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RC Plane, Car, Heli, Boat and MultiRotor Hobby Store

RC Plane, Car, Heli, Boat and MultiRotor Hobby Store

Comment gérer son stress ? Encyclopédie Par La rédaction d' rédigé le 12 août 2009, mis à jour le 17 juin 2013 Au travail, votre téléphone ne cesse de sonner, vous avez des commandes en retard, votre patron râle et à cause de cela, vous ressentez un malaise au creux de l'estomac ? Sommaire Au travail, à l'école, après un traumatisme et parfois dès le plus jeune âge... le stress est aujourd'hui considéré comme le mal du siècle. À la base, le stress n'est pas mauvais. Nos sens envoient alors différents messages au cerveau et plus précisément à l'amygdale. À partir de ce moment, tout l'organisme est en alerte et sous tension. Ces réactions sont censées s'arrêter quand la situation déclenchante prend fin. Pour différentes raisons, il arrive parfois que le stress se prolonge. Si le travail est à l'origine de ces manifestations de stress prolongé, on parle alors de burn out. Il existe aujourd'hui de multiples techniques de relaxation pour lutter contre le stress au travail. En savoir plus : En savoir plus

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Planet Minecraft : Texture Packs, Skins, Projects, Servers & Blogs! Tricopter V2.5 Ever since building the Tricopter V1 I’ve always tried to find ways to improve the construction. I always try new props, motors, esc’s, arm lengths, tail mechanism and such. Often I change stuff before each flight. Always in the quest to find the optimum setup for me. The Tricopter V2.5 is more of an alternative to the V2 than something completely new. It uses different motors, speed controllers and tail assembly. There is a new theme to the build: zip-ties. Enough talk, let’s build. I still like the V1 template and a friend of mine was nice enough to cut a few for me on his CNC machine for me.Due to popular demand I now offer pre-cut V1 tricopter frames! 10 M3*16mm screws is needed. All three arms are the same length. The holes in the front wooden arms are drilled 25mm from the edge. Time to screw the frame together. I use these m3 lock nuts. Here is a simpler alternative to the V1 templates. Time to fix the ESC’s. Off with the heat shrink. New cables in place. New heat shrink. Done. Done!

Console API Firebug adds a global JavaScript variable named "console" to all web pages loaded in Firefox. This object contains many methods that allow you to write to the Firebug console to expose information that is flowing through your scripts. Commands[edit] console.log(object[, object, ...])[edit] Writes a message to the console. console.debug(object[, object, ...]) Writes a message to the console, including a hyperlink to the line where it was called.[, object, ...]) Writes a message to the console with the visual "info" icon and color coding and a hyperlink to the line where it was called. console.warn(object[, object, ...]) Writes a message to the console with the visual "warning" icon and color coding and a hyperlink to the line where it was called. console.error(object[, object, ...]) Writes a message to the console with the visual "error" icon and color coding and a hyperlink to the line where it was called. console.assert(expression[, object, ...]) console.clear()[edit]

My next psn name +_ crooked_ninja_+ Announcing ArduCopter, the merger of the ArduPilot and AeroQuad projects! I'm pleased to announce that we've joined forces with the other Arduino-based powerhouse in the aerial robotics world, the AeroQuad quadcopter team, to extend the ArduPilot platform to whirlybirds of all kinds. The project, called ArduCopter, will use the ArduPilotMega and IMU shield hardware along with a low-cost custom platform that will be available commercially to provide a full quad UAV with both stabilization and GPS waypoint navigation. It builds on the awesome work of Jose Julio in ArduPilot quad development, with the excellent full-systems integration of the AeroQuad team. We expect that first code and hardware will be available this summer. Another team is also extending this to traditional helis, starting with the Trex 450 heli (and its equivalents), which should be ready for release this fall. We'll be setting up a proper microsite here, along with dedicated tab, for the project in the next few days. And here's the impressive work of the AeroQuad team: