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Set Up an Automated, Bulletproof File Back Up Solution

Set Up an Automated, Bulletproof File Back Up Solution

Five Best Offline Backup Tools Here's how Acronis True Image Home saved my butt three times in three different ways, all in a single week. 1. The hard drive on my friend's laptop gave us warning that it was going to implode, so we backed up the entire drive to Acronis on an external USB drive. The next day the drive crashed. I bought a new drive and restored the image from the USB. I booted from Acronis CD and restored from the USB. 2. 3.One of my laptops that runs Windows 2000 (I am a developer and must support multiple OS) got trashed. Hint: This might sound like a lot of work, but whenever I feel that my system is stable, I do a full Acronis image backup. I know it sounds like a lot of work, and Mac users are probably laughing about how quickly Windows machines become unstable.

Modem losing connection/cycling - Comcast Help and Support Forums I just went through the same issue. It took months to get it fixed. It did not take so long because of massive repairs; it took so long because I did not have a competent tech the first three times from Comcast. Here is my post from my thread a couple of days ago explaining what happened. BTW.... I have the same SB6121 modem. @ i-am-nerdberg - So the problem has been resolved. This had been escalated several times and other techs came out but they just put their meters on the line and said everything looked good. The last tech (John) that came out was on his way up the technical ladder @ CC and had been accepted for a position in Denver and he would be leaving in a few weeks. He did two things when he was here. 1) He replaced the connectors on the lines comming into my building. 2) He could not see my modem from his Data Service Phone he carried so he did some checking. So the moral of this story is insist on a top technician.

How to Keep Your Workflow in Sync Across Computers @geminidude: Oh, I forgot to add, under my mapped network drive folder (X:) I have a dedicated folder for all application data (X:\appdata\). This way I can keep all of my application settings in sync across all computers as well. So when I use specific applications, I'll know that all settings for that app are in sync across all computers. I also forgot to add #4 best solution: Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email. Questions? I doubt offline folders is as effiicient as rsync/unison at keeping files in sync... Your setup looks naive. Windows should introduce the ability to keep multiple desktops in sync - not just file-wise. I obviate to that lack by using a SCASE (Self Contained And Synchronising Ecosystem) like Firefox. @Adriano - Thanks for keeping a 3 year old discussion alive :-) Needless to say, I'm still using Windows Offline Files to this day and it works just as well in Windows 8 now. I use Offline Files across a laptop, surface tablet, and two desktops now.

Video Archive By Category MacMost includes more than 900 free video tutorials on how to use your Mac, iPad, iPhone and other Apple technology. Select a category below, or search above to find a tutorial and learn how to get the most from your Mac! Also: Accessories (2), Accounts (2), Contacts (3), Disk Utility (1), Dock (2), dvds (1), iBooks (3), iBooks Author (1), iDVD (1), Internet (3), LaunchPad (1), Mac Applications (2), Mac Apps (3), Mac Hardware (3), Maps (1), Messages (2), Mission Control (1), Networking (1), PDF (2), Photo (1), Photos (2), Printing (3), Support (2), Switching (1), Utilities (2), Video Editing (3), Widgets (3).

Set Up a Foolproof and Fireproof Automatic Backup Plan @AmphetamineCrown: If ALL your data is "mission critical" then yes, several weeks to recover is useless. (though BackBlaze, prices same as mozy, offers to put your data on disks or drives and ship them to you overnight, not bad, and you keep the HDDs you buy if you need to, and they're reasonably priced). However, how much of your data matters NOW? 2GB, 5GB, 30GB? I seriously doubt your 2TB of movies are mission critical. It might be a pain not having your whole music collection for 4 or 5 days while it re-downloads after your critical files, but it's not that big of a deal. Trust me, local backups often are completely unreliable to begin with. Me, I send everything to BackBlaze (took about 7 weeks to get it all there). I worked for a DR firm.

The Best Disk Cloning App for Windows Except if you are running Windows Server with software RAID. If anyone knows of a livecd that can handle software raid 5 under NTFS, please feel free to mention it. There are multiple ways to handle this. a) Backup the data using your favorite bare-metal tool, restore to any new disk setup however you like. b) use dd as described above to clone all the disks in your RAID-set. Be certain to install them back using exactly the same order in the controller connectors and disk controller. I've migrated software RAID on Linux in this way, but don't know how picky Windows is - I expect the answer to that is "extremely picky." For others to answre, the specific version of "Windows Server" may be important to the answer as would the specific RAID5 config - 3, 4, 5 disks? I use Linux Live CDs for tons of stuff.