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Kinect Effect

Kinect Effect

KinectEDucation A Detailed Explanation of How Photoshop Blend Modes Work - Photoshop Blend Modes Explained | Photo Blog Stop Working with blend modes is almost always an experimental process. Because it’s nearly impossible to predict the results, you always seem to end up experimenting with different modes and Fill Opacities until you get the results you’re looking for. In this article I’m going to give you a high-level view of what the various blend modes do, and then I’ll dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of the blend modes by explaining some of the math involved, and their interrelationships with each other. I’m not going to “show” you how the blend modes work—I’m going to “explain” how they work. By the time you finish reading this article, you should have a better idea of how to use blend modes and where to begin your “experimentation,” which in turn should reduce the time it takes to achieve the results you’re looking for. How Blend Modes Work Blend Mode Groups While the blend mode names don’t make all that much sense, Adobe did group the blend modes into logical groups. Keyboard Shortcuts Blend Mode Math

Technology Helps Autistic Children with Social Skills By Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on October 24, 2011 A new research project suggests virtual worlds can help autistic children develop social skills beyond their anticipated levels. In the study, called the Echoes Project, scientists developed an interactive environment that uses multi-touch screen technology to project scenarios to children. The technology allows researchers to study a child’s actions to new situations in real time. During sessions in the virtual environment, primary school children experiment with different social scenarios, allowing the researchers to compare their reactions with those they display in real-world situations. “Discussions of the data with teachers suggest a fascinating possibility,” said project leader Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, Ph.D. “Learning environments such as Echoes may allow some children to exceed their potential, behaving and achieving in ways that even teachers who knew them well could not have anticipated.”

AIRKinect Extended Demo | as3NUI Alright guys I know everyone wants to see some code and I promise it is coming soon. As the holiday seasons are upon us I have decided to put some extra work into the AIRKinect Extended library and crank that out as my gift to everyone. Currently I am working on documentation and clean-up of all the code as soon as that is done I plan on releasing the SWC, code and Demo Code for the Extended cialis online generic Library. This Library will include Skeleton ManagementPosition HistoryRegion SupportGesture Support (Swipe and Scale currently)UI components & UI ManagerCursor Support with no Kinect RelianceMouse Similator HelperSelectableHandle ComponentTarget ComponentHotSpot ComponentCrankHandle ComponentSlideHandle ComponentRepeatingSelectableHandle Component I have posted up a, pretty long, video of the upcoming library with all the demos that will be released. You can check out the AIRKinect Extended Demo Video here. And of course AS3NUI core member Justin Imhoff and his work with Nuiority

XNA Team Blog Sign in Whatcha wanna do? Search Fluffy Tag Cloud Archives Subscribe via RSS Sort by: Most Recent | Most Views | Most Comments Excerpt View | Full Post View XNA Game Studio Team Blog XBLIG Support Posted 11 months ago by XNA Game Studio Developer Education 3 Comments We are trying to create an updated list of users who are having issues logging into their XBLIG account or need other technical support. Page 1 of 9 (215 items) 12345» Put down the measuring tape. Using the Kinect to find your height | Coding4Fun Kinect Projects When I saw this, the first thing I thought was just how cool a thing an amusement park could build with this. Gone could be the days of the "You must be taller than this bar," instead replaced with an interactive, themed for the park, height measurement experience. Image standing there with a virtual Mickey or Donald or Bugs Bunny and using the Kinect to measure your children's height, compared to them? (Can't you just see Mickey holding up his virtual hand over a child's head and saying, "Great! Some people ask me if there is a way to determine the height of a user standing in front of a Kinect device. Project Information URL: Project Download URL: Contact Information:

Promote Control - an advanced remote control for Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY AND AUTISM LINK autism-europe English Edition Nr. 15 Quarterly - 4 th quarter 1994 "The computer is just a glorified pencil" Karl Popper Some technology fascinates certain people to such an extent that they end up by forgetting its finality. Computers and computer technology can be counted among this group. I do not wish to consider the myths of the "electronic brain" or"the fear of Big Brother", but more simply the fascination for computer technology by somebody who has just begun to master it. Thus, an economist, a chemist, a doctor can end up by becoming a computer scientist, entirely forgetting the reasons which had originally pushed him/her to becoming interested in the first place... The subject which concerns us here: The use of computer technology with the mentally handicapped and particularly those suffering from autism ought to be tackled by not succumbing to this fascination. Diagnosis Assessment Computer aided teaching Assistance in communication The research models

Downloads | as3NUI AIRKinect Extension is a Native Extension for use with Adobe AIR 3.0. AIRKinect allows AIR developers to tap into the rich experience of the Microsoft Kinect and push interactivity to a new level. Authors Wouter Verweirder ( Ross Gerbasi ( Justin Imhof ( Documentation View documentation online Driver Installation Before you can use the native extension in your AIR project, you will need to install the kinect drivers. Windows: MS SDK version: (airkinect-2-core-mssdk.ane) Install Microsoft Kinect SDK: it OpenNI version: (airkinect-2-core-openni.ane) You can use the instructions "Install OpenNI,NITE and the Sensor Driver" of the SimpleOpenNI project to get OpenNI up and running on your windows 7 machine: Linking AIRKinect to your project All you need is the ane file matching your driver. Flash Builder 4.6 Flash CS6 IntelliJ IDEA Basic Usage

Kinecting to your Anatomy with S.A.G.E. | Coding4Fun Kinect Projects Today's inspirational project is one that you just have to see to believe. It shows how the Kinect, melded with a projector can make learning (and more) into something fairly amazing... The Spatial Augmented Game Environment, known as S.A.G.E., is a project that marries the spatial recognition of the Xbox 360 Kinect and a projector to create a completely unique learning experience. Project Information URL: For more videos, check out Another important piece of this project is the mount. DIY Projector agnostic projector/Kinect mountFor quality projected reality, ANSI lumens may be the most vital attribute. Download the STL for the mount here: Contact Information:

The Tao of Crowdfunding: Three Ps for a Successful Indie Film Campaign | Hat & Soul UPDATED: 2/18/13 –– Same three Ps. Even more recent examples! Long before I worked at Indiegogo, I was given the opportunity to step in for the company’s co-founder Slava Rubin for a presentation on crowdfunding sponsored by New York Women In Film and Television (NYWIFT). If a Buddhist, a Confucianist, and a Taoist each tried to crowdfund, which would be successful? Although crowdfunding has been around for years now, it’s still the big buzz word amongst the indie community. That said, there are three aspects of crowdfunding that should be thoroughly sketched out before your campaign goes live: pitch, perks, and promotion, or what I call my Three Ps of Crowdfunding.) Pitch: Because First Impressions are Everything Your pitch is the single most important part of your campaign because it’s the one and only chance you have to sell yourself and not necessarily your project. A mistake that many crowdfunders make is not appearing in their pitch video. But Brendon didn’t stop there. Like this: