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Gadling Hostels, Youth Hostels & Cheap Hotel Accommodation at HostelBook Welcome on the web site of Tourism in Aveyron - Midi-Pyrénées - France - Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Aveyron Road book Trade | Press| Group French version | English version | Spanish version | Dutch version | German version | Portuguese version | Accessibility Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Aveyron - 17 rue Aristide Briand - BP 831 - 12008 Rodez - Contact moneyfortherestofus This is the second post (part b) of the series Tips for Cheap Travel. You can follow along in these posts by subscribing to the feed when the site's back up. Thanks for your patience and understanding. You can also navigate the site and see other related posts by choosing Travel under Categories. Wouldn't it be nice to just go to one website or call just one phone number and find the cheapest plane ticket? Maybe someday this will occur. If you have Fixed Dates and a Fixed Place: (i.e. you want to go to Boston from Washington DC on July 3rd to July 10th) When you have fixed dates and a fixed destination the best option is to use Aggregators. * Kayak * Sidestep * Farechase * Mobissimo It doesn't hurt to also try a few traditional online travel agencies including: Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity. If your dates are within 1-3 day spread (i.e. you can leave July 1st, 2nd, or 3rd): Use Kayak 1.

Castel Pergine Welcome to Castel Pergine from March 28 to November 4, 2013 Reopening: March 28, 2013 For bookings: Please send a mail to ----------------------------------------------------- 2013 Events: 28.03.: 4 p.m. season opening 20.04.: 5 p.m. vernissage sculpture exhibition 24.04.: 8 p.m. dinner with spring mushrooms 04.05.: whole day: medieval event 09.06.: 5.30 p.m. 18th April: Vernissage of scultpure exhibition: Mirta Carroli. 18th March 2008: "SANTOROSSI egologo" is colourful, popartic, ironical and diverting. 14th February 2008: The first impressions of Santorossi's exhibition at Castel Pergine (19th April to 9th November 2008) can be seen under 21st December 2007: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 04th November 2007: AS-SUR-D a sonorous firework from the South. 05th April 2007: Siamo pronti Also this year: The plum trees are in blossom, the first artichokes in the pan and La grande Berkel (class '41) is polished.

Interval International Interval International makes it easy for members to spend vacation time at a vast network of nearly 2,900 resorts in over 80 nations. With the flexibility to choose how you vacation, and a wide variety of valuable benefits, Interval membership is the best thing that's ever happened to vacation ownership. Vacation ExchangeSee more, and do more, beyond your home resort network and during different times of the year. E-PlusWith E-Plus, you can retrade up to three times for a low, one-time fee. The best countries for food Food and travel go together like planes and airports. No matter where you go you'll have little trouble finding at least one culinary experience that will help you understand the local culture. In some countries the food is the highlight, drawing many a foodie to its borders, like a moth to a flame. Here are 11 countries (in no particular order) that your taste buds will thank you for visiting. 1. Thailand Image by jaaron Standing at the crossroads of India, China and Oceania, Thai cuisine is like a best-of of all three’s techniques and ingredients. 2. Image by Klearchos Kapoutsis From olives to octopus, the true taste of Greece depends on fresh, unadulterated staples. 3. From back-alley dumpling shops to four-star banquet halls, China has one of the world’s finest palates. 4. Image by Sunfox From cheese and champagne to snails and baguettes, the French are famous for their foodstuffs. 5. Image by scaredy_kat 6. Image by chargrillkiller Would you like some magic-realism with that enchilada?

Get Paid to Travel the World - Travel Writing Tips Travel Writing — By Lost Girls on January 30, 2011 at 2:20 pm Be sure to check out our new Pitching 101 Series, including interviews with: BootsnAll editor, Katie HammelNew York Times’ deputy travel editor, Monica DrakeThe Expeditioner’s founder and editor-in-chief, Matt StabileGalavanting‘s managing editor, Joseph HernandezTravel Belles’ publisher and editor, Margo MillureGo NOMAD‘s general edit Max HartshorneTravel Agent senior editor Joe PikeTravelingMom‘s editor Cindy RichardsRecommend‘s managing editor Paloma Villaverde de Rico Want to get paid to travel? Travel Websites That Pay for Freelance Articles and Posts Travel Belles $10 per post. Travel sites that accept submissions for experience, rather than a payment Some ideas and rates courtesy of, JoAnna Haugen Tags: get paid to travel, travel freelancing, travel writing

Wallpaper* City Guides | Phaidon Whether you are staying for 48 hours or five days, visiting for business or a vacation, we’ve done the hard work for you, from finding the best restaurants, bars and hotels (including which rooms to request) to the most extraordinary stores and sites, and the most enticing architecture and design. Wallpaper* City Guides enable you to come away from your trip, however brief, with a real taste of the city’s landscape and the satisfaction you’ve seen all that you should. A selection of cities are also available from the Nokia Store and Windows Phone Marketplace. Download now

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