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Sum It Up - Summarize and Highlight If you Love Reading Collecting Highlighting A simple chrome extension for all of your above needs.Micro Bookmarking on the pages. Jump it Top 10 Personal Cloud Storage Solutions – Colour My Learning With faster broadband speed, unlimited fibre optic broadband packages (up to 100Mbps going and up to 300Mbps sometime this year) and higher uplink speeds on offer , it’s easy to see how one can benefit from setting up their own personal cloud rather than relying on a free or fee based and limited cloud storage service from the likes of Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Setting up your own Personal Cloud Storage may sound daunting in the past. One would need to install and configure a NAS (network attached storage) server, lease an IP or use a dynamic IP service to route back to the machine sitting at home and configure their router to make it work. These days, there are off the shelf products with software wizards that helps you do just that. Why Personal Cloud Storage

Gmail Backup This is the next pre-final release of the GMail Backup tool - the ultimate one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account. Here is the changelog of this version: The user interface was improved. Now it has the minimize button, so you can hide your backup process. Probably the Best Free Security List in the World Security List Index Select a Security Category: All Items Keys Discontinued or not updated recently (for at least three years). If there are both free and paid versions, this key applies only to the free version.

Iron - The Browser of the Future SRWare Iron: The browser of the future - based on the free Sourcecode "Chromium" - without any problems at privacy and security Chrome thrilled with an extremely fast site rendering, a sleek design and innovative features. But it also gets critic from data protection specialists , for reasons such as creating a unique user ID or the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions. SRWare Iron is a real alternative. The browser is based on the Chromium-source and offers the same features as Chrome - but without the critical points that the privacy concern. We could therefore create a browser with which you can now use the innovative features without worrying about your privacy. We want our users to participate in our work and make the browser free to download under the name "SRWare Iron" into the net.

bitcoin core - Key pool in wallet softwares - Bitcoin Stack Exchange Bitcoin-QT with standard settings will keep 100 unused addresses in your wallet at all times. The goal is that backups will be future proof to some extent. A key pool allows to create backups in bigger intervals Every time you create a transaction, the remainder of the input balance is sent to a new address in your own wallet. If addresses were generated only then, you would have to create a new backup after each transaction, or be at risk to lose any funds associated with that new address if your wallet got lost. By keeping a pool of unused addresses in store, your backup will be sufficient for the next 100 transactions before you will be at risk of losing something.

TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector One of the most common complaints about newer versions of Windows is the slow copying speed, especially when transferring lots of files over the network. If you want to speed up your copying or if you regularly transfer large amounts of data and have to stop the process to perform some other disk-intensive task, this program may be just what you need. TeraCopy is designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. It skips bad files during the copying process, and then displays them at the end of the transfer so that you can see which ones need attention. TeraCopy can automatically check the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values. Linux and Open source PortSpoof – An interesting anti-snooping tool for Linux Fool those who try to portscan your system! The Portspoof program is designed to enhance OS security through emulation of legitimate service signatures on otherwise closed ports. It is meant to be a lightweight, fast, portable and secure addition to the any firewall system or security infrastructure. The general goal of the program is to make the port scanning software (Nmap/Unicornscan/etc) process slow and output very difficult to interpret, thus making the attack reconnaissance phase a challenging and bothersome task

Malicious ISP Can Intercept Bitcoin Traffic: Study Researchers have found that the extreme efficiency of Internet routing attacks and the centralization of the Bitcoin network in few networks worldwide could make it susceptible to routing attacks. Their submission is based on two identified characteristics that may make it relatively easy for a malicious Internet Service provider ISP to intercept a lot of Bitcoin traffic. Routing attacks on Bitcoin To start with, most Bitcoin nodes are hosted in few ISPs - 13 ISPs (0.026 percent of all ISPs) host 30 percent of the entire Bitcoin network. Secondly, most of the traffic exchanged between Bitcoin nodes traverse few ISPs and three ISPs can see 60 percent of all Bitcoin traffic.

The Complete Guide to Using Bitcoin Anonymously Around the Web In one of our previous articles we’ve talked about how Bitcoin is not completely anonymous. Ever since we’ve been getting emails asking how to use Bitcoin anonymously around the web. So we now bring before you the complete guide to using Bitcoin anonymously. Top 10 Free Full version Antivirus Download For Every individual, Primary motive is PC protection, Protecting your computer from viruses and malwares are most important thing. Most of the viruses enter into your system from internet. So, you should know how to stay protected online because only one peculiar virus could expose your financial information or stop your computer from working. But the best and very first option is to protect your computer from these viruses by using antivirus.

Zamek: The Offline Pocket Password Manager Many people use the same password for different online accounts. Even if the password is very strong, hackers don't need to break into your very secure financial and other important accounts directly. They can attack a weaker website, such as a web forum or subscription service, and use the password they stole from that website's database to steal your identity and log into any of your online accounts. Both physical and electronic security are difficult skills to master, but most would agree that it's a bad idea to use a single key for every real-world lock you own. So why would you use the same digital key for all of your electronic locks? Many people complain that it is difficult to remember multiple passwords; in the real-world, you don't need to remember how every key on your keychain looks like.

BCWipe - Wikipedia BCWipe is commercial military-grade file eraser tool [2] data erasure utility for Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X. Developed by Jetico Inc, the software erases files beyond recovery and can erase free unused space on existing disks. BCWipe has been approved for use by the U.S.

Malwarebytes is a site dedicated to fighting malware. Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer. When your computer becomes infected, Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection and restore the machine back to optimum performance. by cupcakejenni Jun 10

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