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100 Whimsical Words

100 Whimsical Words
by Mark Nichol The English language can be maddening to native speakers and learners alike, but is also delightfully rich, especially for those who seek to convey a lighthearted tone in their writing. Here are 100 words it’s difficult to employ without smiling. Though their meanings may be obscure, they each present a challenge — I mean an opportunity — for you to paint a vivid word picture.

Miguel de Unamuno De Wikiquote, la colección libre de citas y frases célebres. Miguel de Unamuno (29 de septiembre de 1864 - 31 de diciembre de 1936). Escritor y filósofo español. Nace en Bilbao y muere en Salamanca M. de Unamuno, 1925 Citas[editar] "Acaso la enfermedad misma sea la condición esencial de lo que llamamos progreso, y el progreso mismo una enfermedad". Sobre el escritor[editar] "Don Miguel no era un existencialista: era la Niña de los Peines y Conchita Piquer en una sola pieza, un fenómeno marginal y aberrante. don Miguel de Unamuno, fuerte vasco, lleva el arnés grotesco y el irrisorio casco del buen manchego. jinete de quimérica montura, metiendo espuela de oro a su locura, sin miedo de la lengua que malsina. A un pueblo de arrieros, lechuzos y tahures y logreros dicta lecciones de Caballería. Y el alma desalmada de su raza, que bajo el golpe de su férrea maza aún duerme, puede que despierte un día. Quiere enseñar el ceño de la duda, antes de que cabalgue, al caballero; cual nuevo Hamlet, a mirar desnuda

ACT Practice Questions : English Passage 1 Passage I A Microscope in the Kitchen I grew up with buckets, shovels, and nets waiting by the back door; hip-waders hanging in the closet; tide table charts covering the refrigerator door; and a microscope was sitting on the kitchen table. Having studied, my mother is a marine biologist. Our household might have been described as uncooperative. Our meals weren’t always served in the expected order of breakfast, lunch, and supper. I have great respect for my mother. [1] Often, my brother and I, joined our mother on her adventures into tidal lands. [2] At the very low tides of the full moon, when almost all the water was sucked away, we found the hideaways where crabs, snails, starfish, and sea urchins hid in order not to be seen. [3] Sometimes we would dig with shovels in the mud, where yellow and white worms lived in their leathery tunnels. 13 For plankton tows, we would stand on the bridge while Mom lowered a cone-shaped net that is often used by marine biologists. A. Correct! Incorrect

List of idioms in the English language This is a list of notable idioms in the English language. An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words' denotations would suggest. For example, an English speaker would understand the phrase "kick the bucket" to mean "to die" – and also to actually kick a bucket. Furthermore, they would understand when each meaning is being used in context. An idiom is not to be confused with other figures of speech such as a metaphor, which invokes an image by use of implicit comparisons (e.g., "the man of steel" ); a simile, which invokes an image by use of explicit comparisons (e.g., "faster than a speeding bullet"); and hyperbole, which exaggerates an image beyond truthfulness (e.g., like "missed by a mile" ). Visit Wiktionary's Category for over eight thousand idioms. See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ "A bitter pill". Notes[edit]

Miguel de Unamuno Miguel de Unamuno (29 September 1864 – 31 December 1936) was a Spanish essayist, novelist, poet, playwright and philosopher. His major philosophical essay was The Tragic Sense of Life (1913), and his most famous novel was Abel Sánchez: The History of a Passion (1917), a modern exploration of the Cain and Abel story. Biography[edit] Miguel de Unamuno was born in Bilbao, a port city of Spain, the son of Félix de Unamuno and Salomé Jugo. Unamuno worked in all major genres: the essay, the novel, poetry, and theater, and, as a modernist, contributed greatly to dissolving the boundaries between genres. In addition to his writing, Unamuno played an important role in the intellectual life of Spain. Having begun his literary career as an internationalist, Unamuno gradually became convinced of the universal values of Spanish culture, feeling that Spain's essential qualities would be destroyed if influenced too much by outside forces. Fiction[edit] Philosophy[edit] Poetry[edit] Drama[edit]

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The Anagram Dictionary t h e a n a g r a m d i c t i o n a r y Online Dictionary - Orchy G'day all... A long time ago I decided to make use of an electronic scrabble dictionary by using it to build an anagram dictionary. Anything with that many words is going to show up on a huge number of web spider searches. No Title Hi! With this little message, the file is not only coming up eventually in a fair proportion of all searches, but it also had a summary that aroused people's curiosity. I had no intention of experimenting with the web or trying to lure web users into my den. It's interesting the number of anagrams that are fitting: Eternity and entirety, backward and drawback, discern and rescind, demand and madden, comedian and demoniac, American and cinerama, aspirate and parasite, oldies and soiled, lust and slut, to name a few of many hundreds. abbe babe abed bead bade abel elba bale able bela abet beat beta bate abhorred harbored abhorrer harborer abides biased able abel elba bale bela abler baler blear blare aces case

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