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The Infinity Burial Project

The Infinity Burial Project

Turkish Music Portal Through the history of Islamic civilization it has been chiefly the mystic sects (Sufis) which have been involved with music, used and defended it. The Sufis mention that mental and nervous disorders are cured by music. The great Turkish Islamic scientists and doctors Zekeriya Er-Razi (854-932), Farabi (870-950) and İbn Sina (980-1037) established scientific principles concerning musical treatment, especially of psychological disorders. In his book, “Musiki-ul-kebir,” Farabi attempted to set forth the relationship between music and physics and astronomy. Farabi also outlined the effects of the makams of Turkish music according to the times they were effective: The great Islamic thinker and philosopher Ibn Sina (980-1037) wrote that he gained much from Farabi’s works, and even learned music from him and applied it in his practice. According to Ibn Sina, “sound” was essential to our existence. Music Therapy Among the Selçuks and Ottomans

Kilts - UTILIKILTS Original The elder statesman of our Utilikilt line, the Original is lightweight, comfortable and comes with deep and functional side saddle cargo pockets. More Details Buy Now Mocker The Mocker is our answer to ubiquitous (and, should we add, tight and uncomfortable and wimpy and tremendously lame) Dockers® worn by white-collar workers all over the world. More Details Workmans Desk jockeys need not apply. More Details Survival If you fend off crocodiles for a living, spend most of your time trapped on desert islands or are planning on climbing a few mountains over the summer, the Survival is the Utilikilt you’ve been dreaming of. More Details Tuxedo There ain’t nothing classier than a fine Tuxedo model Utilikilt for that special occasion. More Details New Standard The New Standard is a completely new design (based on Utilikilts’ first design, The Standard) that is sleek and “Oh sooo suave”.

The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body Once you're dead - and you will be, before you know it - do you really want to spend the rest of eternity occupying a tiny plot of perfectly good land? Why? So your loved ones can lay flowers on it and dogs can come by and relieve themselves on your headstone later? Screw that. These days, there are all sorts of cool things you can get done with your remains, if you know where to shop. You can... Get Loaded Into Some Bullets When the husband of South London's Joanna Booth died, she did what we hope our loved ones do for us: she loaded his ashes into shotgun shells and killed every non-human thing in sight. Her husband, James, was an expert on vintage shotguns before he slipped into a food poison-induced coma for 18 months, subsequently passing away at the age of 50. See? Taking the joke several thousand steps too far, she went to a shotgun cartridge maker and had a little bit of James crammed into 275 12-gauge shotgun shells. "James would've wanted me to do this." Just Imagine... Like this.

Mycoremédiation Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Cette technologie environnementale fait partie des techniques dites de bioremédiation et est parfois classée parmi les techniques de phytoremédiation, improprement car les champignons ne sont pas des plantes. Quand il s'agit dépurer de l'eau, de l'air ou un autre fluide, on parlera plus précisément de mycofiltration. Étymologie[modifier | modifier le code] Le mot « mycoremédiation » est un néologisme créé par Paul Stamets à partir du grec « mycos» = champignon, et du latin « remedium » = rétablissement de l'équilibre, remédiation. Principe[modifier | modifier le code] La technique utilise deux des capacités des mycéliums capacité à intimement coloniser le sol, des cadavres, des excréments contaminés (tant que le contaminant n'est pas fongicide)sécrétion extracellulaire d'enzymes et d'acides capables de décomposer des molécules très stables telles que la lignine et la cellulose, les deux principales composantes de la fibre végétale.

Native Worship in American Prisons As stated by Lenny Foster, Director of the Navajo Nation Corrections, "The Paramount Native American human rights problem in American prisons today is the denial of their right to practice tribal religion." In recent months, Indian country has become increasingly concerned with this issue. Organizations such as the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) have issued resolutions addressing the growing infringements upon the religious liberty of Native prisoners. In addition, a group named the national Native American Prisoners' Rights Advocates Coalition (NNAPRAC) has recently been formed to request that the U.S. Attorney General take affirmative action to protect the free exercise of religion by Native American prisoners. Imprisonment is familiar way of life for large numbers of native Americans. Today, Native Americans are not "born free" like their ancestors from time immemorial. At one time there were no prisons in existence in North America.

The 7 Most Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries No professional position, aside from perhaps police officer and horny pizza delivery boy, is more frequently misrepresented in film than archaeologist. In movies, archaeologists are all dashing figures, risking life and limb in the pursuit of knowledge while arcane artifacts and ancient traps besiege their efforts. Or else they're perpetually opening sealed, cursed tombs and stumbling into the haunted caves of unspeakable evils in the name of science. But in reality, we all know archaeology is nothing like that. Obviously. It's way more terrifying. #7. Getty In 1886, Gaston Maspero, the head of the Egyptian Antiquities Service, was doing like he do -- just taking mummies out of their sarcophagi, unwrapping them, dictating all kinds of boring notes -- when he came across an unusually plain burial box. FlickrOr having the most horrific orgasms known to man. National Geographic Yep. darkdissolution"Not without my makeup!" #6. So what happened? You're welcome, Hollywood.

