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ks1resources maths This is not an instant download site but I send download links for ALL resources up to approximately £15 in value.. If the value of your order is larger than that you need to contact me to ask for download links otherwise your order will be sent to you on a CD. For full details Click Here Costs for postage or for sending download links Admin costs for downloads are shown as ‘postal charges’ at checkout and are added automatically. There is one charge per order which stays the same for all orders under £50. All orders from abroad will be sent by download link only. IF you are outside the UK post code areas (which means you are ordering from abroad) I will send you a download link or links INSTEAD of a CD. Download links for resources will be kept below 100 MB. How to download - Click Here

Home - Panoramic Earth Latest 360° Panoramas Wandsworth Common Lake / London St Marys Cemetery / London Al Qattara Arts Centre / Al Ain El Camino del Rey - 3 / El Chorro Goulburn War Memorial / Goulburn The Kelpies / Falkirk Ilha do Baleal - Rua do pôr-do-sol / Peniche London From Floor 38 of The Gherkin / London The Python Tutorial Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s elegant syntax and dynamic typing, together with its interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms. The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are freely available in source or binary form for all major platforms from the Python Web site, and may be freely distributed. The Python interpreter is easily extended with new functions and data types implemented in C or C++ (or other languages callable from C). This tutorial introduces the reader informally to the basic concepts and features of the Python language and system. For a description of standard objects and modules, see The Python Standard Library. The Glossary is also worth going through.

Outstanding-lessons - home Free Pictures - Maths Worksheets and Games For Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 from HeroMachine Character Portrait Creator | Create your own super-hero, sci-fi, or fantasy character sketch Teaching Literacy - Year 1 Literacy Lesson Plans The Rabbit, the Snakes and the River eBook, is a beautifully illustrated electronic book based on the traditional tale of the Muscogee tribe of North America, It has 3 different readability levels and also has voice over. This resource can be used for the traditional tales unit or the stories from other cultures unit. Click here for more details A beautifully illustrated electronic version of Goldilocks and the three bears. Includes 2 versions of the story, see what happens when Goldilocks is rude instead of contrite. These printable resources provide a model for teaching recount. A fun way to do maths! How to make crispy cakes video to accompany the Year 2 Instructions Unit. Click here for more details This unit contains 5 word mats relating to the festivals: Christmas; Chinese New Year; Diwali: Eid al-Adha and Hannukah. A beautifully illustrated electronic version of Goldilocks and the three bears. A beautifully illustrated version of Goldilocks and the three bears.