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Cinema4D Dynamics A wooden world… It has been a while since the release of Cinema4D r12 and I must apologise for the lack of blog posts. To be honest, I’ve been absolutely snowed under with work. Lots of really great projects that will hopefully be online at the Luxx website as soon as I have time to update it. Exclusive! I worked with TWP on a long piece that is all about a wooden world for GE Fleet Card. Jellyfish Spent a few weeks with the lovely people over at MTV Networks Australia working on their promo for the Aria’s. Pollution! In between all of this creative mayhem, I’ve been planning and recording my next set of training. I’m in the process of proofing all of the new tutorials and will be sending out a few teasers soon. In the mean time I have been digging about in my hard drive to find some interesting presets to share… I posted this Thinking Particles preset earlier today and I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks. Have fun!

egg wood' space A little After Effects magic for a scene produced at BRIKK for Svenska Kraftnät. A style frame for an upcoming animation I am currently working on with Daniel Isedal. the c4d base Fric Martínez :) Visual Music Creation LAB 72dpi UbuWeb Free Art Bureau Cybernetics, Art & Ideas. J.Reichardt “One thing that foreigners, computers and poets have in common, is that they make unexpected linguistic associations.” »> PDF link to preface. THE ORGAN | The Organ 'zine; music, art, underculture… Pixel Piñata Ars Thanea Blog