kirchick's piece in wasn't sufficient, because Kirchick could have just been "making everything up." Then, when I and others posted copies of "," that too wasn't convincing. Well, now there are many documents. As I said in my rundown on the Paul platform over at Vice, reasonable fans of Dr. there's no way Paul could have been ignorant of the content [of] 8-12 page newsletters published under his name for over ten years. Further, you can't dismiss this in the name of higher political or socioeconomic aspirations. when you opt to support anti-imperialist and civil liberties ideals by supporting Paul the Candidate, you end up supporting everything else about him. It's fine to have convictions about things he believes in. And still, for the faithful, this will not be enough. Ron Paul Newsletter—April, 1993: The New York Bombing Dr. "Dr. "St.

A global shortage Not all wet As we in water-rich countries take our daily showers, water the lawn or laze about in the pool, it's easy to forget that fresh water is a life-or-death issue in many parts of the world. Of a population of roughly 6.1 billion, more than 1 billion lack access to potable water. The World Health Organization says that at any time, up to half of humanity has one of the six main diseases -- diarrhea, schistosomiasis, or trachoma, or infestation with ascaris, guinea worm, or hookworm -- associated with poor drinking water and inadequate sanitation. Parched places One glance at the map tells you that water is shortest in equatorial countries, often where populations are rising. China, with 1.26 billion people, is "the one area worrying most people most of the time," says Marq de Villiers, author of the recently published "Water " (see bibliography). "They're disgraceful, unusable, industrial sewers," says de Villiers. Can't anyone get along?

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