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Lyst - a better way to shop Welcome to the World of Archidose! Three New Social Commerce Reports [Downloads] Hoffman, Altimeter & ATG The last few days have seen the publication of three new social commerce reports, two entirely dedicated to the subject (both embedded/downloadable below), and one e-commerce report addressing social commerce (download link). The first report is a university thesis from Pforzheim University’s Daniel Hoffman of (Daniel works with digital agency Syzygy), and is entitled ’Social Commerce and its Practical Implementation‘. Unfortunately for non-German speakers, the report is in German – but it’s worth wrangling/mangling sections through Google Translate because there’s some smart content in there – including a useful social commerce bibliography. For a taster, read Daniel’s overview of the report in English. The second report is from Lora Cecere of the Altimeter group and is entitled :”Rise of Social Commerce: A Trail Guide for the Social Commerce Pioneer“. Social Commerce and its Practical Implementation: Daniel Hoffman Key Takeaways

15 iPhone Apps Every Architect Must Have Architecture is an occupational field where you need to stay very organized, calculated, have a great deal of creativity and own many skills. The iPhone is a very comprehensive multitasking tool, which if packed with the correct tools can help you do your job quickly and accurately. Draw, read, calculate, organize your meetings, prepare for your LEED certification exam, and experiment with these handy and very useful applications that you will simply love. You are only a click away from having the universe of architectural professionalism right in your pocket for a relatively very small investment! 1. ColorSnap Image source 1 2 3 This is a color matcher application, which allows you to capture just about any color from a photo or the real world and convert it to paint color. iTunes download link 2. Image source 1 2 3 A master tool for drawing and design. iTunes download link 3. Image source 1 2 3 iTunes Download link 4. Image source 1 2 3 iTunes download link 5. Image source 1 2 3 Image 1 2 3 7.

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