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40 Most Creative Resume Design Ever Seen

40 Most Creative Resume Design Ever Seen
Been a while since you dusted off your resume, added in your most recent work and gave it a facelift? Before you do that, check out these examples for inspiration. A well-crafted resume is a great way to stand out as a candidate, and it’s not the easiest task to balance form and function with the opportunity to show off your design chops. Have a look at what other designers are doing before you head back to the drawing board, and remember: a resume’s most important function is give a potential employer a good idea of your experience as quickly as possible. Design acrobatics are secondary to that. 1. View Resume Source 2. View Resume Source 3. View Resume Source 4. View Resume Source 5. View Resume Source 6. 7. View Resume Source 8. View Resume Source 9. 10. View Resume Source 11. View Resume Source 12. 13. View Resume Source 14. View Resume Source 15. View Resume Source 16. View Resume Source 17. View Resume Source 18. View Resume Source 19. View Resume Source 20. View Resume Source 21. 22. 24. 25. 26. Related:  FreelanceDesign Portfolio

What Is the Best Resume Font, Size and Format? [Infographic] Forget substance, this one’s all about style. Of your resume that is. It’s always good to stand out and make a positive impression. While most people know not to use scented paper, graphics, colours or Comic Sans fonts, here are a a few additional tips on how to write an effective resume from our friends at ResumeTemplates101. Resume fonts & sizes: The most common font to use is Times New Roman, in black and size 12 points.Other serif fonts (with tails) to consider that are easy to read include: Georgie, Bell MT, Goudy Old Style, Garamond.Popular sans serif (no tails) fonts include: Arial, Tahoma, Century Gothic and Lucida Sans.Any of the above fonts would be reasonable for a resume as long as you consistently use one font only.Make your headings and name stand out, think of your resume like a blog post or newspaper article.Make headlines bold, Italicise, CAPITALISE or underline. Resume formats: Resume formats are a bit more debatable than resume font or size. Contact information.

27 More Outstanding Resume Designs – Part II Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off In our first resume gallery we included a lot of professional layouts. Graphics designers, illustrators, web developers, and all digital professionals are constantly looking to the cutting edge. The CV Publication Graphic River Resumes Facebook Resume Nishikant Singh – My Resume Periodic Table of Me Emily Schwartz Waleed Zoghby “My Work” Visual Resume Maria Rybak CV Infographic Resume Creative Technologist Experimental Resume Menu Resume Jyson Sin Resume Personal Infographic Resume Coverletter Dennis Ventrello Self Promo Self Promotion & Branding Renae Hill Designs A Copywriter’s CV Sean Ball Self-Promotional Advertising Resume Designer Resume The Creative Dork Imagination Resume RPG Gamer Resume Graphic Designer’s Resume About Jake Rocheleau

Create a Grid Based Resume/CV Layout in InDesign This post was originally published in 2009 The tips and techniques explained may be outdated. Use the power of grid based designs to create a structured and professional page layout in InDesign, which can then be populated with a range of information to produce a polished CV or Resume. I was recently invited to participate in the Steven Stevenson challenge over at Smashing Magazine. The goal was to produce a CV or Resume layout for a fictional character using the details supplied. My approach was to create a minimal two colour design that showcased Mr. Stevenson’s sophisticated Graphic Design skills through a clean and structured layout. Let’s go back through the process of creating the document, and see how the initial grid layout was produced. Being a design aimed more towards print, and one that concentrates on the fine grid details, we’ll use Adobe InDesign as the application of choice. With the basic document set up, go to Layout > Margins and Columns.

TheBodyShop Mexico ¿Qué es el comercio ético? El concepto de comercio ético se basa en que tanto marcas, vendedores como proveedores se responsabilicen de las condiciones laborales de la gente que produce los productos que vende. Se trata de garantizar que los trabajadores reciban un trato justo, digno y con respeto. La pasión que ponemos en nuestro compromiso con los derechos humanos siempre ha dado forma a la manera en la que nos relacionamos con la gente que nos abastece en todo el mundo. Creamos unas sólidas relaciones con los proveedores y trabajamos juntos para garantizar que el comercio ético sea parte fundamental de nuestro negocio, y también del suyo. Creemos que esta es la forma de realizar negocios. Lo que hacemos En 1998, fuimos uno de los socios fundadores de la iniciativa de comercio ético (Ethical Trading Initiative). En 2005, adoptamos el código básico de la ETI como nuestro propio código de conducta del proveedor. Trabajamos con más de 120 proveedores. Compromiso con el código

How To Create A Great Web Design CV and Résumé? Advertisement The economy is bad. No one’s job is really 100% safe, so it’s time we all bucked up and got our recession bags packed (just in case!). This flimsy one-page document is more important than many people think: the résumé is the first portfolio piece that potential employers see, and if they’re not impressed, chances are they won’t look at the rest of your portfolio. The Steve Stevenson Challenge Everyone likes a competition. Steven Stevenson, a fictional Web designer, doesn’t have a résumé. And in no particular order, here are the contestants’ entries! Contest Entries Sam Brown made a real effort to distinguish between the three main components of Steve Stevenson’s life and adds a touch of personality with some handwritten text and highlighting. Ali Felski‘s design is beautiful and simple, but manages to convey Steve Stevenson’s strong design skills. Sarah Parmenter goes with a solid yellow background and a very prominent photo of Steven Stevenson (who is quite cute!). 1. 2. 3.

