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iPad Creative - iPad Creative Blog Tout l'AppStore en version française ! @ iOSteacher How to Set Up Gmail for School iPads and iPods One challenge for teachers with students using devices like iPad and iPod touch is collecting student work. Unfortunately, there is not one consistent way for apps to export what a user creates. Some apps connect to Dropbox, some share through iTunes, some export to a website, some share through an IP address, but most apps email content as an attachment. In order to send images, movies, and documents as an attachment, email must be set up on the device. Logging in through web-based mail won't work because you cannot attach files when using web mail in iOS. I think the best solution is to give each student an email account and teach them to use it responsibly. The answer I've seen many schools use is Gmail. It's time consuming to create email accounts for each and every device. After creating the Gmail account at, you'll have to do this on each device that will use that account: Email is ready to use! Additional TipsYou can use email services other than Gmail.

Applications Android - Android Apps pour tablettes et mobiles Le marché des smartphones et tablettes tactiles sous système Androïd connait un essor incroyable ; les tablettes entrent progressivement dans la salle de classe, au même titre que les iPads. Nous vous proposons ci-dessous une liste d'applications Android gratuites téléchargeables sur Google Play Store et qui pourront être utilisées en classe d'anglais. Pour plus de ressources sur l'usage des tablettes tactiles en classe, consultez notre Dossier spécial "Tablettes numériques à l'école" Devenir jeune reporter en langue vivante Dans le cadre des travaux académiques mutualisés 2014-2015, le "Répertoire d'applications pour le jeune reporter" constitue une sélection de plus de 50 applications iPad et/ou Androïd, à télécharger [.pdf 420 ko] Le Kit de survie pour l'élève Télécharger Le kit de survie de l'élève : Une sélection sur deux pages A4 de 12 applications Android à proposer aux élèves de niveau A2 et plus (.pdf 621 ko), avec QR codes pour les télécharger directement sur les appareils Androïd.

10 Free E-Book Sites for iPad Want to get the most out of your iPad - Are you using it as an e-reader? There are multiple sites that offer free downloads of both classic and contemporary publications and the reading experience on the iPad is actually quite good. The font size, the instant access to chapters and pages and the .......all make for a positive reading experience. Coupled with this is the fact that this is about the only way to get anybody under the age of 20 to read for any length of time at all. For younger readers and kids learning to the read the interactive experience will engender a love of interaction with the written word. This is especially true of the newer types of apps that are coming out. But what is available as Free e-books or downloads and where can you access them. 1. Project Gutenberg offers over 36,000 free ebooks to download to your PC, Kindle, Android, iOS or other portable device. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 23,469 Classics to go OK this one is not really FREE. 9.

Turning Students Into Teachers "The best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else". Isn't that what you've always been told? It's true ... and also a great philosophy to apply in the classroom. Most educators spend a lot of time honing their skills as teachers, expecting students to absorb and learn what they are taught. Sometimes however, students learn more effectively when empowered to learn and then teach complex concepts. There are quite a few apps and techniques that can allow students to express their knowledge by creating mini tutorials on the iPad. Who are they teaching? Students of all ages can create tutorials. Students can "teach" you. Creating Tutorials There are many alternatives for creating tutorials on the iPad. ScreenChomp and ShowMe Both ScreenChomp (left) and ShowMe (right) follow a simple, similar template. In the example on the left, the student is explaining how the solution to a problem in math. Educreations VoiceThread You start by opening an account with VoiceThread. Sam Gliksman

iPad Apps How do I get Apps to this device? Or If you are new to the mobile world, what is an App? App or an application is a program that can be installed on to the device. The app will have an icon associated with it. Notes on Selecting Apps: When selecting an app, there is not one app that is perfect for everyone. Testeando - El trivial educativo para colegios bloomsapps Using Blooms Taxonomy in education is a highly effective way to scaffold learning for the students. With the recent popularity and pervasive nature of iOS devices in school districts it is essential for educators to understand how to implement Blooms in the classroom using the apps that are available. While this list is by no means fully comprehensive, it will assist educators in getting started when implementing iOS devices in the classroom. This site will change almost daily as it will be updated with new and exciting apps! If you find any that you have worked with in your classroom please email or tweet @bloomsapps or @dmileham75 with your suggestions. Two Links to some iTunesU courses relating to iOS Integration: 1 iPad by Erie 1 Boards of Cooperative Educational Services ( Movie Making\Digital Storytelling Camera to PDF Free - cool little app that turns your device into a scanner. LiveBinders: I would be remiss if I didn't post this.

ducation - Apps Cuatro Áreas para Mejorar el Diálogo de Tu Historia Cuatro áreas para mejorar el diálogo de tu historia En este artículo, Palibrio identifica cuatro áreas en las que deberías concentrarte para que consigas escribir un libro que apasione a los lectores. Sin embargo, antes de empezar a ver cómo mejorar tus diálogos, vamos a recordar qué debería aportar el diálogo a nuestra historia. Sabemos que la regla de oro del diálogo es mostrar en vez de decir, por tanto es imprescindible que tengamos las siguientes funciones en cuenta cuando leamos y editemos el manuscrito. Las seis funciones del diálogo: El diálogo en nuestra historia debería: Mostrar el personaje (en lo que dice y no dice)Proporcionar la información pertinenteConducir el argumento de forma que construya tensión y dramatismoMostrar la química y las relaciones entre personajesCrear una parte emocional de los personajesCrear espacios en la página para evitar romper o dificultar la historia para el lector Ahora que has acabado el primer borrador de tu manuscrito, es hora de editarlo.

Top 100 apps - the definitive guide COUCH TO 5K iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, $3.99 "I have to admit that I'm the non-runner in the family, but I'm hearing lots of good things about this app. The perfect plan to get someone who is exercise-averse off their butt, out of the house and onto the mean streets. POSTINO Android/iPad/iPhone/iPod touch/WINDOWS PHONE, FREE "This app is the perfect blend of analogue meets digital. VIBER iPhone, FREE An iPhone app that lets you make free phone calls to other iPhone users who have Viber installed. DRAGON DICTATION iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, FREE A surprisingly accurate talk-to-type tool that records your spoken words as text, then sends them via email or text, or copies them to your clipboard. BUMP Android/iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, FREE "Bump two phones together and you can pass on contact details, photos, music and apps. WI-FI FINDERiPad/iPhone/iPod touch, FREE AIR SHARING iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, $3.99 TOUCH MOUSEiPad/iPhone/iPod touch, FREE SILENT FILM DIRECTOR iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, $1.19

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