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Women Who Draw - An open directory of female* illustrators

Women Who Draw - An open directory of female* illustrators

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CROYANCES MANIPULATIONS - less-solutions ... et alimenté par des PONZI ! de recherche intérieure. qui leur dévoilera la vérité qu'ils recherchent. Rien ne peut être créé à partir de rien. Et comme il y a plein de choses dans l’univers Au cœur du travail Discussions sur les projets, documents essentiels et annonces de toutes sortes cohabitent dans Slack. Regroupez votre équipe et toutes les informations utiles pour pouvoir collaborer en ligne aussi facilement qu’en personne. Chaînes La La communication dans Slack a lieu dans des chaînes organisées par projet, par thème, par équipe ou toute autre catégorie qui correspond à vos besoins. Brightening up a Financial Brand – Putnam Studio Bringing empathy, humanity, and joy through Illustration A few years ago, the fine folks at Credit Karma decided it was time to launch an internal branding project as their current brand needed a refresh and realignment. They decided to kick off a comprehensive project and revisit all of their brand assets: logo, colors, and website to name a few. During this process they decided to move forward with a unique and own-able illustration style. With a subject as sensitive as personal finance, Credit Karma knew that a strong illustration style and strategy would give their users a sense of empowerment and optimism as they plan for the future. With this in mind, Credit Karma reached out to us for this portion of their rebrand and we kicked off our introductory research phase: the brand audit (to learn more about this and other phases, check out this article).

Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à images Site Web pour cette image Camping Le Jardin du Marais Vendée Recherche par imageImages similaires Nicolas Ménard Biography Nicolas Ménard is a rare animator and illustrator who may have as many awards as he does loyal clients. An ADC Young Gun 12 and proud owner of the Adobe Achievement, Pictoplasma and Grafika Awards, Nicolas’ animated films, illustration and books are charmingly adaptable to any brief and deal with universal themes that appeal to anyone of any age. “I do drawings, books and animated short films whose subject matter are both mundane and surreal; everyday life objects meets dysfunctional characters, man and table are cut in half, a deranged weirdo hides behind a charming smile,” Nicolas says.

Your Face Here Airbnb’s Design Language System (DLS) contributes to an accessible, inclusive design practice for our user experience—from typefaces and color to illustration and motion design. Click here to learn more. Words can set the tone for a company, but it’s the pictures that give it a face. Proverbes de la sagesse japonaise Nous pouvons parler pendant des heures de la culture japonaise, complexe et énigmatique, difficile à comprendre. Elle est si différente de la nôtre ! Même aujourd’hui ce pays, au top de la modernité technologique, conserve toujours un lien fort avec ses racines et ses traditions ancestrales. S’agit-il du secret de leur prospérité ? How can illustration enhance your project and when to use it? Breathing life into abstract concepts Sometimes what we are trying to get across is hard to put into words and most of the time, a concept is impossible to photograph. That’s when illustration comes into play. Imagine trying to explain a water cycle to a child, without a drawing. Sure, you could try to eloquently describe the process of evaporation and condensation. By doing so, you might eventually get them to understand, but is it not simpler to just draw a circle graph similar to the one we’ve all seen in one science book or another?

Vinmonopolet kundesegmenter - Dinamo Vinmonopolets samfunnsoppdrag er å være et virkemiddel for ansvarlig salg av alkohol, og på den måten minske skadevirkninger. Selv om de prinsipielt har monopol, opplever de økende handelslekkasje til det som i praksis er store konkurrenter: Tax-free på flyplasser og ferge, samt grensehandel. Vinmonopolet har ikke som mål å selge mer alkohol, men de ønsker å stå for så mye som mulig av det salget som faktisk finner sted – hvis ikke kan de ikke oppfylle sitt oppdrag. For å ruste seg mot konkurransen vedtok derfor Vinmonopolet i 2018 en ny strategi som bl.a. handler om å bli mer kundeorientert. Kundens ønsker og behov skal i større grad reflekteres gjennom produktutvalg, tjenester, produkter og service. På oppdrag fra Vinmonopolet kartla Kantar TNS Norges alkoholkjøpende befolkning.

Le test des couleurs de Lüscher Le test des couleurs de Lüscher Max Lüscher est un psychologue et philosophe suisse né en 1923 à Bâle. Il est considéré comme le père de la psychologie des couleurs. The Power of Branded Illustrations + Animation in Content Marketing Exceptional content needs great visuals to get noticed, and these days, they’re in no short supply. Thankfully, the days of cheesy stock images are (almost) gone, with high-quality photography – whether sourced or original – taking their place on blogs and content efforts across the board. So much so, in fact, that even the good stuff starts to blend together, at times. When you’ve posted your umpteenth light-flared or color-blocked shot, where do you turn for something that feels fresh and new? Artwork provides a wonderful departure from the photos we encounter every day.

Tokyo 2020 unveils first ever animated pictograms used in Olympics’ history The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee of the Paralympic and Olympic Games has unveiled the first animated pictograms to be used in the history of the event. The expansive bank of 73 pictograms created by Japanese designer Masaaki Hiromura have been animated by Japanese motion designer Kota Iguchi to show each sport in full action mode, appearing from a white background as fragments, showing a small sequence of that sport in motion, freezing for a moment, then disappearing back to a blank frame. It’s another first for the Japanese city’s Olympic heritage, as static pictograms were first introduced at the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games. Paralympic Games pictograms first appeared at the Barcelona 1992 Summer Games.