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I have been asked to pronounce on the explosive question of 10 Items or Less vs 10 Items or Fewer. Just in case anyone is unaware of this Great Issue of the Day, there is a rule that appears in every English style guide: less amount and fewer numbers. So if I drink fewer pints, I have drunk less beer. That's because pints are something you can count, whereas beer is just frothy liquid. Fewer children are less trouble.I have less hair, because I have fewer hairs.I have less shopping because I bought fewer items; fewer, in fact, than ten. That's the rule.

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Chimpanzees expand their territory by attacking and killing neighbours Chimpanzees cooperate to acquire new territory, killing individuals from rival groups. Photograph: Michael S. Lewis/Corbis Gangs of chimpanzees carry out violent attacks on individuals from rival groups in order to secure more resources or mates, a 10-year study in Uganda has found. During that time scientists recorded 18 attacks and found signs of three others carried out by a large, male-dominated community of chimpanzees at Ngogo in Kibale National Park. In summer last year, the aggressor chimpanzees finally began to occupy the area where two-thirds of their attacks had occurred, expanding their territory by more than a fifth.

Pamela Meyer: How to Spot a Liar TED and The Huffington Post are excited to bring you TEDWeekends, a curated weekend program that introduces a powerful "idea worth spreading" every Friday, anchored in an exceptional TEDTalk. This week's TEDTalk is accompanied by an original blog post from the featured speaker, along with new op-eds, thoughts and responses from the HuffPost community. Watch the talk above, read the blog post and tell us your thoughts below. Become part of the conversation! Watch Pamela Meyer's talk above about the science of "lie spotting" and how it can lead to a more honest world.

Bruce Mitchell: Anglo-Saxon scholar who wrote the definitive work on Old English syntax - Obituaries - News That stance went along with a kind of genial combativeness, though it has to be admitted that not all spotted its good humour (or "breezy colonial manner" as an early supporter put it). He warned potential reviewers of his work that he was preparing a critical bibliography of work on Old English syntax (and he really meant the "critical") and a review of their reviews. Both duly emerged, like everything else that Mitchell promised to deliver. He was a phenomenally organised scholar. His Australianness was perhaps part of that self-conscious atavism: despite spending his life from the age of 32 in Oxford, his accent remained as strong as ever, along with the treasured eucalyptus tree in his garden and the Australian flag he displayed outside his house. Yet Mitchell could not stay out of the mainstream of scholarship.

New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide Dozens of United States diplomatic cables released in the latest WikiLeaks dump on Wednesday reveal new details of the US effort to push foreign governments to approve genetically engineered (GE) crops and promote the worldwide interests of agribusiness giants like Monsanto and DuPont. The cables further confirm previous Truthout reports on the diplomatic pressure the US has put on Spain and France, two countries with powerful anti-GE crop movements, to speed up their biotech approval process and quell anti-GE sentiment within the European Union (EU). Several cables describe "biotechnology outreach programs" in countries across the globe, including African, Asian and South American countries where Western biotech agriculture had yet to gain a foothold. Cables detail US efforts to influence the biotech policies of developed countries such as Egypt and Turkey, but France continues to stand out as a high-profile target.

What is yontoo layers client? 'GoGoGadget44', on 12 Oct 2010 - 10:32 PM, said: As an avid user of PageRage... You seem to be a spokesperson for the company PageRage. Yontoo Layers is quite simply, a browser plugin that many use to gain access to free facebook layouts via the site. 50 Facts About Goodfellas - Entertainment Don’t consider yourself a GoodFellas expert until you’ve digested all of this invaluable trivia. The F-bomb is dropped 296 times during the film, averaging twice per minute. About half of them are by Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). Is drug resistance in humans coming from chickens? There’s a new paper out in the CDC’s journal Emerging Infectious Diseases that makes a provocative claim: There is enough similarity between drug-resistance genes in E. coli carried by chickens and E. coli infecting humans that the chickens may be the source of it. If it is correct—and it seems plausible and is backed by past research—the claim provides another piece of evidence that antibiotic use in agriculture has a direct effect on human health. Here are the details: The paper is a collaboration by researchers from several hospitals in the Netherlands, plus the Netherlands’ National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection, the University of Birmingham and a section of the UK’s National Health Service.

How To Be A World-Class Survivalist in 5 Simple Steps Joy Paley Activist Post With the recent econopocalypse, it’s no wonder that people are becoming more interested in what it would take to survive after our current society has undergone a major shift. After all, if something we thought was intrinsically stable—our financial sector, and the guarantee of ever increasing wealth—is actually pretty flimsy, well, a lot of other things can be brought into question too. Take out a seemingly small piece of the puzzle, like access to gasoline, and you find that your local grocery will run out of goods within 2 days. Golden Eagle Taxonomy The Searchable Ornithological Research Archive has a new look, new content and new features for 2013! SORA has been moved to a new platform that will allow the resource to grow and expand over time. Many of the SORA journal titles have been updated with additional articles, and several new ornithological titles have been added to the site. SORA now offers new features for users and will enable journal publishers to update the SORA repository directly, with little or no technical support. Special Note: We have received a number of inquiries about the new user account feature in SORA.

Nature - Tardigrades: Water bears in space 17 May 2011Last updated at 02:46 By Emma Brennand Reporter, BBC Nature Tardigrades are microscopic animals commonly known as water bears In 2007, a little known creature called a tardigrade became the first animal to survive exposure to space. It prevailed over sub-zero temperatures, unrelenting solar winds and an oxygen-deprived space vacuum. How to Put Together the Ultimate Survival Kit Would you be willing to stake your life on your survival kit? I would. There are so many debates when it comes to the perfect survival kit.

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