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How to use crystals for healing, cleansing, programming and dedicating.

How to use crystals for healing, cleansing, programming and dedicating.
Avalon Crystals The below information is copyrighted and cannot be copied or used on your website. Study of the chakras ~ Each chakra explained ~ Cleansing crystals ~ programming crystals ~laying out crystals for healing ~ crystals to use on each chakra ~ crystals and the zodiac ~ reclaim your right to heal STUDY OF THE CHAKRASThe word 'chakra' is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'.If we were able to see the chakras (as many psychics, in fact, do) we would observe a wheel of energy continuously revolving or rotating. Each chakra vibrates and rotates at different speeds. If the chakras are not balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down.The individual may feel listless, tired, out of sorts, or depressed. A constant balance between the chakras promotes health and a sense of well being. Most of us react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our feeling and stopping a great deal of our natural energy flow. top 1. 2. 3. Related:  symbolism, culture,hidden meaning,hidden knowledge,truth,

Using Crystals For Protection ( For some reason I feel that I should mention on how crystals can be used for protection. There are a lot of negative energies that surrounds us, and I have been noticing strange things occurring due to this negative energy. It's not just with me but with other people as well. Therefore I feel that I should inform you the ways that crystal that can be used to help guard against these negative energies. It doesn't matter where you are; the air is full of negative energies. Lucky for us, crystals can help protect you and your surroundings by offering a safe way to counteract the pollution of negative environmental and personal energies. Ways to Protect Your Physical Space: Our space…our spaces are scared to us, we enjoy the space that we have whether it’s 5 ft in parameter from our bodies, our cars, homes, cubical, or a separate room. It’s all a matter of placing it in the right spot to help bring protection and harmony to your space. Work places can be stressful.

Love Potion Parfait | With Raw Intentions We all know that it’s important to have a healthy relationship with food. It’s something that we must engage with multiple times throughout our day simply to survive. While it works for some, and for a good while it was something I tried too, I just can’t fathom the idea now of being in a burdensome and restrictive relationship where a meal comes down to counting calories, often overeating, and then feeling guilty. I didn’t plan to post this parfait today but I had a pretty cool moment in the kitchen this afternoon. Prep Time: 10 minutes Servings: 1 parfait Ingredients:4 Peeled bananas10 Whole strawberries1.5 cups blackberries1.5 cup blueberries1 cup frozen cherriesHandful of raspberries (optional) Directions: 1. 2. 2. Like this: Like Loading...

tumblr ma4kgyOABv1rqyjano1 500 Mythical Creatures List, Mythical Creatures A-Z Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated - Uplift Die hard conservatives love to disparage liberals as tree huggers, but it has been recently scientifically validated that hugging trees is actually good for you. Research has shown that you don't even have to touch a tree to get better, you just need to be within its vicinity has a beneficial effect. In a recently published book, Blinded by Science, the author Matthew Silverstone, proves scientifically that trees do in fact improve many health issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), concentration levels, reaction times, depression and other forms of mental illness. The author points to a number of studies that have shown that children show significant psychological and physiological improvement in terms of their health and well being when they interact with plants and trees. So what is it about nature that can have these significant effects? The answer to how plants and trees affect us physiologically turns out to be very simple. Additional info:

The Indigo Children Word Art by IsolatedInsomniac Ouroboros Historical representations[edit] Antiquity[edit] In ancient Egypt, the scarab (or dung beetle) was viewed as a sign of eternal renewal and reemergence of life, a reminder of the life to come. (See also "Atum" and "Ma'at.") The ancient Mayans and Aztecs also took a cyclical view of time. In ancient Greece, the concept of eternal return was connected with Empedocles, Zeno of Citium, and most notably in Stoicism (see ekpyrosis). Egypt[edit] The first known appearance of the ouroboros motif is in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld, an ancient Egyptian funerary text in KV62, the tomb of Tutankhamun, in the 14th century BC. Greece[edit] Plato described as the first living thing a self-eating, circular being—the universe as an immortal, mythologically constructed entity. In Gnosticism, a serpent biting its tail symbolized eternity and the soul of the world. Middle Ages[edit] Alchemy[edit] Chemistry[edit] Kekulé's proposal for the structure of benzene (1872) Kundalini Yoga[edit] Other traditions[edit]

Dream come true! Two 'mad scientists' create sleep mask that lets people CONTROL their dreams By Snejana Farberov Published: 17:42 GMT, 20 May 2012 | Updated: 21:50 GMT, 21 May 2012 In a twist straight out of the movie Inception, a duo of developers from Brooklyn, New York, have built a sleeping mask designed to allow people to have lucid dreams that they can control. While it may look like a standard sleeping mask, Remee has been billed as a special REM (Rapid Eye Movement) enhancing device that is supposed to help steer the sleeper into lucid dreaming by making the brain aware that it is dreaming. The goal of the product is to allow people to have the dreams of their choice, from driving a race car to flying to having lunch with Abraham Lincoln. Scroll down for video Futuristic: The Remee sleeping mask is billed as a device that allows people to control their dreams Follow the light: Remee features six LED lights that produce a sequence allowing the user to have lucid dreams Nolan was said to have come up with the idea ten years ago.

radio signals reaching aliens Caricature Map of Europe 1914 The Clanker Powers: Germany is a massive military machine with weapons aimed outwards to all surrounding countries. It points threateningly at Britain, not so much as a sign of direct aggression, but more as an indicator that it was now Germany’s turn to start a grand global Empire to challenge the world’s current one. Austria Hungary is an aggressive armoured giant, teetering on shoddy foundations. It is also the primary aggressor in a land grab against Serbia, with two bayonets piercing the border. The Ottoman empire is a teetering automaton, collapsing under the weight of a paranoid and ungainly spying network that gazes at Europe through many lenses and spy glasses. The Swiss watch ticks away the time, comfortable to wait it all out. The Darwinist Powers: Britain is an militaristic lion with a Roman Imperial italic-type helmet. Russia is a huge imperialist bear, rotting and filled with maggots. Portugal is a parrot for the Entente trying to goad a slumbering Spain into the war.

Breathingearth - CO2, birth & death rates by country, simulated real-time Gaian Mind Colour by rawr ism