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The Suitcase Entrepreneur

The Suitcase Entrepreneur
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Solo Entrepreneur Blog | Business Building Resources for the Solo Entrepreneur Do you: Want a lifestyle business with freedom to enjoy your family, work from anywhere, and take vacations?Want to do work you enjoy, with ideal clients, and make a DIFFERENCE? Enjoy independence and relish making your own decisions? From the desk of Terri Zwierzynski, The Solo-CEO Online Marketing Strategist Dear Freedom-Loving Solopreneur, If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you're in the right place! That's exactly what I had in mind when I was laid off after 15 years in Corporate America. I'm not here to sell you on a particular system. If you're ready to... ...consider this: nowhere else on the Web will you find so many PROVEN resources for building a successful, freedom-based business, 100% screened and vetted by a community of successful solopreneurs. Want to learn more? "25+ Entrepreneur Experts ~ 350+ Years of Wisdom Their Must-Know Advice: Priceless" and get started TODAY! Just fill in your name and email address below for instant download access: | How to Start A Small Business Business Insider 24 Incredible Lessons Learned From Being In Business |The Suitcase Entrepreneur Warning – this post is important to you, it matters to me and it’s epic. So important I’ve turned it into a free manifesto you can get right here. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I sit back and realize I’m living the dream. My entire life fits into my suitcase and I can pack up and live anywhere I want, while still getting to run my business from just my laptop. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth. So how did I get so lucky? When I started my business I was definitely prepared. And I had the opportunity – I’d just worked myself out of a role as cofounder of a cool tech startup because my business partner recognized, before me, that I was in love with my blog, more than our business. How This Business Began Even though I started this blog in late August 2009, it wasn’t until May 24th 2010 that I said to myself `This is it Natalie, it’s time to become a fully fledged entrepreneur and start your own business’. #1. #2. #3. #4.

Freetech4Teachers This page is where you can find resources related to my presentations about creating effective blogs and websites to complement instruction. How to create a Blogger blog. How to turn on comment moderation in Blogger. How to add or subtract contributors to your Blogger blog. How to create an Edublogs blog. How to create a blog. How to create a Posterous blog. The Basics of Creating and Editing a Wikispaces Wiki.More, including a video tutorial, about using Wikispaces. Creating a Google Sites website. Ten Options for Creating Websites. Yola (formerly Synthasite) is the tool that I am currently using to build websites for my department and other departments in my high school. Webs (formerly Free Webs) is another service that I have first-hand experience with in a school setting because my girlfriend (a teacher in another school district) uses it for her classes. Snap Pages provides a free service as well as a premium service for creating your custom website.

- Top 10 Most Practical Blogs for Entrepreneurs With more and more people jumping on the business blogging bandwagon, it's getting to the point that there is far more out there than you could ever hope to read on a regular basis. To help you filter that infoglut down to a more manageable level, here is my list of the ten most practical blogs for entrepreneurs. NOTE: Blogs come and go, and several of the blogs originally listed here have either been discontinued or become relatively inactive. Small Business Trends - Anita Campbell looks at the latest trends affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs. A list like this inevitably sparks some controversy, so before I get hit with a flurry of e-mails or a rant on Fark or Slashdot about what an idiot I am for overlooking a particular blog, let me explaing a little about my methodology. Blogs by famous entrepreneurs - Entertaining and informative though they are, they tend to be mostly about that entrepreneur's business and whatever other topics they find interesting.

10 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs | The Educated Entrepreneur's Blog A fellow entrepreneur gave me a slight nudge today that motivated me to post today’s blog. I think you will certainly find value in it as it incorporates some of the best minds of the 21st century. Remember….. The secret to learning as an entrepreneur is to mix equal parts of inspiration and perspiration. Hard work without a vision is futile, while a great idea without execution is similarly worthless. Seth Godin on Standing Out: What makes you so special? Like this: Like Loading...

How to Run a Business and Still Care for Your Family I met a guy who was a busy executive at a startup in Silicon Valley. His family, a wife and three young kids, lived several states away. He lived in a hotel during the week, worked every evening, and flew home every weekend before returning to the office on Monday morning. Not a very dedicated family guy, right? On the contrary. His family had discussed the arrangement of him being away mid-week, and they re-evaluated it twice a year. I went away from the conversation impressed. Priorities are not just a question of time, in other words, they are also a question of focus and intention. This is what I am living for. This is what matters. I will select these values and allow them to be my compass. The way this is lived out may be different than how other people live, or it may even be totally unique. Image: Paolo Tags: balance, Entrepreneurship, family, intention, priorities, Work

Creating Business Value The Safest Small Business Startup Strategies Are Virtual, Guerrilla, and Flexible Our continually struggling economy, at least on ground-level, is sending aspiring entrepreneurs mixed messages. On one hand, there’s enormous incentive to stake your claim at a time when competition is low and human resources are high.On the other hand, the still-unknowable future state of our national and global economies is enough to intimidate even the most ardent of entrepreneurs. While we often can’t make up our minds as to whether to invest our capital into budding businesses or stow it away in StorageMart lockers for fear of an economic Armageddon, there are ways to make your enterprising dreams come true while minimizing the risk of these uncertain times: Virtualization The lingering frailty of the real estate market means that at any moment another crisis could lead to rising rent as mortgages skyrocket. Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla marketing tactics center on the idea that the modern public responds better to seemingly off-the-cuff promotions and brand awareness. Flexibility

How to Break into a Field That Seems Un-break-into-able Good Life Project is a weekly web show that features in-depth interviews with acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, creators, and world-shakers. To receive the mp3 version of our shows, please sign up here. How many people dream of traveling the world, photographing everything, from fashion models to passion causes, and being extraordinarily compensated for the work? I’m guessing more than a few…million! And, okay, even I confess to occasionally letting my Instragam-fueled shooting frenzies lure me into the occasional daydream of becoming a globetrotting professional photographer. For graphic designer turned highly sought after commercial photographer, Nick Onken, though, that fantasy became a reality. Instead, he just went out and did it. “I was thinking about my next tattoo and what I would get. In this in-depth conversation, we’ll explore: “I would do it for free. Now, here’s my question for you: What’s your dream career? Share your thoughts in the comments below.