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Eye Love Shadez | Welcome Hei Matau : Wanderer Imports Scroll down to see 12 different types of the Maori Hei Matau symbols for Safe Passage over Water for $15 apiece. The Legend and History of the Hei Matau, also included on a card with the necklace: The Hei Matau has its origins in Maori Legend. The legend holds that the north island of New Zealand was once a huge fish caught by Maui, the great Mariner, using only a woven line and a bone hook. The fish hook remained lodged in the side of the fish and can be seen today as the outline of Hawke's Bay. For the Maori, the Hei Matau represents Strength, Prosperity, Fertility and a great respect for the Sea. I love these necklaces, and bought my first ones for myself and two close friends I kayak with. The Hei Matau each come on a necklace cord you can adjust to fit anyone, with an informational card describing the meaning of the symbol. Please check out our testimonials page if you are interested in reading about other's experiences with our company.

Bureau of Trade Sunglasses Shop | Buy Designer Sunglasses for Men and This website domain was taken, by court order, from those who thought they could get away with ripping off customers loyal to the Oakley brand by selling fake and dangerous products. They were wrong. Embedded in Oakley’s DNA is not only a commitment to excellence in developing superior products, but also in our determination to protect our customers who rely on our superior quality and technology. The owners of this website domain have been charged with violating Federal and state laws prohibiting trademark infringement and counterfeiting. Read More At GBC Law