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iPhone – iPhoneclub – de grootste Apple iPhone blog in Nederland

iPhone – iPhoneclub – de grootste Apple iPhone blog in Nederland

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NASA and Japan Unleash World's Best Topographic Map of Earth [PICS] NASA and Japan have published a new version of the world's most complete digital topographic map. It could potentially help people across the globe plan highways, search for natural resources and protect lands with cultural or environmental significance. Using images taken aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft, the free online map now features improved spatial resolution, increased horizontal and vertical accuracy, more realistic coverage over water bodies and the ability to identify lakes as small as 0.6 miles in diameter. The map, often referred to as a global digital elevation model, is an update of the one released in 2009.

4G Dataverbruik: Hoeveel MB heb ik nodig? - Het hoge dataverbruik van 4G komt regelmatig ter sprake. “Hoeveel MB heb ik nodig?” is daarom een logische vraag. Veel mensen zijn heel snel door hun databundel heen. Maar, dit komt niet door 4G zelf. Wel door de manier waarop we het gebruiken. iPhone and iPad Blog: Apps, News, and Rumors Auxo 2, the followup to 2012’s popular jailbreak tweak Auxo, is now available in the Cydia Store. The product of developers @Sentry_NC and QusicS, the new tweak includes a number of features including a unified view for the Control Center and app switcher, a Quick Switcher for moving between apps using gestures, a hot corners feature that allows access to apps by touching the corners of an iOS device, and more. Unlike the stock iOS 7 experience, Auxo 2 allows users to access the app switcher, multitasking controls, and Control Center toggles entirely with the use of gestures, all while combining all three elements into one interface and offering a variety of settings for customization. Auxo 2’s flagship feature is the Quick Switcher, which allows users to switch between apps by swiping from the bottom left of a device and releasing a finger on an open app.

One Per Cent: Home Michael Reilly and Niall Firth, technology editors From video games to solar power, from social media to lots and lots and lots of brilliant robots, we've seen it all here at One Per Cent. Now, after more than two years, the time has come for our trusty technology blog to hang up its hat and call it a day. The Ultimate Guide to Solving iPhone Battery Drain I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short iPhone battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone had iPhone battery drain. I made it my mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage. iOS 5 Beta 3: The Features Keep Coming ~ LockerGnome iPhone and iPad Recently, Apple seeded iOS 5 Beta 3 to developers, and aside from the obvious speed, stability, and battery life improvements, Apple is continuing to add small features and tweaks to the OS ahead of its fall release. While obviously still a beta, this release has definitely come a long way, and would be the first one I would use on a “daily driver” device. There are obviously still some bugs, mostly in third-party apps, but overall it seems like iOS 5 is getting close to finished up and we will see a release in the earlier part of fall rather than the later part. Here’s what we’ve noticed so far. Accessibility Controls Point to Buttonless Future Hidden away in the Accessibility settings menu is the ability to turn on the menu, which can be used to bypass every button on the device except the power button. Auteur: Thijs J.H. Vlugt Een sinaasappelverkoper wil zoveel mogelijk sinaasappels kunnen meenemen in zijn bestelbusje als hij naar de markt gaat. Hij zal proberen zijn dozen zo handig mogelijk te vullen. Nu is een sinaasappel rond, maar ook niet-ronde voorwerpen (bijvoorbeeld ongekookte spaghetti, aardappels, komkommers) willen we vaak handig stapelen. De vorm van het voorwerp heeft ook invloed op de vorm van de stapel.

Five tips to speed up your Mac - CNET The only place I like seeing a beach ball is at a beach or in a stadium during a baseball game or concert. The one place I least like to see a beach ball is on my aging MacBook Pro, where the spinning beach ball has become an altogether too familiar a sight. If your Mac has become frustratingly slow, there are a number of ways you can speed it up again. The Best iPhone And iPad Apps Of The Year 2011 From a previous review we wrote: "Scribblenauts may look like a children's game, but it's actually one of the most ingenious and brilliant games ever made. In Scribblenauts, you're presented with various challenges. For each challenge, you must type in one or more words. The game brings those words to life (somehow), and helps you complete the challenge.

Science is Everything Pancreatic acinar cell. Transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of a section through an enzyme-secreting acinar cell in the human pancreas, showing the nucleus (dark purple, centre), rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER, green lines, top), and zymogen granules (circles), which contain the inactive forms of digestive enzymes. These enzymes are released from the cell by exocytosis. They pass into the pancreatic duct system and are delivered into the duodenum in the gut, where they are converted into their active state. Various locally acting hormones arising from the gut stimulate the production of this pancreatic enzyme-rich fluid.

Versleutel je harddisk in 10 stappen Op onze harde schijven staat veel informatie die we niet met de buitenwereld willen delen. Als je echt wilt voorkomen dat anderen toegang krijgen tot jouw vertrouwelijke data, versleutel dan de gehele harde schijf met DiskCryptor. Vertrouwelijke gegevens kun je weliswaar met Windows-eigen methoden afschermen, denk aan ntfs-machtigingen, maar zo’n beveiliging stelt eigenlijk niet veel voor. In de meeste gevallen volstaat het de pc met bijvoorbeeld een live Linux-cd op te starten om de beveiliging te omzeilen en alsnog toegang te krijgen tot de data.

FSMdotCOM 12 Alternatives to Rohos Disk Encryption – TopAlternativeTo Rohos Disk Encryption is a fast and powerful application that helps you create secure virtual drives of any size on your PC or a flash device. It stores your important files on a virtual drive that is both hidden and password protected from prying eyes. This program offers to manage virtual drives and requires administrator privileges.