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Free Knitting Patterns - Knitting

Free Knitting Patterns - Knitting

Free Knitting & Crochet  Patterns With Crystal Palace Yarns retirement we are no longer keeping the several hundred free knitting patterns on the web site. But, the Wayback Machine at has the history of Straw Into Gold's web site back to its beginnings in 1995! Fill in the blank at the top of the archive with "" and choose a year from 2015 and earlier from the calendars. Then go to Patterns or Patterns sorted by Yarn Type to look for patterns.

e-Patterns Central oladham Make Your Last Minute Holiday Cards with Microsoft Word :: Mysti So the presents are wrapped, but all of your family members are coming over in a few days and you didn’t pick out nice cards… but never fear, you can whip out Microsoft Word and impress the relatives with a customized card for each person, or just go with the generic standby for everybody. Note: You can print off cards on regular paper if you want, but they won’t look quite as nice – best to grab some greeting card paper from the local office supply store. I’ve always used Avery, but there are lots of brands to choose from. Using Word 2007 You might be surprised, but Word 2007 has a lot of options for making quality holiday cards, and is a fairly easy process. First click on the Office Button and select New, which will bring up the New Document window. Under Templates we want to select Greeting Cards, then Holidays. This should connect to Microsoft’s Office Online site, which has loads of templates to choose from, or you could go directly to the site in your browser and download them there.

Free Patterns - Simply Knitting We think it’s high time to embark upon a new knitting project, and what better way to do so than with this fabulous free pattern designed exclusively for Black Sheep Wools by Juliet Bernard? You can download it here - all you need then is to get your hands on some of the gorgeous Louisa Harding Amitola yarn! This cowl is made up of lots of hexagons knitted together, so you’ll get to show off all the different tones and variations in the wool as well as ending up with something that looks great! These hats are so cute, and so speedy to knit – you’ll want to make all six adorable designs. If you’ve signed up for our email newsletters from Simply Knitting and The Knitter, you’ll be enjoying a free pattern to download every month! You’ll love knitting this kids’ pixie hat – it’s so quick, and a great stash-buster. You’ll love these quick knit projects – a clutch and co-ordinating purse, designed by Kirstie McLeod. You’ll love knitting this pattern – it’s so quick, and a great stash-buster.

e-Pattern Central If you're looking for a fabulous collection of online knitting patterns with a wide variety of knit project types and styles, you're in the right spot! has knit accessories, knit baby patterns, knitted afghans, knit holiday patterns and lots more! Are you new to knitting or stuck on a new stitch? Check out our stitch guide and learn how to knit. Our tutorials include written instructions, diagrams and videos. We have plenty of easy and beginner online knitting patterns for you to try. Whether you're looking for a downloadable knit pattern for a pair of knitted socks, a toy, Christmas ornament or anything else you can think of, we've got all the online knitting patterns you need. oaquqwe

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Edge-Lit Holiday Cards Make your own edge-lit holiday cards using LEDs, plastic, paper, electrical tape, batteries, a pen, scissors, and a hobby knife. We begin with a piece of clear plastic roughly 1/16″ (1.6 mm) thick, approximately 2.5 x 3″ (65 x 75 mm). We used acrylic, but you can also use polycarbonate, polypropylene, or a number of other clear plastics. You can cut a piece out of a thick-walled clear plastic container or get material like this at the hardware or hobby store. This clear acrylic came with protective blue film on both sides. The initial sheet that we had was about 12″ square, and it turns out that this particular material *cannot* be cut with scissors– it cracks and shatters. Trace the size of your plastic piece onto a sheet of paper. Make a drawing of what you’ll want on your card front; it should fit well within the inner rectangle on your paper. Obviously, how cool your shape looks will influence how cool the final product looks. And here is the design scratched into the plastic.

Free Knitting Patterns: Knitting On The Net Knitting e-books Techniques for More Successful Knitting Knitting not only puts us at ease, it also challenges us while allowing us to express our creativity. This free eBook offers the tips and techniques that every knitter needs to become a more successful knitter. No matter what drives you to pick up your knitting needles and no matter what your skill level, this free download eBook is a must-have guide for all knitters to keep as a quick reference guide in their knitting bags. You'll discover simple blocking tips, fantastic felting ideas, hints for easier cable knitting, important finishing techniques, and much much more. Read More . . .