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Protocol Introduction · Tent - the decentralized social web Tent v0.3-WIP Documentation Note well: There is no guarantee of API stability until Tent v1.0. Please contribute by making Pull Requests and Issues on the GitHub repository. Tent uses HTTPS and JSON to transport posts between servers and apps. Entities Entities are the users of Tent. Servers Each entity has one or more servers that represent it. Posts Posts are the atomic unit of content in Tent. Apps Apps provide the UI for Tent. Relationships Entities establish relationships when they send posts that mention other entities. Subscriptions Subscriptions build on relationships and provide a mechanism to request that a subset of posts get pushed when they are published by an entity. Notifications Notifications are webhooks containing posts that are delivered to entities based on subscriptions and mentions.

D3 Tutorials <div id="js_warning"><strong>JavaScript is turned off, so this page won&rsquo;t be very interactive.</strong> Switch JavaScript back on in your web browser for the full experience.</div> These tutorials have been expanded into a book, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, published by O’Reilly in March 2013. Official SketchUp Blog Software QA and Testing Resource Center - Other Resources Un produs Traducere Top Resources - Comprehensive software testing resource site from Techwell Corp., with articles, news, information on software testing and quality engineering, books, tools, conferences, message boards. Thoughtworks Testing Portal - Testing articles and blogs from Thoughtworks, Inc. James Bach's Blog - Large collection of thoughtful postings/articles on Jame's Bach's Satisfice web site; organized into a wide selection of categories. Return to top of resources listings Software QA and Testing-related Organizations/Certifications/Conferences Association for Software Testing - A nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of software testing. SEI - Web site of Software Engineering Institute (at Carnegie Mellon University); info about SEI technical programs, publications, bibliographies, some online documents, SEI courses and training, links to related sites. Note: The above is only a partial listing. Pass vs.

Knoema - Home speakers - JDays Here follow the Speakers and their Abstracts Keynote: Agile and SEMAT – Perfect Partners Keynote Abstract: Today, as always, there are many different initiatives underway to help improve the way we develop software. The most popular and prevalent of which is the Agile Movement. One of the new kids on the block is the SEMAT initiative. As with any new initiative people are struggling to see how it fits into the world and how it relates to all the other things going on. For example does it improve or replace their current ways of working. The good news is that both Agile and SEMAT promote non-prescriptive value-based philosophies that encourage software development teams to select and use whatever practices best fit their context and, most importantly, continuously inspect, adapt and improve their way of working. He is well known for his pioneering work and has over 25 years of experience using object methods for the design of large, real-time systems. Read more about "Ivar Jacobson"

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