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Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

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8 Things Entrepreneurial People Do Differently Entrepreneurship goes beyond Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Garrett Camp, and it embodies something bigger than Twitter and WhatsApp. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude, and a lifestyle adopted by people who aren't satisfied with the status quo. It's an approach to life that favors creativity over conformity and action over inaction. Bestselling author, investor, and entrepreneur James Altucher says that for him, "Being an 'entrepreneur' doesn't mean starting the next Facebook. Or even starting any business at all. It means finding the challenges you have in your life, and determining creative ways to overcome those challenges."

Tate Modern Southwark (Jubilee Line, 600 metres approx Blackfriars: District and Circle Line, 800 metres approx St Paul’s: Central Line, 1,100 metres approx. Routes 45, 63 and 100 stop on Blackfriars Bridge Road Routes RV1 and 381 stop on Southwark Street Route 344 stops on Southwark Bridge Road Blackfriars 300 metres from the South exit; 800 metres from the North exit. London Bridge 1,100 metres approx. The Tate Boat runs every forty minutes along the Thames between Tate Britain and Tate Modern.

Amsterdam Amsterdam (English /ˈæmstərdæm/; Dutch: [ˌʔɑmstərˈdɑm]) is the capital city and most populous city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its status as the Dutch capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands[7] though it is not the seat of the Dutch government, which is The Hague.[8] Amsterdam has a population of 813,562 within the city proper, 1,112,165 in the urban region and 1,575,263 in the greater metropolitan area.[9] The city region has a population of 2,332,773.[10] The city is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. It comprises much of the northern part of the Randstad, one of the larger conurbations in Europe, with a population of approximately 7 million.[11] Amsterdam's name derives from Amstelredamme,[12] indicative of the city's origin as a dam of the river Amstel.

10 emotional intelligence skills that successful people have A recent international study surveyed more than 500 business leaders and asked them what sets great employees apart. The researchers wanted to know why some people are more successful than others at work, and the answers were surprising; leaders chose “personality” as the leading reason. Notably, 78% of leaders said personality sets great employees apart, more than cultural fit (53%) and even an employee’s skills (39%). “We should take care not to make the intellect our God; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.”

Concordia University Chicago - Art Lessons Welcome to Concordia University Chicago’s link to Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories, a tool to promote visual literacy through artwork. Recognizing visual cues in a work of art as well as being aware of the times and conditions in which an artist lived enables students to better interpret its imagery, draw conclusions about its effectiveness, and speak critically about the art. Art education research indicates students enjoy a richer art experience and improved visual comprehension when the following four disciplines are included in the art experience: Art History (the study of past artists), Art Aesthetics (response to art), Art Criticism (discussion of art using art vocabulary), and Art Production (hands-on making of art). Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories focuses mainly on art history by providing a biographical sketch of the artist, an image of one of the artist’s specific works and details about that work.

48 Calming Buddha Quotes “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”- Buddha “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”- Buddha 34 Buddha Picture Quotes To Soothe The Mind, Body & Soul May 08, 2014 by Charlene Barry in Picture Quotes 3 Comments Buddhism is seen more as a way of life than a religion and is followed by millions throughout the world. Buddha was an incredible human who gained enlightenment sitting under a bodhi tree for many years and before his passing, left his teachings to his students. Buddhas teachings are profound and wise and strive to create a balance of the body and mind and teaches us about the effects of Karma and doing good for others and for ourselves. I hope you enjoy this below collection of 34 Buddha Picture Quotes to Soothe The Mind, Body & Soul. 34 Buddha Picture Quotes To Soothe The Mind, Body & Soul

Hundreds of Vintage Posters Are Now Available to Download and Print 100% Free - Creators If the posters of today still had the look of those of yesteryear, would they still get tagged and trolled as often? Much work today, it seems, lacks the graphic audacity of yore, opting instead for forms and formats we've become accustomed to. That's why, when you find vintage posters in flea markets, you find prices that might suggest they were just printed.

Marijuana in Space – NASA Discovers THC on Meteorite Fragment A team of astrophysicists at the University of Hawaii have created somewhat of a stir within the scientific community after the discovery of trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a meteorite found in the Nevada desert in 2010. The team of researchers who analyzed hundreds of meteorite fragments in search of microbacterial data found the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol in trace amounts, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabinoids, a class of diverse chemical compounds that are found in a variety of plants, but most famously in the cannabis plant. The study, that is funded in part by a NASA grant for research in astrobiology, is the first documented find of a psychoactive organic compound originating from outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, a discovery that could revolutionize our modern view of psychotropic agents and their “cosmic” origins, admits astrophysicist James Han, head of the research team.

The Science of how Sex reduces Stress Sex is used in advertising to sell everything from new cars to magazines but beyond being a way to make babies, it also has many health benefits. The healthy exploration of our bodies through intimacy and pleasure was looked down upon for centuries by the church yet it is central to a spiritual life. The negative effects of stress on our well-being have become a focus for those who are seeking a more balanced lifestyle. Sex is a great medicine to de-stress, boost your immune system, have fun, and deepen your connection with a loved one. It is not purely a physical act so including these spiritual, and emotional components will greatly enhance the experience and therapeutic value of sex. Setting the stage for ecstasy

Capture One Features[edit] Features include[2] film grain, repair layers, local adjustments, keystone correction, black and white conversion, ability to print directly from Capture One, Profoto studio plug-in, Profoto capture and lighting integration, extension to iPad and iPod with Capture Pilot,[3][4] noise reduction, color correction, spot removal, HDR tools, lens tools and sharpening tools. Version history[edit] Portrait One (Discontinued), Portrait One Executive, Portrait One Lite, Portrait One Sales.Lightphase Capture v2 (Discontinued, changed name to "Capture One" from version 2.7)Capture One PRO, Capture One DB, Capture One LECapture One v3 (Discontinued)Capture One v4 (Discontinued), Capture One 4 PRO, Capture One 4 DB, Capture One 4. Released first in December 2007 and in October 2008 for the PRO version, the v4 had less than 2 years lifespan.Capture One v5 (Discontinued), Capture One 5 PRO, Capture One 5 DB, Capture One 5.