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HEX to RGB Converter

HEX to RGB Converter

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Caffeine Calculator We’ve used the very latest research to determine what’s appropriate for your body weight. See more about your daily caffeine limits. Recommendations for caffeine levels are different for aged 18 and under. Understanding Bootstrap Let’s start talking about the Grid System, oh the Grid, as a matter of fact, there are four Grid Systems in this new version of Bootstrap, each works exactly the same, being differentiated by the screen size width at which they operate. Enabling the Grid In order for the Grid System to work properly and also to ensure proper rendering and touch zooming, add the viewport meta tag to your document: Different Width Grids There are four Grid Systems in this new version of the framework, with the width of the viewport being the parameter that differentiates them. The widths that set the frontiers between one and another are as follows:

Color Contrast Checker You are here: Home > Resources > Color Contrast Checker Contrast Ratio: 8.59:1 Normal Text Gallery Michael Jackson Hardy Leung, July 31, 2010 Paul the Octopus Hardy Leung, July 11, 2010 Frida Kahlo Hardy Leung, July 7, 2010 Dalmatian Hardy Leung, June 8, 2010 Ada Lovelace (Computer Pioneer) Hardy Leung, May 26, 2010 Rosa Parks Hardy Leung, May 26, 2010 Eleanor Roosevelt Hardy Leung, May 26, 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Country Populations Hardy Leung, April 1, 2010 Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3 Version 3 of Twitter Bootstrap is a major change from all its past versions. It is a mobile-first framework and can claim to be one of the best CSS frameworks for building responsive website designs. In my last article I focused on building responsive websites using Twitter Bootstrap 2. From that, you should have an idea of how Bootstrap works. Since Twitter Bootstrap 3 is a mobile-first framework, by default whatever you design or create will be mobile compatible or responsive.

5 UX Design Trends You Should Be Aware of in 2016 - Mockplus A good UX design is essential to increasing the effectiveness of the emotion, intuition and delight a visitor feels when navigating a website. Statistics on UX design reveal: * Only 55 percent of companies conduct any online UX testing. (source) * 88 percent of visitors informed they are less likely to revisit a website if they had a bad user experience.

Free Microsoft Office PowerPoint add-in Picture Your Text PowerPoint is a formidable tool for today’s creative content authors. The array of formatting and effects tools is simply stunning compared with early incarnations of the World’s favourite presentation platform. ScottGu's Blog - URL Routing with ASP.NET 4 Web Forms (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series) [In addition to blogging, I have recently been using Twitter to-do quick posts and share links. You can follow me on Twitter at: (@scottgu is my twitter name)] This is the eighth in a series of blog posts I’m doing on the upcoming VS 2010 and .NET 4 release. Today’s post covers a cool new runtime feature in ASP.NET 4 – which is the ability to use URL routing with Web Forms based pages. What is URL Routing? Converting your text to vector graphics in PowerPoint – When text goes wrong in PowerPoint 2003 In Tutorial on August 30, 2013 at 4:56 pm I recently ended up converting some text in a PowerPoint presentation to vector shapes after a major corporation discovered that, of the thousands of employees who were running PowerPoint 2010, there were a few stragglers on 2003 and some of the kerned text (kerned text means the spacing between letters is adjusted) was dropping to the next lined (kerning is lost in PowerPoint 2003) Figure 1 shows the original design. Figure 2 shows what happens when someone using PowerPoint 2003 opens the file. Figure 1 Figure 2

What’s Changed in the Art of SEO 3rd Edition? Did a search on the title and couldn’t find any good result in Google, so I did the research myself and am publishing it here. This is a book that I’ve read all editions of, and have my teams read editions of so that all team members at least have the same base knowledge of SEO. Unfortunately a lot of the tactical advice and screenshots become obsolete pretty quickly, but that’s why this third edition is so useful. Beyond updated screenshots and walkthroughs, what can you expect to see in the book that’s different from previous editions? Do you really need to buy this updated version, or is an old second or first edition basically the same? Will let you know in more detail once I have read the book and am able to review it.

AllMyTube: Download Online Videos Why Choose AllMyTube for Windows Wondershare AllMyTube is a fast and easy YouTube downloader and YouTube converter to help you download any videos you desired from 100+ video sharing sites and put them to portable devices for watching. With a single click, you can download any videos playing on IE, Firefox or Chrome. Advanced SEO for JavaScript Sites: Snapshot Pages As JavaScript becomes ever more integrated with HTML on the Web, SEOs need to develop an understanding of how to make JavaScript sites search-friendly. We covered some basic approaches to SEO for JavaScript in an earlier post. However, a complex subject deserves an in-depth treatment. So let’s look at the specifics behind the emerging #! / snapshots approach to JavaScript sites.