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Network Analysis And Visualization

Network Analysis And Visualization
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HyperTree Java Library How to Make an Interactive Network Visualization Networks! They are all around us. The universe is filled with systems and structures that can be organized as networks. Recently, we have seen them used to convict criminals, visualize friendships, and even to describe cereal ingredient combinations. We can understand their power to describe our complex world from Manuel Lima's wonderful talk on organized complexity. In this tutorial, we will focus on creating an interactive network visualization that will allow us to get details about the nodes in the network, rearrange the network into different layouts, and sort, filter, and search through our data. In this example, each node is a song. Try out the visualization on different songs to see how the different layouts and filters look with the different graphs. Technology This visualization is a JavaScript based web application written using the powerful D3 visualization library. jQuery is also used for some DOM element manipulation. Quick CoffeeScript Notes Functions Indentation matters

Announcements — IPython Aharef: Websites as graphs Everyday, we look at dozens of websites. The structure of these websites is defined in HTML, the lingua franca for publishing information on the web. Your browser's job is to render the HTML according to the specs (most of the time, at least). HTML consists of so-called tags, like the A tag for links, IMG tag for images and so on. I've used some color to indicate the most used tags in the following way: blue: for links (the A tag)red: for tables (TABLE, TR and TD tags)green: for the DIV tagviolet: for images (the IMG tag)yellow: for forms (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION tags)orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes (BR, P, and BLOCKQUOTE tags)black: the HTML tag, the root nodegray: all other tags Here I post a couple of screenshots, and I plan to make the app available as an applet, so that anybody can look at their websites in a new way. Update: Here it is: As always, simplicity rules at Apple's website.

jGraph Cartographier vos informations avec Gephi Aujourd’hui, je vais vous présenter un outil très puissant d’analyse de l’information, le logiciel Gephi. Cet outil va vous permettre de représenter sous forme de cartographie des données brutes et de les analyser. Les experts disent que cet outil est à l’analyse de l’information ce que Photoshop est à la retouche d’image : C’est un outil complexe, mais donnant des résultats impressionnants. Gephi est encore assez peu connu en France, et qui est utilisé par des experts en entreprise. Mon objectif est donc de vous présenter cet outil en le simplifiant au maximum et en centralisant les informations qui vous seront nécessaires pour l’utiliser. Partie 1 : Un descriptif des informations que l’on peut tirer de cet outil : Concrètement que peut apporter en entreprise la cartographie de données, et quelles informations peut-on en retirer ? Pour avoir un exemple complet et expliqué, vous pouvez directement lire l’exemple sur Facebook Avec les informations que je vais fournir, vous allez pouvoir :

Graphviz | Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software Data Visualization: Modern Approaches Data presentation can be beautiful, elegant and descriptive. There is a variety of conventional ways to visualize data – tables, histograms, pie charts and bar graphs are being used every day, in every project and on every possible occasion. However, to convey a message to your readers effectively, sometimes you need more than just a simple pie chart of your results. In fact, there are much better, profound, creative and absolutely fascinating ways to visualize data. Many of them might become ubiquitous in the next few years. So what can we expect? Let’s take a look at the most interesting modern approaches to data visualization as well as related articles, resources and tools. 1. Trendmap 20071 Informationarchitects.jp3 presents the 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective in a mindmap. 2. Newsmap4 is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator. 3. 4. 5. 6.

JUNG Java Universal Network/Graph Framework All examples require JDK 1.4.x or better; Jung2 demos require JDK 1.5.x or better; ensure you have a recent Java plugin installed. Note: If you have installed a new JRE version over an old one, make sure you update your plug-in settings so that your browser uses the correct JRE. In Windows XP/NT/2k/9x, go to Start→Control Panel→Java Plug-in→Advanced and choose the latest version of the JRE from the drop-down list. Jung-2.0 Demos WorldMapGraphDemo The background image transforms along with the graph. AnimatingAddNodeDemo The old AddNodeDemo, but with animated transitions ShowLayouts2 The old ShowLayouts demo, but with animated transitions Tree Node Collapse Demo Demonstrates how to hide/show children of tree nodes. Vertex Collapse Demo Demonstrates how to collapse vertices into a single vertex Label As Vertex Demo Demonstrates how to use the vertex labels as the vertex shape. Annotations Demo Demonstrates an annotations layer for a graph.

ABC du Mind Mapping - Cours de cartes conceptuelles, cartes heuristiques, cartes des idées Une carte conceptuelle (ou schéma conceptuel, concept map en anglais), dont les variantes sont la mind map, carte des idées ou carte heuristique, est un diagramme qui représente les liens entre différents concepts. Elle peut être également appelée schéma de pensée, carte mentale, arbre à idées ou topogramme. La différence entre une carte heuristique et une carte conceptuelle est que cette dernière relie un ensemble de concepts entre eux par des lignes orientées et qualifiées (est un composant de.., favorise). Ces cours en diapositives animées, vidéo, ppt, pdf et ces cartes conceptuelles sont distribués sous licence Creative Commons : à condition de me citer et de mettre un lien vers cette page, vous pouvez les réutiliser ou les modifier dans un cadre non-commercial, mais vous devez ensuite les publier aux mêmes conditions. - Cours de mind mapping en vidéo - En pdf et pptx - Comment organiser/animer un Brainstorming en diapos, pdf et pptx - Par Patrick Duval en pdf et au format VUE,