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WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species Singing Insects of North America How to use SINASome features of SINACopyrights (ours and others)Contributing to SINARecent contributions to SINAOther acknowledgementsReferencesAbout Singing Insects of North America How to use SINA. Important: Portions of Singing Insects of North America [SINA] will take about two more years to complete. To determine if an insect is a cricket, katydid, or cicada Go to this page ("Home") and click on How to recognize crickets, katydids, and cicadas. To identify an unknown cricket, katydid, or cicada Go to the division dealing with Crickets, Katydids, or Cicadas and click on the Keys button. To learn about a species of cricket, katydid, or cicada for which you know the name Go to the division dealing with Crickets, Katydids, or Cicadas and click on the List of Species button. To learn about a genus or subfamily for which you know the name Go to the appropriate division (Crickets, Katydids, or Cicadas) and click on the List of Species button. To go to a key to the genera of a subfamily you know

HRAC Website > Home InsectQuestK Insects for Kids! Making Technology Educational Part of the Integrated Technology Support Services Department, the Educational Technology (Ed Tech) team seeks to improve student achievement through seamless integration of the district's Common Core Curriculum with a suite of i21 technologies designed to create an engaging and personalized learning environment. The Integrated 21st Century (i21) Interactive Classroom The i21 classroom is an engaging and personalized learning environment designed to optimize teaching and learning through the interconnected use of mobile computing, audio, visual and formative assessment technologies across the curriculum. With this vision and funding through Propositions S and Z, San Diego Unified has taken a bold step toward transforming the learning environment in each of its 7,000 classrooms. Supporting Educators Through Research-Based Professional Development and Consultation Danny Cook It’s the end of 5th Period at Challenger Middle School in Mira Mesa. Past Articles:

Interactive Listing of American/Caribbean Butterflies FINDING A SINGLE TAXON: If you know the scientific or common name the easiest way to find it is to: - Hold down the CONTROL KEY (on PC's) or the COMMAND KEY (on Mac's), select "F", then type the name in the window that appears. This will take you to the first instance the name appears on the Master List. If there are several choices use the arrows next to the search box to scroll through them. SEARCH ENGINE: Typing a name into the SEARCH BOX at the top of each webpage allows you to search the entire website for data; It reads all of the CAPTIONS beneath the images, the REFERENCE LIBRARY and GLOSSARY and lists all the instances where the name occurs. OPENING A MAIN SPECIES PAGE: Once you've found a taxon you wish to view select the highlighted COMMON NAME or DISTRIBUTION NOTES which will open the MAIN SPECIES PAGE. - FAMILY THUMBNAILS: Selecting the blue highlighted name within a FAMILY, SUBFAMILY or TRIBE name will display all the thumbnail images for that group. - a freely accessible, Web-based encyclopedia of historic botanical literature MYRMECOS - Insect Photography - Insect Pictures WRAG | Weed Resistance Action Group: Home Latest News Rothamsted Research have produced two new publications concerning black-grass, resistance and control. (July 2013) Black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides): Everything you really wanted to know about black-grass but didn't know who to ask. (pdf, 4 pages, 2013) Black-grass: The potential of non-chemical control. The WRAG Steering Group has produced a leaflet on 'The Benefits of Herbicide Resistance Testing'. HGCA Managing weeds in arable rotations - a guide (Summer 2010) (pdf, 24 pages, 2.5 Mb) At 'Cereals 2010' the HGCA launched the publication "Managing weeds in arable rotations". WRAG response on Trifluralin (3 pages pdf) At its May (2007) meeting the Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG) steering committee discussed the implications of the loss of trifluralin, which has not been included in Annex 1 of Directive 91/414 and will be withdrawn by the middle of 2009. Ten facts everyone should know about herbicide resistance Ten facts everyone should know about herbicide resistance.

Praying Mantid caresheet - Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa).Photograph by Paulo Rodrigues. The Mantids are a group of 1,800 carnivorous insects (Order: Mantodea). Most mantids are from tropical countries although a few do occur in cooler climates. Their closest relatives are the stick insects, grasshoppers and cockroaches. Like their relatives the mantids undergo simple or incomplete metamorphosis; they do not have a maggot or caterpillar but go through several stages all of which look like miniature, wingless adults. Feeding Young mantids should be fed on fruit flies (Drosophila sp.), aphids or other small insects. As they grow they can be given larger prey, almost any insects (for example, blue bottle flies, grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches) will be eaten. If you keep live food for your mantid then you should also ensure that the live food is kept in appropriate conditions (adequate space, correct temperature and humidity and access to food and water). Housing Mantids do not usually need to drink. Breeding

The Largest Plant Identification Reference Guide - Dave's Garden PlantFiles is the largest plant database in the world, with information and photos for 210,070 different plants! View our 365,378 images and read our 138,488 detailed and helpful comments. Search for a plant by its common or botanical name using the green button below, or scroll down the page and browse through hundreds of popular cultivars, or search for plants by their characteristics (height, hardiness, etc.) Discover which plants grow well in your area, and which plants to avoid. Join the 58,387 gardeners, PlantFiles Pioneers and Uber Gardeners who contribute to PlantFiles, and share what you know. » Add a new plant to the list » Add the PlantFiles search to your own website!

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