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The easy way to get professional translation work

The easy way to get professional translation work
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All Features | iTunes Connect Sales Analytics | Worldwide App Store Reviews | Top 400 Hourly Updated App Store Ranks | iAds Tracking Automagical Automatic report importing That’s right, automatic. appFigures imports all reports so you don't have to. Top 400 app ranks for all categories in all app stores-updated hourly! appFigures scans all top 400 lists of all app stores worldwide, hourly, and provides you easy access to ranks in any store, on-demand. No need to sync. Support for multiple platforms iTunes Connect. Get your reports by email Get your daily sales report by email for all of your apps. Featured tracking with alerts Know exactly when and where your apps are featured. Review Updates Get a summary of your apps’ reviews, every day. Complete App Store Coverage Browse Public Data View ranks, reviews, and ratings for every app in the iOS & Mac App Stores, Google Playand the Amazon Appstore. Support for multiple accounts Link as many app stores as you’d like to a single appFigures account. Ads performance tracking Track all your iAd and AdMob metrics directly from your account without having tolog into separate portals.

9 Website Translation Crowdsourcing Services As much as we like to think that English is a fairly universal language on the Internet, that’s simply not the case. That’s why it may be important to you to consider crowdsourcing your website translation needs. There are many machine translation tools out there, but they simply don’t work as well as real human beings. Just as you can crowdsource your finances and your branding, you can also crowdsource your need for website translation services. Smartling Smartling Offering “powerful translation management for websites and mobile apps,” Smartling actually provides you with three different translation options. Gengo Gengo offers three levels of service Working either through online submission or by way of the API, Gengo employs a team of pre-tested translators. Get Localization Get Localization FoxTranslate FoxTranslate supports 34 languages Translating everything from immigration documents to legal documents, FoxTranslate supports 34 different languages. Acclaro Website Translation Transifex

Google Now Lets Website Owners Measure The Power Of +1 (And Any Other Social Widget) Back in March, Google officially started rolling out the +1 Button in its search results, allowing users to vote up the pages they found most useful. Two months later, on June 1, it launched a widget that lets website owners integrate the button into their pages, just like they do with Facebook’s ‘Like’ and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ buttons. But, err, it wasn’t really clear what the point was. People kept clicking the button, but the effect — better search results for our friends — isn’t really tangible. And it isn’t really clear to site owners how much of an impact the button’s having, either. Today, that changes: Google has just announced that +1 data will be displayed in Google’s Webmaster tools, allowing site owners to see exactly how much of an effect +1 is having. And Google has another trick up its sleeves too — it’s going to also give you analytics on any other social widget you have installed, like Facebook’s Like Button.

myGengo's New API Lets You Plug Human Translation Into Websites And Apps Translating a website isn’t an easy task, especially if you have limited internal resources, a complex site structure, or multiple languages to deal with. Usually, the process requires manual work and coordination, for example managing translators or keeping track of texts in various languages. This is where myGengo, which we recently described as “Mechanical Turk for translations”, comes in. The Tokyo-based startup today rolled out an API that allows developers to plug on-demand human translation directly into websites, apps, widgets, social networks, etc. The main idea is to automate the process for dynamic content as much as possible, without forgoing the power of human translation. myGengo also pitches its API as a way to monetize the user base of international social networks or community-driven sites.

How SEOmoz Gained 1000s of Visits from Google News (You Can Too) Consider this image below from the SEOmoz Google Analytics account. Behold a sight rarely displayed in SEO blogs. Notice the similarities to a typical Kansas highway. Both are dead flat, contain no peaks or valleys, and are traffic free. Such was the sad state of SEOmoz’s referral traffic from Google News prior to April of this year. Google News never sent us significant traffic in the past In our minds, we don't consider ourselves a "news" organization Unlike news organizations, SEOmoz doesn't drive revenue through advertising What Changed Our Minds? In April, Rand’s post on White Hat SEO went nuclear. The drought was over. But why that particular post? .. Given the way Google News indexes content, this makes sense: “Display a three-digit number. Our indexation was pure accident! We decided to dispose of our previous perceptions and chart a proactive course in gaining visits from Google News. 1. You no longer have to be a big news player (or a spammer) to find your way in Google News. 2. 3.

