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Download Ubuntu Desktop

Download Ubuntu Desktop

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FireShot Updated to the 0.98.45 release! Your version has been successfully updated to the 0.98.45 release. This update delivers the following additions and enhancements: Introducing multipage printing! Other improvements: Implemented Multipage saving to PDF Implemented Area selection in IE, improved in Chrome and Firefox Added support for sending captures directly to Outlook and Thunderbird Max auto-created file name length can be limited in the options Uploads to Twitter fixedView complete version history...

Clean install Ubuntu Linux on PC or laptop Today I would like to show you how to do a clean install of Ubuntu Linux on your PC desktop or laptop. Ubuntu is probably the easiest Linux distro to install and comes packed with fantastic free (Open Source) software, rock-solid stability, support and excellent documentation. Important!

Things To Tweak After Installing Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Update: for Ubuntu 12.04, see: Things To Tweak After Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Back when Ubuntu 11.04 was released, we wrote a post about stuff you may need to tweak or fix. Some of those tweaks still work but since this is a new version, there are new things that need tweaking so I've decided to make a new post with some popular old tweaks as well as some new ones.

UberConference - Web - English Screenshots Overview UberConference is a free visual phone conferencing service that lets you share Evernote notes during calls. New Designs for Learning: A Conversation with IDEO Founder David Kelley David Kelley is a legend in technology and design circles. Decades ago, he founded a design firm that dreamed up the computer mouse as we know it today. That firm has since evolved into IDEO, a global design company that has left its unique stamp on everything from consumer goods to social innovation. IDEO's work has probably touched your life in ways you don't even know. For years, Kelley has brought his passion for design into the classroom as a professor at Stanford's famed Institute of Design (or D.School, for those in the know). More recently, Kelley has set his sights on the K-12 classroom.

Top 10 Apps that Boosts Ubuntu’s User Experience 1) Ubuntu Tweak Ubuntu Tweak allows changing all the itsy-bitsy pieces of Ubuntu desktop OS. It is the equivalent of TweakUI for Windows. Capture full web page in Firefox, Chrome or IE: quick screenshots and annotations! Capture FireShot integrates with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird. By doing this, FireShot can capture web pages entirely providing a high quality output. It's also possible to capture a selection or just a visible part of the web page.

How to Clean Install Windows 7 over Windows XP Windows 7 can’t directly upgrade a PC running Windows XP, which complicates things for Windows XP owners. To upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, known as a “clean install,” follow these steps. Run Windows Easy Transfer on your Windows XP PC.The free Windows Easy Transfer lives in the Support\Migwiz on your Windows 7 DVD. To start the program, double-click the file called MigWiz. If your Windows 7 DVD hops to the screen as soon as you insert it into your PC’s drive, press close its Installation window.

Download Chrome OS Linux You can download the free Cr OS Linux Live DVD or USB Disk Image below. Burn it, boot it and feel the user experience similar to Google Chrome OS. Download Cr OS Linux 2.4.1290 (x86) Live DVD826 MB iso, MD5: 39251925cfee3843924b1585024afc76 Hosted by Deposit Files | Download from mirror | Download torrent file (magnet link) Download Cr OS Linux 2.4.1290 (x86) USB Disk Image976 MB tar.gz (3.9 GB unpacked), MD5: 140cee1999105f63a1faf5a06c94b257 Hosted by Deposit Files | Download from mirror | Download torrent file (magnet link) How to install: Download the iso file and burn it into a DVD-R or download the tar.gz file, unpack it and write to an empty USB drive.

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