Best Free Drive Imaging Program Notwithstanding claims of others, I cannot pretend to be entirely unbiased in my reviews; indeed, an “unbiased human” is an oxymoron. While I am in the process of preparing a 2011 update, there are two points that I would like to mention: bells and whistles and the availability of reliable customer service. Whatever else developers claim their programs are capable of, those programs must be able to accomplish their end; the importance of how they get there is most often a matter of personal preference. Disk imaging has rapidly become a must have tool for most users because of its convenience, speed, and altogether ease of use. There are two different types of disk imaging programs, online and offline. The offline type are the programs that run in an alternative operating system such as MSDOS or Linux, to create and restore backup images while Windows is not running. Most applications offer different options for creating images.

American Indian Quotes Quotes • Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. ~ Ancient American Indian Proverb • What is life? • Certain things catch your eye, But pursue only those that capture your heart. ~ old indian saying • When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. • When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. • When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. ~ Cree Prophecy • Humankind has not woven the web of life. • I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself. ~ Isna-la-wica Teton Sioux

La Commune: a lesson in audacity | Agnès Poirier In France, the scandal surrounding Dominique Strauss-Kahn has unfortunately overshadowed a momentous celebration, the 140th anniversary of La Commune, mother of all rebellions. It only lasted two months and ultimately failed, yet its resonance has proved unequal, inspiring generations of thinkers, public policy makers, philosophers, economists and dreamers. La Commune started on 18 March 1871 and ended in a bloodbath on 28 May. With the first (1792-99) and the second (1848-52) republic as models, La Commune meant to go further. And it did, with the most audacious public policies France had ever known. Insurrection sprang from Paris to put an end to Napoleon III's second empire, which had declared war against Prussia three months earlier. While the country elected a conservative assembly, Paris voted for radical republican leftists. In Versailles, the government felt the heat coming from Paris and one night sent troops to get hold of 227 canons stored in Belleville and Montmartre.

Want to Simplify Your Life? Try a Uniform My high school hallways were like a fashion show catwalk. With my classmates carefully scrutinizing my outfits, I made sure my clothes were up to date, that I had the right sneakers, the right cuffs on my stonewashed jeans, the right collar shape on my Gap button-downs and so forth. I carefully rotated my wardrobe to make sure there were no repeated outfits in a given week. While no one ever accused me of not caring, no one cared that much either. Most people just don’t care that much about what we’re wearing. The world is filled with a profound number of choices, but studies show that having fewer–not more–choices may be the path to greater happiness. Rather than boring and imposed fashion, a uniform can be a great way to simplify your life and even express your style–there’s a reason Steve Jobs, one of the foremost design gurus of the last 100 years, wore the same outfit day in, day out. If you are interested in creating your own uniform, here are a few tips to get you started:

Hippies et Geeks, Même Combat ? « In loyalty to their kind they cannot tolerate our minds ~ In loyalty to our kind we cannot tolerate their obstruction »Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation Ce cri de guerre est plus que jamais d’actualité et pourrait figurer sur le fronton de Mutinerie, mais ne nous méprenons pas : un espace de coworking n’est pas une communauté hippie. La confusion est commune chez les profanes. Liberté, partage, communauté… ça nous rappelle quelque chose tout ça… et on voit comment ça a fini… Voici donc une petite mise au point. Le mouvement hippie est largement dominé par une défiance vis-à vis-de la modernité et des avancées technologiques. Les nouvelles technologies sont surtout appréhendées comme une menace à notre bien-être. Après les ravages de la seconde guerre mondiale, en pleine guerre du Vietnam, il est forcément difficile de louer un progrès technique qui sert surtout à tuer plus de gens plus facilement. La communauté optimale n’existe en fait qu’à un instant donné.

The Book of the Knife Never forget that you are meat. You have not spirit independent of your body and this world is all you will ever get. You do not have much time, and no time to waste. You have this life, no past life, no next life, no afterlife. You are not the pinnacle of evolution. You think with your brain, not with your mind. Who told you that you were good enough? Do not seek happiness. The king calls the rebel a villain. Your faith is frail and disloyal if you do not test it. Death should be be sad, but it need not be a tragedy. When somebody tells you to turn the other cheek, they are telling you to be an obedient slave. Genius is not measured by talent or intelligence or skill. genius is measured by accomplishment. You will never cease to fear as you step beyond you self. You have your life to live, not somebody else's. Why do you equate goodness with obedience? We must defy authority, because all authority is illegitimate. Something is not rendered true because you would prefer it to be so.