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Radio Control Planes, Helicopters, Cars, Boats, FPV and Quadcopters - Hobbyking

Radio Control Planes, Helicopters, Cars, Boats, FPV and Quadcopters - Hobbyking

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DIY (Drone It Yourself) - Jasper van Loenen DIY (Drone It Yourself) The DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone*, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know-how needed. The kit consists of multiple parts that are easy to assemble and can be attached to a wide range of different objects. For more advanced uses, you can take the original designs and alter the kit by making your own custom clamps or add-ons as needed. The plastic parts have been 3D printed in ABS.

Build Your Own Drone ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8 GHz Long Range Transmitter UK Stock ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8 GHz Long Range Transmitter Features ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8 GHz Transmitter The ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8 GHz Transmitters have been designed for First Person View applications; the ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz Transmitters are small, lightweight and are supplied with a 3dBi 5.8 Ghz Omni-directional antenna (SMA connector) & cables needed to link to both the battery, video and audio from cameras into the transmitter. These 5.8 GHz ImmersionRC video Transmitters will work with the Fat Shark goggles like the Attitude V2 goggles and the ImmersionRC Uno or ImmersionRC Duo receiver’s. The ImmersionRC transmitter operates on the following frequencies: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860 MHz and the audio channels allows an easy way to use a telemetry downlink for the more demanding user.The use of 5.8 GHz video transmitters for First Person View flights means that there is no interference with radio controllers operating on the 2.4 Ghz band.

Beginner Quadcopter Kit Buying Guide - Hovership I frequently get asked how much it costs to build a quadcopter or other multi-rotor helicopter. I usually try to add together a number real quick based on equipment I own. Which could come close to $1000. I decided to look closer at the real cost for a basic complete setup to get started flying (if you own zero RC gear).

MAVLink Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol - QGroundControl GCS MAVLink is a very lightweight, header-only message marshalling library for micro air vehicles. It can pack C-structs over serial channels with high effiency and send these packets to the ground control station. It is extensively tested on the PX4, PIXHAWK, APM and Parrot AR.Drone platforms and serves there as communication backbone for the MCU/IMU communication as well as for Linux interprocess and ground link communication. MAVLink was first released early 2009 by Lorenz Meier under LGPL license. Tricopter V2.5 Ever since building the Tricopter V1 I’ve always tried to find ways to improve the construction. I always try new props, motors, esc’s, arm lengths, tail mechanism and such. Often I change stuff before each flight. Always in the quest to find the optimum setup for me. The Tricopter V2.5 is more of an alternative to the V2 than something completely new. It uses different motors, speed controllers and tail assembly.

Self-Steering Polyplane Prototype Turns Paper Planes Into UAVs Unless you're John Collins, the "paper airplane guy," it's not easy to nail a target with a paper airplane. Collins, of course, makes it look effortless, throwing planes that boomerang right back into his hand. Meanwhile, a robotics team at the University of Queensland in Australia have taken the high-tech approach to flying papercraft, building featherweight UAVs out of paper and some minimal electronics. Their first prototype, the Polyplane, resembles a tried-and-true paper airplane design, but with a twist--two elevon tabs attached to the back of the plane. And, unlike most paper airplanes, the Polyplane can steer itself.

Volantex R/C Decathlon RTF Brushless Airplane Trainer w/2.4GHz Radio, Battery & Charger [VLTX-1012] This is the Volantex R/C 29.5" Decathlon 765-1 RTF (Ready-To-Fly) Electric Airplane Trainer. The 765-1 Decathlon airplane is the most intuitive RC airplane ever offered by VolantexRC and offers a balanced size for beginners who are eager to start flying R/C airplanes. Thanks to the professional airfoil design that makes flying incredibly easy, even an inexperienced user can take to the sky in little time. Even in windy conditions, the Decathlon is capable of smooth and responsive controlling. Requiring just minutes to assemble, you’ll appreciate how the quiet brushless power system delivers outstanding performance with long, enjoyable flights. Plus it’s built from lightweight EPO material and ABS cowling that is super durable and able to handle everyday flying punishment.

Complete Quadcopter guide Complete quadcopter building guide: Hello everyone! The first thing you need to do is to get the parts you need for your quadcopter.

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