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Alt-metrics: a manifesto –

Alt-metrics: a manifesto –
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7 Stories From Educators About Teaching In The Flipped Classroom Informed articles and commentary on this powerful and often misunderstood concept. The University of Wisconsin’s Stout School of Education publishes a great Tech Tips newsletter. The last few issues of this newsletter have been packed with resources focused on topics near and dear to us here at EmergingEdTech, and we strongly recommend signing up for this free publication. I spent a good deal of time reading and appreciating the resources shared in a recent Tech Tips newsletter focused on the concept of “the flipped classroom”. Below I have shared several of the articles listed in the newsletter, along with a few more that I searched out, and I’ve provided a little insight into each of them. (Click image to access a Flipped Classroom Infographic from There is a wealth of experienced, constructive knowledge shared in this content. The Flipped Class: Myths Vs. About Kelly Walsh Print This Post

OHMS: Oral History Metadata Synchronizer Home - NDLR Jason Priem Another publisher accuses a librarian of libel With the proliferation of scholarly journals – particularly open-access Internet journals that charge author fees – some librarians consider themselves on the front lines of the fight to preserve quality publishing. The weapon of choice for some, including Jeffrey Beall, associate professor and scholarly initiatives librarian at the University of Colorado Denver? The blog. But some publishers have taken up their own arms – including threats of lawsuits – in defense, raising questions about academic freedom and librarians in the Internet age. Via its lawyer earlier this month, the Canadian Center for Science and Education, publisher of numerous open-access journals charging several-hundred dollar author fees, sent a letter to Beall informing him that his inclusion of the company and several of its products on a list of a possible-to-probable “predatory” journals on his blog amounted to defamation and libel. No court date has been set for that case.

Facebook's Secret to High Emotional Engagement? Faces [STUDY] If you're trying to understand why Facebook elicits such an emotional response, look no further than the name. A study commissioned by Facebook examined how consumers' brains responded to the site as well as to Yahoo's and The New York Times's homepages. NeuroFocus, the Berkeley, Calif., firm that executed the study, found that of the three, Facebook scored highest on attention, emotional engagement and memory retention. A.K. Pradeep, the CEO of NeuroFocus, says the presence of faces on Facebook are a major reason why. In the study 84 adults, split evenly between men and women, were wired with EEG sensors, which measured their brainwave patterns as they visited the sites. Pradeep says that faces explain much of the emotional appeal of Facebook. Facebook commissioned the study to display its emotional connection with consumers to advertisers.

SoundCiteJS -- Northwestern University Knight Lab Generation 4 The project has now completed. The final report is available from the bottom of the page. Overview St George’s, University of London delivers a Problem-based learning curriculum for its undergraduate medicine course, which is paper–based, linear and inflexible. The aim of this project is to use recently-developed technologies to assist in the creation of a more interactive and integrated model for curriculum delivery in medicine. This will include interactive patient cases which provide students with the opportunity to make realistic decisions and explore the consequences of their actions. Aims and Objectives The aim of the project is to use recently-developed technologies to assist in the creation of a more interactive and integrated model for curriculum delivery in medicine. Project Methodology Subject matter experts (SMEs) and learning technologist will adapt scenarios to create interactive, integrated, adaptive cases using existing technologies. Anticipated Outputs and Outcomes

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