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How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education - TNW Industry

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education - TNW Industry
As connection speeds increase and the ubiquity of the Internet pervades, digital content reigns. And in this era, free education has never been so accessible. The Web gives lifelong learners the tools to become autodidacts, eschewing exorbitant tuition and joining the ranks of other self-taught great thinkers in history such as Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Paul Allen and Ernest Hemingway. “Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” 10 years ago in April 2001, Charles M. He says, “I think there’s a wide array of reasons why faculty should be engaged in recording and publishing lectures online. So. Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May. Both Yale and Stanford have followed suit, and even Harvard has jumped on board in the last two years. The world’s encyclopedia is as weightless, free and instantly accessible as Wikipedia, which is quickly gaining legitimacy in the education sphere. Open Culture

Open Culture When Less Information Is More: Why Vague Feedback Helps Weight Loss We are on a never ending quest for precise information. Just take the bathroom scale as an example. Several years ago we were happy to stand on the scale and get an estimate of how many pounds we weighed plus or minus ½ pound or so. Now, we can buy scales that give us feedback about our weight, % body fat and even hydration levels to three decimal places out. The more specific the information, the more in control we are, and the better we will be at managing our weight and reaching our health goals . As it happens, when you get precise information about how much you weigh, it forces you to be objective about your expectations for future weight loss success. To demonstrate the benefits of vagueness, researcher Himanshu Mishra and colleagues at the University of Utah asked volunteers interested in losing weight to participate in a three week health program. Some folks were told precisely what their HHI was and how it compared to the ideal.

An Open Web Is Video Marketing the Future of Education? The Internet makes our world smaller and our classrooms larger. Have you noticed the rise in online degrees? That’s the university system using a digital format to educate students in certain fields. What the Internet does for education can be groundbreaking, depending on how we use it. Online tutoring with Professor KhanLivestreaming your education events with Sid and Sam Generation YouTube 20/20 recently aired Generation YouTube, highlighting all types of YouTube superstars including moms, recent college grads, singers and performers, as well as educators like Sal Khan. Khan takes 10 to 15 minutes per video and breaks down arithmetic (from Math 1 all the way up to calculus) and the sciences (including biology, chemistry and physics). But what about your business? Here’s another model. Live Education Organizations like HandsOn University, Technology Councils of North America and the Georgia Center for NonProfits are starting to stream their events live online. What could you teach online?

OER Glue Best of Our Blogs: May 13, 2011 Marketers are so good at making it sound like your problems will disappear with a sweep of their magic wand. It could be a pill, the perfect exercise machine, skin cream, a juicer or the latest gadget to cure whatever ails you. And we want to buy into the magic. It’s so easy to want to believe that life’s greatest issues can be cured with a single product or belief. But in most cases, real change takes hard work-deep in the trenches kind of hard. Sometimes we’re not ready to face that change. Are you going through this now? Work: How to Use Our Computers to Plug into Mindfulness (Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – If you’re flipping through multiple windows while checking your email and reading this post, you’re probably using technology to waste time. A Dozen Ways to Betray Your Partner (Always Learning) – You can do more harm to your relationship than just cheat on your partner. How to Piece Together an Attitude for Success (Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Want to be successful?

Free-textbooks project helps SA AN innovative education project has enabled the government to print more than 2.4 -million free maths and science textbooks for a nominal cost. The project also allows pupils from Grade 10 to 12 to download the books free - and provides videos and presentations that they can source via the internet or on their cellphones. The textbooks are written by an army of volunteers, many of whom are PhDs , and are provided free of charge to schools. The initiative - called Siyavula - is the brainchild of Mark Horner, 35. Horner's project is a labour of love that began in 2002 when he ran a project with graduate students at the University of Cape Town. He then started Siyavula - which means "we are opening" in Nguni. Now it costs government only R40 to print and distribute one of these textbooks, whereas previously the Department of Basic Education had to fork out R150 a book. The ground-breaking project used a legal framework that allows content to be licensed and used free of charge.

Is Real Educational Reform Possible? If So, How? From the dawn of institutionalized schooling until now there have always been reformers, who want to modify the way schooling is done. For the most part, such reformers can be scaled along what might be called a liberal-conservative, or progressive-traditionalist, continuum. At one end are those who think that children learn best when they are happy, have choices, study material that is directly meaningful to them, and, in general, are permitted some control over what and how they learn. At the other end are those who think that children learn best when they are firmly directed and guided, by authoritative teachers who know better than children what to learn and how to learn it. Over time there has been regular back-and-forth movement of the educational pendulum along this continuum. The pendulum never moves very far before it is pushed back in the other direction, because neither type of reform works. What do I mean by real educational reform? The most important condition is freedom.

Sitting pretty Take one industrial designer renowned for his innovative approach and one manufacturer heralded for its environmental policy and the result is something rather ground breaking - the SAYL office chair. During its design process Yves Behar, founder of San Francisco-based design firm fuseproject, together with the development team at Herman Miller, scrutinised every part of the chair to ensure that it would be the lightest, strongest and most sustainable possible. Certainly its most innovative feature is the full suspension back, which is literally frameless. Although Herman Miller has been environmentally aware since it was first founded in Michigan in 1905, it was in 2000 that it publicly stated its intention to become a sustainable business. The ‘cradle to cradle’ paradigm is modelled on nature where nothing goes to waste; one organism’s waste is another’s food. “I started looking at ways that you could have a tower system that could essentially carry loads. 1. 11.