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Expert Translation at Unbeatable Prices

Expert Translation at Unbeatable Prices
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Babelverse To Offer Live Voice Translations For State Of The Union In Up To 7K Languages Tonight, President Obama will give his 2012 State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. The annual address, which will take place Tuesday night at 9pm EST/6pm PST (watch it online at here), is expected to include Obama’s mission going forward and his central focus as president, which he’s said is “rebuilding an economy where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded.” Coming off the start of the Republican primaries, the heated battle over SOPA/PIPA, and a rough 2011, many will no doubt be tuning in to get a taste of what the President’s future plans are to ensure a “sound economic recovery.” As this is the final State of the Union of Obama’s first term (and perhaps his presidency), there’s no doubt that many around the world will be paying attention to what the president says tonight. According to ABC, an estimated 43 million viewers watched Obama’s State of the Union last year. Excerpt image credit White House (Pete Souza)

All Features | iTunes Connect Sales Analytics | Worldwide App Store Reviews | Top 400 Hourly Updated App Store Ranks | iAds Tracking Automagical Automatic report importing That’s right, automatic. appFigures imports all reports so you don't have to. Top 400 app ranks for all categories in all app stores-updated hourly! appFigures scans all top 400 lists of all app stores worldwide, hourly, and provides you easy access to ranks in any store, on-demand. Support for multiple platforms iTunes Connect. Get your reports by email Get your daily sales report by email for all of your apps. Featured tracking with alerts Know exactly when and where your apps are featured. Review Updates Get a summary of your apps’ reviews, every day. Complete App Store Coverage Browse Public Data View ranks, reviews, and ratings for every app in the iOS & Mac App Stores, Google Playand the Amazon Appstore. Support for multiple accounts Link as many app stores as you’d like to a single appFigures account. Ads performance tracking Track all your iAd and AdMob metrics directly from your account without having tolog into separate portals. Flexible Reports Security The world's largest and most trusted innovation website FaceNiff - Facebook (and other services) Session Hijacker for Android myGengo's New API Lets You Plug Human Translation Into Websites And Apps Translating a website isn’t an easy task, especially if you have limited internal resources, a complex site structure, or multiple languages to deal with. Usually, the process requires manual work and coordination, for example managing translators or keeping track of texts in various languages. This is where myGengo, which we recently described as “Mechanical Turk for translations”, comes in. The Tokyo-based startup today rolled out an API that allows developers to plug on-demand human translation directly into websites, apps, widgets, social networks, etc. The main idea is to automate the process for dynamic content as much as possible, without forgoing the power of human translation. myGengo also pitches its API as a way to monetize the user base of international social networks or community-driven sites.

Google Now Lets Website Owners Measure The Power Of +1 (And Any Other Social Widget) Back in March, Google officially started rolling out the +1 Button in its search results, allowing users to vote up the pages they found most useful. Two months later, on June 1, it launched a widget that lets website owners integrate the button into their pages, just like they do with Facebook’s ‘Like’ and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ buttons. But, err, it wasn’t really clear what the point was. People kept clicking the button, but the effect — better search results for our friends — isn’t really tangible. And it isn’t really clear to site owners how much of an impact the button’s having, either. Today, that changes: Google has just announced that +1 data will be displayed in Google’s Webmaster tools, allowing site owners to see exactly how much of an effect +1 is having. And Google has another trick up its sleeves too — it’s going to also give you analytics on any other social widget you have installed, like Facebook’s Like Button.

Brain Pickings Croogo | Free, Open Source, CakePHP Powered CMS Website Translation Service Smartling Debuts New Self-Service Platform Realtime website translation service Smartling is debuting a new self service version of its platform that caters to small businesses as well as large companies. Smartling offers a large, scale SEO-friendly realtime translation service for websites. The company has a hybrid model which allows you to pick between professional translators, machine translations, and crowdsourced translations. New features in the platform include a style guide, a “learning” glossary of term for translators, SEO compliance for all translated pages and crowdsourced management tools. Smartling also offers an enterprise plan for highly trafficked and complex sites that includes API access, SSL support, and additional training and integration services. Smartling, which just raised $10 million in new funding, also recently partnered with CloudFlare to allow the web security startup’s users to enable translations.

How SEOmoz Gained 1000s of Visits from Google News (You Can Too) Consider this image below from the SEOmoz Google Analytics account. Behold a sight rarely displayed in SEO blogs. Notice the similarities to a typical Kansas highway. Both are dead flat, contain no peaks or valleys, and are traffic free. Such was the sad state of SEOmoz’s referral traffic from Google News prior to April of this year. Google News never sent us significant traffic in the past In our minds, we don't consider ourselves a "news" organization Unlike news organizations, SEOmoz doesn't drive revenue through advertising What Changed Our Minds? In April, Rand’s post on White Hat SEO went nuclear. The drought was over. But why that particular post? .. Given the way Google News indexes content, this makes sense: “Display a three-digit number. Our indexation was pure accident! We decided to dispose of our previous perceptions and chart a proactive course in gaining visits from Google News. 1. You no longer have to be a big news player (or a spammer) to find your way in Google News. 2. 3.

World Map 10 Mind-Blowing Experimental CSS3 Techniques and Demos As CSS3 gathers momentum, more and more new techniques and ideas are being published every other day. Each seems to explore exciting never seen before avenues, and ALL push CSSes boundaries ever further away. It really is an exciting time for web design. The post should have been called “The Top 10 Kick-Ass Experimental CSS3 Techniques That Simply Blew My Mind Away!“, but instead we opted for the conservative route. Anyway, here are our favorite CSS3 experimental techniques, And please, please do try this at home, we will really look forward to seeing your results. Our Solar System – An experiment with CSS3 This is a recreation of our solar system using the CSS3 features border-radius, transform and animation. Our Solar System »View the Demo » Star Wars HTML and CSS: A NEW HOPE A couple of years ago, would you have thought that the Star Wars Episode IV opening crawl could be built by using only CSS and HTML? Star Wars HTML and CSS: A NEW HOPE »View the Demo » Pure CSS3 Spiderman Cartoon

Disrupt Goes Global With Babelverse’s Real-Time Translation TechCrunch has millions of readers around the globe, and they speak far more languages than our staffers or guests at Disrupt. To make it easier for our global readers to enjoy the conference, we are excited to partner with Babelverse, a Disrupt NYC 2012 Battlefield finalist, to provide real-time, simultaneous translation of the conference (September 10-12, 9am to 6pm PDT). Anyone watching the live webcast can visit and select from one of 12 languages and hear a real person (not a language bot!) The 12 languages are: - Español (Spanish) - Français (French) - Português (Portuguese) - Deutsch (German) - Italiano (Italian) - 普通话 (Mandarin Chinese) - Русский язык (Russian) - मानक हिन्दी (Hindi) - 日本語 (Japanese) - 한국말 (Korean) - Türkçe (Turkish) - Arabic We hope that this is a small step to help startup fans everywhere follow TechCrunch. Babelverse also recently announced that they raised a seed round led by 500 Startups.