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Skin Retouching in Photoshop

Skin Retouching in Photoshop
This tutorial will help you learn how to speed up skin retouching and polish photos in Photoshop using basic techniques. Original Photo Step 1 Duplicate the background image and rename it to Layer 1. Step 2 Go to Filter > Other > High Pass and set the Radius to around 4.5 pixels. Step 3 Change the Blending Options for Layer 1 from Normal to Soft Light and uncheck the eye to make Layer 1 invisible for the next step. Step 4 Duplicate the background image again and rename it to Layer 2. Step 5 As you’ll see the image will be just slightly blurred and smoothen out but not the edges. Step 6 Flatten Image and use the Clone Stamp Tool mixed with a Soft Brush with the Flow set to around 30% to manually select areas next to one another, blend it in as much as you can using this tool to make further improvements to the skin. Step 7 This step here is to quickly balance out the whole lot, to do that we need that extra bit of shadow to be added to the overall image. Final Result

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How to Design A Magazine Cover in Photoshop In this tutorial we will learn how to design a magazine cover in Photoshop. I usually design covers using Photoshop and InDesign, but for this tutorial we will be using Photoshop for everything. When you set out to design your own magazine cover you’ll need to pay close attention to details and carefully lay out the artistic aspect of it, working towards a well planned and complete artistic concept. 20 PSD Tuts That Will Turn You Into A Photoshop Guru Many people can use Photoshop, but only a select few can call themselves gurus. Learn all the methods in the 20 tutorials below and you’ll be well on your way to joining this elite. Rather than focus on tuts for beginners, intermediates or advanced users, we’ve simply chosen ones which produce jaw-dropping effects. All of them are easy to follow, although most do require at least some prior knowledge and experience. 1.

Remove a Person From a Photo With Photoshop CS5's Content Aware Feature With the launch of the new Adobe Suite of programs comes the long awaited Adobe Photoshop CS5. Packed with new features to speed up your workflow it truly is the most advanced edition of Photoshop to date. One of the new features we will be looking at today is called Content Aware. This feature allows you to quickly fill in a selection with surrounding content making it look like a part of the original image.

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Tutorial Magazine - 32 Best Photoshop Tutorials of July 2009 photoshop How to Digitally Paint Portraits Create digital paintings that look like high-end comics from photos with these great Photoshop tips. | 16643 views | by digitalarts How to Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch 25 Adobe Photoshop actions for Photography Touch-Up and Enhancement PRO Photoshop Actions Bundle – Film & Special Effects These actions are not simple, filter-playing actions. The steps they take have been studied and thoroughly tested, making these actions true image enhancers. The results of these actions are realistic re-creations of traditional effects, without any gimmicks. Bundle – 50 Top Adobe Photoshop Actions for photographers Manu color techniques were combined in order to achieve these top notch image and photo actions.

Casting Shadows From Complex Shapes <a href=" onclick="addthis_url = location.href; addthis_title = document.title; return addthis_click(this);" target="_blank"><img src=" width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="Bookmark and Share" /></a><script type="text/javascript">var addthis_pub = 'PixelHive';</script><script type="text/javascript" src=" Category: Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Added: 06/24/2007 Views: 60,762 Tutorial Goal To learn a simple and versatile method of casting a shadow from any complex object in Adobe Photoshop. I find myself using this technique on a regular basis.

Eye Sharpening - Photoshop Tutorial With this tutorial you can create amazing, bright eyes within minutes. First retouch, adjust levels and do all necessary colour corrections on your image. With a Lasso Tool (L) select the eyes (hold Shift key to add to selection). Hit Ctrl+J to copy selection to a new layer.

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