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Bitstrips - Comics starring YOU and your Friends

Bitstrips - Comics starring YOU and your Friends

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30 Very Special Mini Books 30 Very Special Mini Books Posted by Christie Hund Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Ok, I may have lost my mind on this one but I think my creativity got the better of me this time. Digital Play In the University of Bristol’s Education Endowment Foundation‘s recent study on Neuroscience and Education, (Howard-Jones, 2014), there is an interesting section on Learning Games. Classroom practice and neuroscientific research The review ”considers the extent to which insights from the sciences of mind and brain influence, or are close to influencing classroom practice”, summarising “existing evidence about approaches and interventions that are based, or claim to be based, on neuroscience evidence.” The report categorises the approaches into 1) those which are likely to have a positive impact on attainment, 2) those which need further testing to determine the likely impact on attainment, and 3) those which do not seem to have a promising impact on attainment. Further research required What is known about Learning Games

Make a comic Please select one of the following options: If someone is bothering you, use the Ignore button to block them. They won’t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you won’t see their comics anymore. See how to ignore someone If someone is making hateful or abusive content on Bitstrips, report the user. Report a User for Hateful or Abusive Content

Peter Newell's books Topsys and Turvys Topsys and Turvys 2 The Hole Book The Rocket Book The Slant Book The 20-Mule-Team Brigade Jungle-Jangle New! Almost a century after newspaper serialization: The Naps of Polly Sleepyhead I don't really know much about Peter Newell except he was famous as an illustrator of children's books at the turn of the century and did appreciated illustrations of Lewis Carroll's Nonsense books (Alice and Snark). Comic Generators - WCSU Technology in the Classroom Using comics or graphic novels as a teaching tool is not new to many educators, but now with digital technologies we can offer students another level of engagement. From story telling to political commentary, Web2.0 comic generators/creators allow us to easily create and publish student work. Comics can range from simple 2D non-animated illustrations to multi scene animated cartoons. This page focuses on the simple 2D comics which can range from a one frame to the multi page graphic novel.

Book Tutorial Introduction Equipment & Supplies The Rule Cutting Folding Sewing Sewing Cont'd Connecting Thread Trimming The Spine The Cover The Cover Cont'd Joining Finishing Embossing Screening *Do NOT duplicate this webpage or use any of its contents without my written permission. DO let me know how you go with it and send me pics of your books!

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Jack Cole in Wikipedia Jack Ralph Cole (December 14, 1914 – August 13, 1958)[1] was an American cartoonist best known for creating the comedic superhero, Plastic Man, and his cartoons for Playboy magazine. He was posthumously inducted into the comic book industry's Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1991[2] and the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1999.[3] Police Comics No. 24 (Nov. 1943). Cover art by Jack Cole Born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Cole—the third of six children of a dry goods-store owner and amateur-entertainer father and a former elementary school-teacher mother—was untrained in art except for the Landon School of Illustration and Cartooning correspondence course.

Toonlet: DIY Cartoon Strips Made Social Toonlet is a new site where you can create your own cartoon strips with customized characters and leave cartoons as comments in response to other peoples' strips. It's fun, fast and easy. Kids will like it and I do too. There's lots of sites on the web where you can create your own comic strips but few of them let you build your own characters. On Toonlet there are seven collections of resizable body parts you can mix and match, including one contributed by comic rock-star Peter Bagge, author of the 90's best seller Hate.

the place, where knowledge becomes live. - Page 2 Traditional Paintings by Graszka Paulska Graszka Paulska is a traditional artist based in Warsaw, Poland who has an amazing ability to create both realistic females figures and haunting deformed creatures in her paintings. Below, you may scroll through the very best art selected from her portfolio. Enjoy! Continue reading …

KidPad KidPad Version 1.0 is now available for free download for non-commercial use! Introduction KidPad is a collaborative story authoring tool for children. It provides basic drawing functionality on a zooming canvas enabled by Jazz. The narrative structure of a story is defined by creating spatial hyperlinks between objects on the canvas. Instead of using a standard WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer) user interface, KidPad uses local tools that can be picked up, used and dropped anywhere on the drawing surface. OfficeSuite Pro 7 (essai) View, edit, create, print, and share documents on all your mobile devices.SmartOffice lets you access Microsoft Office and other documents from anywhere. SmartOffice includes simple tools to create from templates, make changes, share via email in original or PDF format, print new versions, or sync to the cloud. View: SmartOffice accurately displays MS Office files PLUS Adobe PDF, plain text (.txt) and Images

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