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Welcome to our extensive roms section! Here, we have thousands of roms for various systems available for download. We're consistently adding new titles and systems everyday so do make sure you bookmark this page and come back later for more good stuff. Feeling adventurous ? Want to help us out by uploading screenshots and descriptions so that we're a more complete emulation resource? Please note that we have taken down links for all games and are no longer offering any ROM downloads. ROMs, ISOs, & Games Section Listing:

Technology - How to Make Instructables 56 46 25 146 3259 15315 24453 91.3K 3126 4190 108 121.2K 311.3K 652.0K 25686 22703 21912K 26583 291.1K 918.7K 18664 4199 28862 261.2K 411.9K 151.0K 642.2K 501.2K 1073.1K 5314 19823K 11796 761.7K 12800 34689 16503 591.5K 9882 19584 7429 381.3K 31894 381.1K 312.0K 19588 7532 311.3K 26829 21727 271.0K 191.8K 14624 33876 601.1K 321.3K 884.1K 401.7K 20962 VisualBoyAdvance Homepage - Gameboy Advance Emulator Minimum Games, Maximum Fun! Search results Total 8 games found matching the query "Markus". Screenshot Title Author DL's Posts Submitted Description Markus Persson Jan 27, 2010 Disaster! Play Now! Details! MEG4kMAN Jan 27, 2009 Mega Man in four kilobyte! Left 4k Dead Dec 8, 2008 Surrounded by zombies in a strangely planned town, your goal is to find the red safe zones on each level. t4kns Dec 14, 2007 Build tanks, explore the map, harvest gems and try to destroy the enemy before he destroys you. Miners4k Dec 1, 2005 Guide your miners deep below the ground to the gold, then back up to the surface. Sonic Racer 4K Apr 30, 2005 This is a great example of what 4K is really capable of - even pseudo 3D! Hunters 4K This is a great first-person shooter. Dungeon 4K Wolfenstein3D fans rejoice!