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Mobile Cloud Backend as a Service

Mobile Cloud Backend as a Service
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App Maker - Make an app with Conduit Mobile With our wide range of features, you can create a custom app no matter what your niche: restaurant, realtor, business, rock band, and all the rest! Make Money Promote Your Business Share Your Content Manage Your App Data | Personal data for sale NYU ITP graduate student Federico Zannier collected data about himself — online browsing, location, and keystrokes — for his thesis. As he dug into personal data more and looked closer at company privacy policies, he wondered what it might be like if individuals profited from their own data. That is, companies make money using the data we passively generate while we browse and use applications and visit sites. What if individuals owned that data and were able to sell it? Enter Zannier's Kickstarter campaign to sell his own data for $2 per day of activity. I started looking at the terms of service for the websites I often use. Clearly this is more of a statement and conversation starter, but what if? There's about a week left in the campaign, and it's well past the goal.

Time Tracking and Invoicing Software Pricing Questions? We can help. Do you offer any special pricing? For all accounts, we offer a 10% discount when paying for the year in advance. Use our pricing calculator to get a quick quote for your organization, or reach out to us at for more information. How do I sign up for the free plan? Can Harvest create a purchase order before payment? Can I pay for Harvest and Forecast together? 31Three jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile Psychology | The Trauma & Mental Health Report

StackMob Ratchets Up The Competition: Makes API Calls Free, Launches A Marketplace For Third-Party Mobile Services StackMob, an end-to-end development platform for mobile applications, is today announcing the launch of the StackMob Marketplace for third-party services, as well as changes to its pricing structure for API calls. StackMob is now making API calls free. This latter news will impact the competitive landscape, which includes startups like Parse, Kinvey and others, all of which have traditionally charged developers as API calls increase alongside an app’s popularity. Today, developers have to have an understanding of how many API calls they make, and if an app becomes really successful, developers are penalized for that with increased pricing. According to StackMob CEO Ty Amell, this isn’t really all that fair, explaining that it doesn’t matter to StackMob how many API calls the app makes – the cost to them doesn’t really go up. That’s where today’s second announcement comes in.

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