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CSS3 . Info - All you ever needed to know about CSS3 — Bien faire le web ! Battling BEM (Extended Edition): 10 Common Problems And How To Avoid Them Advertisement Today, too many websites are still inaccessible. In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort. Hardcover, 312 pages. Get the book now! Whether you’ve just discovered BEM or are an old hand (in web terms anyway!) This article aims to be useful for people who are already BEM enthusiasts and wish to use it more effectively or people who are curious to learn more about it. Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link Now, I’m under no illusion that this is a beautiful way to name things. The developer in me looked at it pragmatically. 1. To clarify, you would use a grandchild selector when you need to reference an element that is nested two levels deep. As you might imagine, naming in this way can quickly get out of hand, and the more nested a component is, the more hideous and unreadable the class names become. This is how I would treat the same card component: 2.

Spritebox - Create CSS from Sprite Images CSS3 – Effet parallaxe (sans JavaScript) Retour des tutoriels CSS avec quelque chose d’un peu original pour cet article : un effet parallaxe uniquement en CSS3. C’est à la suite de l’article de Simon Kern sur Alsacréations que m’est venue l’envie de tenter d’utiliser CSS pour reproduire cet effet initialement conçu avec JavaScript. L’article zoom sur l’effet parallaxe de Simon est bien conçu, je vous invite à le lire si vous préférez l’utilisation de jQuery, ou si vous souhaitez découvrir une alternative ou un complément à ce tutoriel. J’en profite pour remercier Simon qui m’a autorisé à reprendre son design ainsi que la base du code qu’il a conçu pour l’article sur Alsacréations. Démonstration Place à l’explication ! Concept Pour réaliser cet effet il nous faut plusieurs éléments qui vont nous permettre de simuler différents plans. Lorsque un tel effet est mis en place sur un site web, il l’est souvent pour offrir une transition originale entre deux vues, un peut comme lors d’un diaporama pour passer d’une slide à l’autre. <!

CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Experienced developers understand that CSS3 can be added to new projects with progressive enhancement in mind. This ensures that content is accessible while non-supportive browsers fall back to a less-enhanced experience for the user. But developers could face a situation where a client insists that the enhancements work cross-browser, demanding support even for IE6. Opacity / Transparency I think all developers are baffled at why Internet Explorer still fails to support this very popular (albeit troublesome) property. The Syntax You really only need the second line, which works in all versions of Internet Explorer. The opacity value at the end of each IE line works basically the same way that the opacity property does, taking a number from 0 to 100 (the opacity property takes a two-digit number from 0 to 1, so “44″ for IE would be “0.44″ for the others). The Demonstration This is the same element without the opacity settings. The Drawbacks Rounded Corners (border-radius)

CSS3 Create - Démos, tutoriels et expériences CSS : menus, galerie photos, interfaces web. CSS3 Shapes Here you'll find a range off shapes all coded with just pure CSS3 code. Unfortunately not all shapes will render correctly in all browsers, currently only web browsers that support CSS3 will produce the correct geometric shapes. Square Circle Oval Up Triangle Down Triangle Left Triangle Right Triangle Triangle Top Left Triangle Top Right Triangle Bottom Left Triangle Bottom Right Trapezium Diamond Rectangle Parallelogram Twelve Point Star Six Point Star Speech Bubble Egg EQ Triangle Pacman Biohazard Heart Yin Yang Octagon Data Format All the visualizations in Many Eyes accept the same data table format except 'Word Tree' and 'Phrase Net', where as, all the charts in the category 'Analyze a text' understand free text also. A data table consists of rows where the values in each row are separated by tabs. The first row of the table should be "headers" that describe the columns. Here's an example table in the Many Eyes format: The table has a header row (Fruit, Color, Calories) and two data rows. That's all there is to the basic format. A last note: before you upload data to Many Eyes, you must register and sign in. Half the fun of Many Eyes is letting others play with your data. Don't forget the units! It may be obvious to you that your numbers are in thousands of dollars. Adding more information If a time or place is important, include it in the title. Punctuation matters Currently the Many Eyes format accepts only two kinds of values: text and numbers. Don't forget the header row Null or missing data points Summary rows