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Teaching Information Literacy Now

Teaching Information Literacy Now
Last week, a new study from Stanford University revealed that many students are inept at discerning fact from opinion when reading articles online. The report, combined with the spike in fake and misleading news during the 2016 election, has school librarians, including me, rethinking how we teach evaluation of online sources to our students. How can we educate our students to evaluate the information they find online when so many adults are sharing inaccurate articles on social media? While social media isn’t the only reason for the surge in fake news over the last 10 years, it’s certainly making it harder for information consumers of every age to sort through fact and fiction. Until now, I have taught web evaluation the same way every year: I start by introducing students to the CARS method of web evaluation (similar to the CRAAP test), using tools to evaluate credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and factual support. Rethinking how we teach evaluation Read laterally. Switch it up. Related:  Seek and Yee Shall Find!

Factitious - Fake news game US Newspapers Online News Headlines, World News, Current Events. Information Literacy Lessons Crucial in a Post-Truth World Why Librarians Are More Crucial Than Ever In the aftermath of the US presidential election, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to live in a post-truth world. I was shocked to read several accounts explaining that a majority of Americans receive their news via Facebook. “Trending stories” are highlighted in the right-hand margin of your Facebook page and serve as click bait. Since Facebook has already determined your political bias (check it out– it’s in your settings under US Politics), these stories play into each user’s biases and fears and are selected by algorithms, not people. Between 40-60% of Americans recently surveyed depend on social media as a news source. I wasn’t really aware of this problem of fake news until I read an op-ed in The New York Times. Teaching Information Literacy and How to Evaluate Websites Screenshot of Seeking the domain address via The Profound Importance of Teaching Information Literacy Help in Detecting Fake News

Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporting Craig Silverman is the founder of Emergent, a real-time rumor tracker and debunker. He was a fellow with the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, and is a leading expert on media errors, accuracy and verification. Craig is also the founder and editor of Regret the Error, a blog about media accuracy and the discipline of verification that is now a part of the Poynter Institute. He edited the Verification Handbook, previously served as director of content for Spundge, and helped launch OpenFile, an online local news startup that delivered community-driven reporting in six Canadian cities. Craig is also the former managing editor of PBS MediaShift and has been a columnist for The Globe And Mail, Toronto Star, and Columbia Journalism Review. He tweets at @craigsilverman. Rina Tsubaki leads and manages the "Verification Handbook" and "Emergency Journalism" initiatives at the European Journalism Centre in the Netherlands.

Getting it Right: Fact-Checking in the Digital Age Jane Elizabeth, a veteran journalist and adjunct professor at Old Dominion University, settled on a simple exercise to test her class on fact-checking a few semesters back. She gave her students a news story and told them to identify the parts of the article that a thorough fact checker would work to verify. As she flipped through the finished assignments, Elizabeth noticed each student made the same error. “They forgot to circle the quotes,” she said. Now Elizabeth and a group of colleagues are out to rectify such misconceptions and lackluster practices with their work for American Press Institute’s fact-checking project. One goal of the project, Elizabeth said, is to help journalists fight misinformation entering the 2016 election season. Fact-checking journalism has gained steam in recent years as the Internet both fuels the need for it by allowing misinformation to spread faster and spawns new tools to combat it through crowdsourcing and automation. Most False Tweets Go Uncorrected

Social Media Superstar Finalists Announced! Acknowledging the role social media plays in school library promotion, AASL has launched a new recognition program – Social Media Superstars. Nominated and endorsed by their peers, the program will recognize school library professionals who enrich the profession and its work on behalf of students by sharing information, expertise, ideas, encouragement, dialog and inspiration widely via a variety of social media channels. After an open nomination period, the Social Media Recognition Task Force is proud to announce the following finalists in each category. Through April 14, members of the school library community and the public are invited to post endorsements of their personal superstar by leaving a comment on each category’s post. After April 14, the Social Media Recognition Task Force will consider the endorsements and the original nominations and select an overall Superstar for each category. We want to hear from you! Sensational Student Voice Advocacy Ambassador Tech Troubadour

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