Babelverse To Offer Live Voice Translations For State Of The Union In Up To 7K Languages Tonight, President Obama will give his 2012 State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. The annual address, which will take place Tuesday night at 9pm EST/6pm PST (watch it online at here), is expected to include Obama’s mission going forward and his central focus as president, which he’s said is “rebuilding an economy where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded.” Coming off the start of the Republican primaries, the heated battle over SOPA/PIPA, and a rough 2011, many will no doubt be tuning in to get a taste of what the President’s future plans are to ensure a “sound economic recovery.” As this is the final State of the Union of Obama’s first term (and perhaps his presidency), there’s no doubt that many around the world will be paying attention to what the president says tonight. According to ABC, an estimated 43 million viewers watched Obama’s State of the Union last year. Excerpt image credit White House (Pete Souza)

Custora Helps Online Businesses Improve Customer Retention For any retailer that is selling goods online, it is incredibly important to be able to retain customers and identify when purchasers are about to leave a site. While many online retailers and companies develop these analytics in house, there is a need for a simple application that smaller shops can use to determine behavior of visitors. Today, Y Combinator-backed Custora is launching a SaaS that tells online retailers and web apps which of their customers are most valuable, and suggests actions to keep them. The startup is best described by its tagline: “Google brings you customers. For example, Custora will automate the process of sending emails to customers who are in danger of leaving a retailer’s site, or will send emails to customers who are repeat purchasers. In addition to retailers, Custora is being used for SaaS providers with freemium offerings as well.

Tolingo secures Series A funding for fast, cheap translation service [Germany] Tolingo, the online translation platform, has secured a Series A round of investment. The investment comes from Neuhaus Partners in Hamburg which is using a local start-up fund run by a public programme in conjunction with the local KfW bank (hey, this is Europe remember). The investment will be used to expand further in Europe and internationally. Terms were undisclosed but sources say it is in the €1 million to €2 million range. Tolingo was founded in 2008 and now has over 2,500 certified translators online at any one time. Matthias Grychta, managing partner at Neuhaus Partners says Tolingo’s platform “significantly increases translation speed.” Tolingo has competitors in the shape of and mygengo as a comparible system. By combining expert knowledge and innovative vision, tolingo have created a unique online system that marks a new era in translation.

Biz Stone, 500 Startups And Others Put $1M In CRM For Web Businesses Intercom CRM and 500 Startups incubated company Intercom has raised a seed round of $1 million from angel investors including twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Huddle founder Andy McLoughlin, Dan Martell, 500 Startups and Digital Garage. Intercom’s customer relationship management tool (CRM) is designed specifically for web businesses. The web-based SaaS features Google Analytics-like integration so that its database of customers is always automatically up-to-date, tracking every interaction. With its flexible filtering function, users can be segmented into groups for whom the business has different goals (i.e. converting free users into paying customers). Here’s how the startup differs from the standard CRMs. Intercom includes the ability to contact customers directly from the product itself, so if you see a high-profile user signing up, greeting him with a personal message in the app is super simple.

Mozilla & Knight Foundation Invest $1M In Crowdsourced Translation Startup Amara Let’s say you’re a video publisher who wants all the world to have access to your content… But translating videos into multiple languages is time-consuming and expensive — that is, unless you’ve got a team of volunteers to do it for you. One of the most efficient way to tackle the problem is by crowdsourcing subtitles, which is why translation startup Amara has raised $1 million from Mozilla and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Amara, previously known as Universal Subtitles, was created as an open-source platform to allow anyone to crowdsource transcriptions and translations of video content. With the funding, the Amara team will be releasing an enterprise version of the platform, which its customers can use within their own organizations — whether it be to collaborate on subtitle creations in-house, or to open up translation to outside volunteers. Amara, which was formed as part of an open source project within the Participatory Culture Foundation.

TextMaster Rolls Out API For Its Copywriting, Translation And Proofreading Platform It’s not a spelling mistake, it’s a typo. That’s my line and I’m sticking to it. But what if proofreading, along with copywriting and translation, could be offered akin to a Software-as-a-Service, API included? That’s the ambitious aim of TextMaster which this week uncloaked its technology stack to enable third-parties to start building apps that integrate the full functionality of its service. TextMaster offers a platform for content creators to crowdsource their copywriting, translation and proofreading needs via its community of ‘professionals’ who have each gone through a quality vetting process and are paid per-word. Some of TextMaster’s competitors include Greatcontent, and Textbroker (copywriting), Wordy (proofreading), and Gengo (translation), which already offers an API. Its customers range from e-commerce companies, bloggers, advertising and communication agencies, and editors.

Gengo Announces Integration of Professional Translation into Leading CMS, Localization and Email Platforms OSCON, Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 17, 2012 Gengo, the leader in affordable human translation at scale, announced today the integration of its signature professional translation into a broad range of publishing, localization and email management platforms. Gengo provides both a simple translation tool for individuals, as well as a robust platform and API for others to build a multi-language web. Gengo’s automated professional translation API allows developers to incorporate high quality human translation into virtually any web service, publication or application via a REST web API, along with libraries for all major programming languages. “Our vision is for everyone to be able to go global easily,” said Robert Laing, CEO of Gengo. Gengo also announced its developer and channel partner program today. Formerly known as myGengo, the company dropped the “my” to represent the simplicity and power they offer and represent the global aspirations and perspective of their users. Avalon About Gengo

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