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DIY + Design: Your Field Guide to a Well Designed Do It Yourself Lifestyle

DIY + Design: Your Field Guide to a Well Designed Do It Yourself Lifestyle

DIY Plan Catalog | Ana White If you appreciate the free content of this site, please thank our sponsors. An 8020 Bench - talkFestool My new 8020 workbench, 58 by 30.5 inches, 32 inches high. Part 1 - Legs and Frame All of the talk around here about making benches reminded me that I've planning to build one. I have some old table legs sitting around. I have been watching the 8020 store on eBay and I've been picking up pieces for this bench for 18 months. So, getting down to business, the first task was to rebate the legs to hold the frame. The next task was to make 4 corner brackets for the frame. With the frame and legs bolted together, this bench feels rock solid. Next is the sub frame to hold the MDF top in place.

An 8020 Work Bench I have the details and lots of pictures posted here at talkFestool. No use posting it twice. Actually, I've been unsuccessful trying to join there because what is believed to be blocking twice now by my ISP for the registration confirmation email, and as a result cannot view the pictures you've got over there. Has anybody else had this problem registering at TalkFestool? Kevin, I haven't see the email, but... Are you saying that you're trying to forward mail from your BlackBerryto to your PC and it's not working? In any case, I activated your account. Regards, Dan. Hey that's great Dan. Sorry for the thread stealing, but I really did want to see what Qwas had to show, and I guess I was frustrated that since you had be a member at TF to see the pictures, I thought I'd voice my issue, which is now resolved. Qwas, I really like what you did, and have been formulating ideas on how to modify my 1080 in certain manners, and your work was of interest.

How to Build Your Own Workbench/Storage Shelf Out of all the virtually unlimited projects you can make with Kee Klamp fittings, the workbench/storage shelf is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. You can use it in your garage to hold your tools, in your living area to display knick knacks, or in your bathroom to hold towels and toiletries. This combination workbench/shelf can also function quite well in a nursery, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, foyer, game room, or any other nook and cranny around your home. Admitting that this piece was a winner for all of our customers was a given. However, our challenge with this undertaking was to make it as cost-effective as we could, since the wood alone could add hundreds of dollars to the project. Tools and Materials Raw Materials from Home Depot Kee Klamp Fittings from Simplified Building Step One – Cut the Pipe to Desired Length Use the latex grip gloves to more safely and easily hold the pipe while you cut it. 2 | 20-1/2" (side rungs) 2 | 44-1/2" (runners) 4 | 39" (legs) Related Entries