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Why are two of Brazil’s top startups moving to the US? - TNW Latin America Start typing “the American dream” in Google and a suggestion will come up: “the American dream is dead”. Yet, two of the most promising startups in Brazil, EverWrite and DeskMetrics, are about to move to the US, with headquarters in Delaware. So why have they decided to leave Brazil? Two startups with global ambitions Sure, the Brazilian startup ecosystem has been growing fast over the last years, and the market opportunities in this emerging country have attracted a lot of attention from foreign investors. Still, running a business in Brazil is no sinecure. While it’s still worth the hassle for those interested in the huge and growing Brazilian market, things are different for startups such as EverWrite and DeskMetrics. It’s not just about positioning; both the markets they attend are abroad. It’s not just about international expansion; for example, Brazil as a market is not very interesting for DeskMetrics, with a few exceptions. Incorporating in the US thanks to the Internet

Tim Berry's Blog - Planning Startups Stories Hackisition | Growth Hacking Essays by Julien Le Coupanec Solving the “marketplace” business model A sizable percentage of Capital Factory startup submissions take the form of the “marketplace.” In fact, 3 of the 10 selected companies from the past two years have followed this business model. Marketplace companies are notoriously difficult to start, so I’m constantly amazed that so many entrepreneurs chose this route. Maybe it’s the “go big or go home” mentality? If there’s a business plan less likely to succeed than a restaurant, this has to be it. But it’s not impossible; here’s some of the pitfalls and how to address them. A marketplace is born A “Marketplace” connects buyers and sellers who otherwise have trouble finding each other. Let’s say someone owns a two miniature porcelain cows ironically dressed as farmers and performing the very functional task of salt and pepper shaker. eBay converts these complementary desires into transactions. More examples: So what’s the problem? This all sounds dismal, but here’s a handful of strategies to overcome the obstacles. What else?

Miguel da Rocha Cavalcanti Casey Winters Blog 15 fresh startups with great landing page designs Welcome to the age of the online startup. Every day, multiple websites are created to announce a new startup and sadly, most of those pages look horrible. In order to attract the users you have to be able to provide a catchy description, features, and of course design. Now keep in mind that there is no perfect method/formula for a landing page. Remember to use strong call to action or CTA, in order to guide the user on what to do next. This posts highlights 15 online startups that are out of the ordinary and actually look good! 1. TripLingo was founded on the belief that language learning should be tailored to your unique needs and that most learners aren’t necessarily seeking to become fluent. 2. Twickets will turn your twitter account into a multi-user ticketing system! 3. Strawberry Jam compress the messages of the people that you follow online and show you the links they share the most – 100% friend based trends. 4. Project Management + Basecamp + Analytics = Statusboard. 5. 9.Foodzy

Conceitos e práticas sobre Lean Startups, Customer Development e Inbound Marketing para Startups Posted in Estratégia, Marketing on February 27th, 2012 by Eric Santos – 7 Comments Inbound Marketing é um daqueles termos de extrema importância e que estão “na moda” (assim como Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Business Model Generation…), mas que causam muita confusão na hora de se entender e implementar. Neste mês, fui convidado pelo SEBRAE para fazer uma palestra na agenda deles na Campus Party conduzida em conjunto com a Aceleradora. Grande parte do que eu falei na palestra está resumida neste post que escrevi no ano passado sobre por que uma Startup deve ter um blog. No entanto, Inbound Marketing vai bem mais além do que simplesmente ter um bom blog (apesar de passar por isso). read more » Técnicas de Marketing Viral Posted in Marketing on November 29th, 2011 by Eric Santos – 11 Comments Prêmio RBS de Empreendedorismo e Inovação Posted in Eventos on August 25th, 2011 by Eric Santos – 1 Comment Bom, e o que isso tem a ver com o título do post? Startup Genome

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