7 Tips For Creating a Print-Based Design Portfolio This is a bold statement, but building a portfolio is quite tricky because everyone seems to have a differing opinion on how it should be done. Building a portfolio is about showcasing your work and therefore, it should be an expression of your personality and design style. Most online articles tend to offer advice on just web-based portfolios. I’ve found that information addressing print portfolios is sorely lacking even though many design programs still require them to graduate. Though PDF and web-based portfolios are becoming more acceptable, I still believe that nothing takes the place of a well-executed print portfolio that a potential client or employer can physically hold and flip through during a meeting. What steps can you take to make your print portfolio your absolute best? Get as much professional work in your portfolio as soon as possible. I’ve now been out of school for about a year and in that time, I have replaced nearly every class-initiated project with client work.

Useful Legal Documents For Designers (PDF/DOC) Contracts are a source of anxiety and dismay in creative work, but they exist for a good reason. A good contract ensures that you and your client have the same expectations, and protects you in case things go south. Ideally, your contract should be a combination of industry standards, legal protection and personal preferences. To help you get started, here’s a set of 10 basic agreements for a variety of common business situations that creative professionals face. How much do you expect to be paid in advance? What happens if a payment is late? 2Image credits: Joybot3. Here’s the full set that you can customize online: AIGA Standard for Professional Design Services4 Drafted by the premier design association in the US, this is probably the most complete designer-friendly agreement out there (works best for big projects). You can also download the full set in PDF/DOC17, with one single file (.zip). (vp) (jc)

Create the perfect design portfolio: 30 pro tips | Portfolios How much time do you spend improving your portfolio? Be honest - does it showcase your best stuff? Whether your design portfolio is physical or digital, read on to discover how to create the perfect portfolio today! There's nothing more important to your career than presenting your best work in an attractive, professional and accessible way. So for this article we've spoken to leading designers, illustrators and creatives and pulled together a selection of great tips and advice for dusting off a tired design portfolio and making it the very best it can be for that design job that you've discovered on the Creative Bloq jobs board. We've divided the tips into physical and online portfolios - let's start with the physical... Physical portfolios Physical design portfolios are one-off paper creations, so they can be tailored to the job you are applying for. 01. How many examples should a design portfolio include? 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. Online porfolios 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Cargo An image feed of recently uploaded work from the Featured websites . Click images to toggle between levels of enlargement. 2010 digital playground by shin, dokho by Mehmet Aytekin Malcolm Gladwell Collected by Brian Rea Henri's Reason by Damian Miranda – Graphic Design and Communication Prenup by Gallery - Constellation & Co. by milicakolaric Hiverned by Arnau Pi A Crisis of Imagination by Tanya Johnston Illustration + Design banrap : frisch geschossen by studio jens mennicke : visuelle kommunikation High Hat by Multistorey Telehouse Europe by N I C K . Posters–Concert posters straight outta... by Rune Høgsberg NEWS (Chinese / 中) by Nod Young by Joan Tarrago Efterlyst by James Widegren Rub A Dub | Tuesdays by ACCENT CREATIVE | Art Direction & Design A father to impossible figures by but does it float Set #12 by Ilya Kazakov HHMI Bulletin: Folding Phenoms by Jen Lee album cover & booklet for Choi Sun Bae - A... by Jaemin Lee Alexisms by Cookie Classy by Ross Evertson, Photographs by AMELIE PETIT MOREAU by Leif Podhajsky Bones

How to Make a Modern Resume - Guide for Visual Merchandisers If your resume still have your photo, highlights your education, contains objectives, without theme and unbranded, now is the time for its total renovation. Some of the points that Dan Schawbel, the leading personal branding expert of Generation Y, suggested on making a resume are the following: Use branded template rather than standard template;Don’t use your picture on your resume because recruiters give you about 30 seconds to impress them with your experience and 10 of those seconds may be wasted to be eyes on your picture; andHighlight your experience rather than your education because a resume is all about showing recruiter that you have had proven success, eliminating risk on company’s part, and not about your degree and deans’ list. Here are seven easy steps to make a modern resume aside from your LinkedIn profile and online portfolio. 2. 3. Your headline is your title and your sub-headline is your tagline or a short statement about what you do and whom you serve. 4. Example: 5. 6.