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Jobs on SEEK - New Zealand's no.1 Employment, Career and Recruitment site

Jobs on SEEK - New Zealand's no.1 Employment, Career and Recruitment site

Traveling jobs: 22 ideas to make money for your trips - Nomad TraveLLerS Category: Budget Travel Published on 09-May-2013 Written by Davide Vadalà What if inside your backpack, you could pack also your working place, transforming it into a traveling job? combination that best fits our needs, but we hope to give you at least some good inspiration and nice ideas to raise money! 1) Sell your stuff The first easy trick, that doesn't even require to be employed, is to sell everything that you don't need anymore. 2) Do you own an apartment? Well if you own an apartment, you don't even need more ideas to make money, you already won the jackpot! 3) Ordinary Jobs An ordinary job is still the easiest of the ways to make money for your trips: just work for some months in your country, try to save as much as you can, give up on going out, drinking, smoking and accumulating useless objects, and then you'll be ready to raise enough funds to leave. Jobs that require travel Hurtigruten Cruise ship in Norway4) Work on a Cruise ship 5) Are you a street artist? 9) Tourist guide

Installing and Configuring Nagios Ubuntu 11.04 « The Tech Tutorial Nagios is the Industry Standard Network Monitoring Engine. OK great so what’s that mean, well Nagios is a server that monitors your hosts and services and will inform you if something goes wrong and when it is fixed again. It can monitor network services, host resources and even network probes such as temperature and moisture. These features as well as many more make Nagios, by far, the most complete open-source Network Monitoring tool on the market, however with all these features comes complexity and Nagios has obviously been designed with the experienced Network Administrator in mind. But don’t worry too much, its not that difficult to learn as long as you take it one step at a time, and in today’s tutorial we’re going to look at the first step, actually getting it installed So let’s get started, the first thing we need to install in LAMP as this is the base in which runs, simply type in the following command in your terminal and follow the onscreen commands: ADDR]/nagios3/

Home | Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu Broken Luggage | Advice on Immigrating to New Zealand. Installing Nagios on Ubuntu Server 11.10 then Monitoring Windows and Exchange Servers–Part 1–Configuring Ubuntu for the Installation of Nagios Core… — [ NOTE: ] This part has been updated to reflect some suggestions from readers of the site. Sections that have changed are: Installing Nagios Core – added the sed commands before the “Make” process, this fixes an issue with the Make file which prevents the Nagios home page from being displayed, as well as some issues with the RSS feed – many thanks to Michael for pointing this out, and Simon Krenger for the actual fix.I have also changed the Verifying Nagios Permissions section to reflect Michael’s suggestions – this fixes an issue when trying to schedule a service recheck which is related to permissions on the “nagios.cmd” file.I have also removed the suggestion for an FTP server within the configuration – in essence you should be using SSH transfers via FileZilla. Every now and then I like to ramble off and do something with a technology that I would not normally blog about, which also I am by no means an expert in – as it is a learning experience and can be fun!. sudo apt-get update .

Gallivant | The Travel Guide For Guys Cómo Instalar NAGIOS 3 en Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) | Base Conocimientos JM How To install NAGIOS 3 in Ubuntu 10,04(Lucid Lynx) Nagios es una aplicación para monitoreo de equipos de Red, con Desarrollo Open-Source, por lo tanto podemos instalarlo sin necesidad de comprar algún tipo de licenciamiento. Una de las ventajas de este software, es que nos permite monitorear dispositivos a través de los servicios que estos estan corriendo, como es el caso de, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, PING, etc. En otras guías que hemos desarrollado en este sitio, hemos explicado como hacer monitoreo de equipos a través de herramientas basadas en SNMP. Aunque Nagios tambien soporta implementaciones por SNMP, en este caso, la guía estará orientada a la instalación del mismo, y a monitorear dispositivos basandonos en los servicios. Una vez tenemos definido el servidor en el cual instalaremos el Nagios, asumimos que ya está instalada la distribución de Ubuntu. Para la instalación de Nagios, se necesita también tener instalado apache2 y postfix . Paso a paso: Paso 1 : Instalación de Nagios

Computer-assisted translation Computer-assisted translation, computer-aided translation or CAT is a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process. Computer-assisted translation is sometimes called machine-assisted, or machine-aided, translation (not to be confused with machine translation). Overview[edit] The automatic machine translation systems available today are not able to produce high-quality translations unaided: their output must be edited by a human to correct errors and improve the quality of translation. Some advanced computer-assisted translation solutions include controlled machine translation (MT). Range of tools[edit] Computer-assisted translation is a broad and imprecise term covering a range of tools, from the fairly simple to the complicated. Concepts[edit] Translation memory software[edit] Such programs split the source text into manageable units known as "segments". Language search-engine software[edit] See also[edit]

Instalar Nagios en Ubuntu Hoy vamos a explicar cómo instalar Nagios en Ubuntu. Nagios es un sistema de monitorización de redes de código abierto. Vigila los equipos (hardware) y servicios (software) especificados, alertando cuando el comportamiento de los mismos no sea el deseado. Para instalar Nagios en Ubuntu lo primero que debemos hacer es descargar los archivos de la página oficial de Nagios en este caso vamos a instalar la versión 3.2.1. También podéis descargarlos por línea de comandos: wget wget Si quieres leer el resto del manual para instalar Nagios en Ubuntu sigue leyendo. Paso 1 - Prerrequisitos Antes de empezar a instalar Nagios en Ubuntu es necesario instalar otro paquetes, es posible que ya tengas instalado algunos de estos paquetes: Instalamos PHP:sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 Instalamos GCC:sudo apt-get install build-essential

Translation memory A translation memory, or TM, is a database that stores "segments", which can be sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list) that have previously been translated, in order to aid human translators. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”. Individual words are handled by terminology bases and are not within the domain of TM. Software programs that use translation memories are sometimes known as translation memory managers (TMM). Translation memories are typically used in conjunction with a dedicated computer assisted translation (CAT) tool, word processing program, terminology management systems, multilingual dictionary, or even raw machine translation output. Research indicates that many companies producing multilingual documentation are using translation memory systems. Using translation memories[edit] Main benefits[edit] Main obstacles[edit] Off-line functions[edit]