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Proof of the existence of God set down on paper

Proof of the existence of God set down on paper
Unlike other fools online, I'm humble enough to know not to argue with Godel. That said, I think there is a proof that God *does* exist: Multiverse theory. If one can prove that the Multiverse exists— an infinite number of universes with an infinite variety of physical laws— then by definition, God exists. Or, in practical terms, a God-like being exists that can exercise similar power over the creation, at least within "His" universe. Of course, if that's true, then that means that *this* universe, our universe, could have a God (again, defining God as a higher power). Alas, that doesn't prove that God exists in *our* universe, let alone that it's the God of Abraham (or Xenu, or the Norse, or etc., etc.).

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Common Crawl Enters A New Phase A little under four years ago, Gil Elbaz formed the Common Crawl Foundation. He was driven by a desire to ensure a truly open web. He knew that decreasing storage and bandwidth costs, along with the increasing ease of crunching big data, made building and maintaining an open repository of web crawl data feasible. More important than the fact that it could be built was his powerful belief that it should be built. Common Crawl - now everyone can be Google If you have ever thought that you could do a better job than Google but were intimidated by the hardware needed to build a web index, then the Common Crawl Foundation has a solution for you. Google’s stranglehold on search information is seen by many as being contrary to the Web’s ethos of freely available information and openness. Of course there is nothing stopping you from setting up your own search facility in opposition to Google, Bing or any other search engine for that matter, but the hardware investment would be huge. Google, for example, has custom-built data centers that do nothing but index the web by reading each page and processing the information it contains - this is generally called crawling the web. Now we have a way to access an index created to make the web more open.

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New Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarine Spotted » FAS Strategic Security Blog By Hans M. Kristensen A commercial satellite image appears to have captured China’s new nuclear ballistic missile submarine. The new class, known as the Jin-class or Type 094, is expected to replace the unsuccessful Xia-class (Type 092) of a single boat built in the early 1980s. WHICH NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS BELIEVED IN GOD? NOBELISTS WHO BELIEVED IN GOD The book, 50 NOBEL LAUREATES AND OTHER GREAT SCIENTISTS WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, comprises religious quotations from the most influential scientists and writers in the world. In the course of my 11-year research I have studied hundreds of books, articles and letters - primarily those found in the archives of the National Library of Bulgaria (Sofia), Biblioteca Comunale di Milano and the Austrian National Library (Vienna). I have also corresponded with many contemporary Nobel Prize-winning scientists who have shared their personal beliefs about God.

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