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OtherTees - Let the Magic Begin by SOULTHROW - 7.5£ / 9€ / 12$ / 35zł

OtherTees - Let the Magic Begin by SOULTHROW - 7.5£ / 9€ / 12$ / 35zł
Fabric: 100% Cotton Jersey Weight: 150 g/m2 Preshrunk Jersey knit Deluxe 30's Soft style yarns How to Get the perfect size ? Grab your favourite shirt, lay it flat and measure it's width and length just like shown on the picture. If you're between two sizes you should probably go for the larger one as shirts have tendency to shrink 1-2 cm over time ! This sizing chart is approximate. Sizes may vary +/- 3cm

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ArwendeImladris Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Qwertee Wondermark » Archive » #557; The Masters of Tea I went to lunch today at a new market-slash-sandwich place that just opened in my neighborhood. It was really good! The market (and neighborhood) is the type to offer fancy organic cold-pressed juice for eleven dollars and artisanal almond milk that comes in something that looks like baby food jars, so when I got this fork to eat my side salad with, at first I wasn’t sure if it was something exotic and fancy: I used the strange fork to eat my salad and was pleased to find that it worked really well! The tiny serrations on the tip helped spear the individual salad leaves very securely. “Aha,” I thought, “someone has improved upon the simple fork!”

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We Go Anywhere But To The Ground, a sherlock fanfic This fic is a monster. I started writing it a few days after Reichenbach aired, and just couldn't seem to stop. WARNINGS: Thoughts of suicide. Attempted suicide. (Temporary) Major Character death. Goodjoe Kamen Rider Kiva [Re-Post] Reunions, Rowdiness and Phone Calls, a sherlock fanfic Title: Reunions, Rowdiness and Phone Calls Author: starjenni Disclaimer: Not mine! Pairings: Sherlock and John gen, but it can always be slashed. Warnings: Most probably OOC John, but that's because he's pissed as a newt.

TeeBusters Kamen Rider Den-O [Re-Post] Kosmopolitańczykowianeczka Napisało takie pismo, którego imienia nie zdradzę za nic w świecie, co następuje: „100 najlepszych seksrad roku”. Pomijam już fakt, że samo nowe słowo „seksrad” kojarzy się z jakimś sztucznie wytworzonym pierwiastkiem. Zapewne promieniotwórczym. To leci tak: 1.

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