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Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret The millions of dots on the map trace highways, side streets and bike trails — each one following the path of an anonymous cellphone user. One path tracks someone from a home outside Newark to a nearby Planned Parenthood, remaining there for more than an hour. Another represents a person who travels with the mayor of New York during the day and returns to Long Island at night. Yet another leaves a house in upstate New York at 7 a.m. and travels to a middle school 14 miles away, staying until late afternoon each school day.

Installation/Setup/Configuration: MoCA Setup and Info A Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) network Enables you to send information through the existing coaxial (coax) cable in your homeThis gives you both your television programming and Internet content through the same coax cable making MoCA perfect for transferring and streaming media between TiVo devices Helpful links: If you want to know more about MoCA and your TiVo, see our MoCA FAQ.For step-by-step instructions in setting up TiVo with MoCA, see our MoCA connection page MoCA Requirements You must have all the necessary equipment below (click for reference) Which TiVo devices can use MoCA? NSA using Browser Cookies to track Tor Users Yesterday a new classified NSA document was leaked by Edward Snowden - titled ‘Tor Stinks’ in which ideas were being kicked around for identifying Tor users or degrading the user experience to dissuade people from using the Tor browser. The NSA had a very hard time while tracking down all Tor users and monitoring their traffic, especially since Tor servers are all over the world, but they make tracking easier by adopting the following techniques: By running their own hostile Tor nodesUsing zero-day vulnerability of Firefox browserBy tracking user' browser Cookies Tor access node tracking is not new and the Document says that both the NSA and GCHQ run Tor nodes themselves. In order to trace traffic back to a particular Tor user the NSA needs to know the ‘entry, relay and exit’ nodes in the anonymizer cloud between the user and the destination website. In another method, NSA is using web cookies to track Tor user widely.

China’s Internet Is Flowering. And It Might Be Our Future. The HeyTea shop in the Chaoyang district of Beijing is an expression of svelte minimalism, its LED lettering and black tiles giving off a vaguely retro vibe. On a recent weekend, one of the last truly warm days of early fall, the location was full of upmarket customers — families with strollers, Gen Z-ers in knockoff Supreme streetwear — enjoying the popular cheese tea. On the front facade, right by the door, an illustration of a hand holding a phone displayed a two-dimensional bar code, or QR code. “Scan the code to avoid lines,” a sign read.

Illegal sports streaming: Inside the billion-dollar heist On a frosty winter evening with downtown Chicago’s bustle subsiding outside his shuttered apartment window, a 24-year-old man whom we’ll call Johnny is about to cheat the NBA. He is slouching on a sofa in silence, scrolling aimlessly through social media, when Twitter erupts. Thousands of miles away, LeBron James is cooking. Rockets-Lakers is thawing. Machine Learning is Fun Part 6: How to do Speech Recognition with Deep Learning Update: This article is part of a series. Check out the full series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8! You can also read this article in 普通话 , 한국어, Tiếng Việt or Русский. Speech recognition is invading our lives. It’s built into our phones, our game consoles and our smart watches.

Radar Basics Bistatic Radar Sets Figure 1: two radar sets co-operate bistatically: the second radar receives the returns of the first one. Generally, the transmitter and receiver share a common antenna, which is called a monostatic radar system. A bistatic radar consists of separately located (by a considerable distance) transmitting and receiving sites. Therefore, a monostatic Doppler radar can be upgraded easily with a bistatic receiver system or (by use of the same frequency) two monostatic radars are working like a bistatic radar.

LTE (telecommunication) - Wikipedia Adoption of LTE technology Countries and regions with commercial LTE service Countries and regions with commercial LTE network deployment on-going or planned Countries and regions with LTE trial systems (pre-commitment) Telia-branded Samsung LTE modem