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Ancient World

Ancient World
home | 1000 BCE to 500 CE | 6th-15th centuries | 16-17th centuries | 18-19th centuries Billions of Years – from the earth's beginning to human species Dinosaurs, Birds, and Survival – a focus on the Triasic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods Genes, Aging and Evolution – creature biologies Biology, the Brain and History – distribution of differences among humans Origins of War – beginning with tribal raiding

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Trireme This article is about ancient warships. For the venture capital firm, see Trireme Partners. A trireme (derived from Latin: triremis[1] "with three banks of oars;" Ancient Greek: τριήρης triērēs,[2] literally "three-rower") was an ancient vessel and a type of galley that was used by the ancient maritime civilizations of the Mediterranean, especially the Phoenicians, ancient Greeks and Romans.[3][4] The term is sometimes also used to refer to medieval and early modern galleys with three files of oarsmen per side as triremes.[7] Mark Zuckerberg tells 8th graders "theres no shortcuts" and to... When I graduated from eighth grade, my class got a pizza party. When the students at Belle Haven Middle School in Menlo Park, Calif. graduated, they got Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, or Mark Zuckerman, as the principal accidentally introduced him as, spoke at the eighth-grade graduation relaying some of the most important life lessons he’s learned during his 27 years on this planet.

Timeline of Failed Predicitions What I especially love about bad predictions and prophets of doom is that they both highlight the danger of extrapolating from a single trend or from seeing the world with a single lens. In other words they use critically false assumptions. They assume that things will always go on as they are or fail to foresee the impact of new events or innovations. There is also the problem of groupthink.

India's Living Root Bridges In Northeastern India, where it's nice and wet, bridges aren't built -- they're grown! The living bridges of Cherrapunji, India are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. This tree produces a series of secondary roots from higher up its trunk and can comfortably perch atop huge boulders along the riverbanks, or even in the middle of the rivers themselves. Prehistory of Transylvania The Prehistory of Transylvania describes what can be learned about the region known as Transylvania through archaeology, anthropology, comparative linguistics and other allied sciences. Transylvania proper is a plateau or tableland in northwest central Romania. It is bounded and defined by the Carpathian Mountains to the east and south, and the Apuseni Mountains to the west. As a diverse and relatively protected region, the area has always been rich in wildlife, and remains one of the more ecologically diverse areas in Europe.

40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune Welcome Stumbled Upon & Delicious Users: You may also want to check out our 180+ Best Money Saving Tools. Traveling doesn't have to break the bank (in fact, you can travel for free), and there are plenty of places that'll help you find the best vacation for your budget. Get discounts and the insider scoop with these great resources. Don't forget to ask for free travel upgrades. (See also: 5 Essential Travel Tools) Genealogy of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor - RoyaList Online Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor is in a shaded box in the centre column : you may need to scroll down to see this, or just click here. To make efficient use of screen space, the family tree is presented vertically instead of in the normal horizontal format. If sufficient information is available in the database, the tree contains 5 generations: from the grandparents of the selected person in the left-most column, to the person's grandchildren/grandnephews/grandnieces in the right-most column.

Tree Houses! From the past into the future... Tree Houses! From the past into the future... In the future, will we give back the land to native plants and animals and live up in the trees? Hovering aircraft are available now, we just need to wait for the clean energy versions. If we compost our waste, give up plastics and petroleum, grow hydrophonically...what would our new footprint be? The Treehouse Book by Peter Nelson

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