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Inkscape shiny arrow When I write on by blog the blurb for an Inkscape tutorial I usually present the process by showing the start image, the end image and an arrow like this: So how I do those arrows? with the Bézier tool draw a rough arrowedit the nodes and make the lines slightly curvedfill with a bright color, like this light greenchange the fill in a gradientincrease the width of the strokeuse the same gradient for the stroke as with the fill but with inversed atart and end pointsadd a slight Blur shadowoptionally, add a glossy area (white to transparent gradient) Update: as requested by a reader, here is the SVG source Feedback You can leave comments, complaints, suggestions, praises on my blog. This tutorial is free, but if you find it entertaining, pretty please (this is not a requirement, only my humble wish) send an email to dioanad at server with thanks for motivating me to publish it and expressing your unhappiness to the same person for destroying my motivation to publish more.

Ordinateur quantique : l'avis de Laurent Saminadayar sur D-Wave Two Richard Feynman en séminaire au Cern en 1965, juste après avoir reçu son prix Nobel. Il est l'un des pères de la théorie des ordinateurs quantiques. © IOP, Cern Ordinateur quantique : l'avis de Laurent Saminadayar sur D-Wave Two - 5 Photos Après l'annonce de l'ordinateur quantique D-Wave Two par Google et par la Nasa, la question est de savoir si nous sommes vraiment à la veille d'une révolution quantique en informatique. Laurent Saminadayar travaille sur des problèmes de cohérence quantique en physique mésoscopique à l'Institut Néel. © Institut Néel, 2012 Futura-Sciences : Est-il vrai qu’un ordinateur quantique avec suffisamment de qubits peut battre n’importe quel ordinateur classique ? Laurent Saminadayar : On ne peut pas vraiment se poser la question de la supériorité d’un ordinateur quantique sur un ordinateur classique en ces termes. Peter Shor, né le 14 août 1959, est un mathématicien américain du MIT bien connu pour ses travaux portant sur le calcul quantique. Sur le même sujet

Inkscape - Draw Freely Inkscape at the Libre Graphics Meeting April 12, 2014 The Inkscape project mustered nine developers, translators and document writers for a productive meeting. As well as countless user interactions over the course of the five day event. Read more... Inkscape sponsoring LGM attendance March 2, 2014 Thanks to generous donations from users, the Inkscape Project is pleased to pay for five developers to attend the Libre Graphics Meeting, to be held in Leipzig in April.

The ultimate guide for creating shiny web buttons with Inkscape I will follow some ways to create various kinds of web buttons with Inkscape: simple, aqua, crystal, with and without shadows, of various colors and in various states. Simple buttons with a 3D look I'll start with the simplest button, which will be reused later for the other styles. Aqua Buttons I'll get to buttons made in the Aqua style, simulating a liquid or gel effect. Crystal buttons Attach a crystal or glass effect to the simple button created earlier. Shadow at the bottom I'll explore a different kind of shadow, which will completely change the perspective of the button. Reflexion Another effect I'll experiment with is reflexion (mirror). Color the reflexion with a gradient from the base color with full opacity to the same color with full transparency. You can rad a lot more about reflected images in a dedicated tutorial. Roll-overs, highlights and inactive buttons Here the "ultimate" guide for creating shiny web buttons with Inkscape ends. Romanian translation is also available.

Your Sitemap Details - XML Sitemaps Generator Maximum 500 pages Limit Exceeded Don't let your website get left behind - Improve your site's visibility in Google and other search engines by creating and submitting full XML Sitemaps. Try our Standalone XML Sitemap Generator or create a Pro account for your website by clicking the button below (it includes also Images, Video, News sitemap and many other features)! Need an easier way to keep your sitemap up-to-date? Click the button below to create your free PRO Generator account for website. Your sitemap is ready! There are 2 steps left: 1. Download Sitemap Initial website address Download un-compressed XML Sitemap sitemap.xml (91.01Kb) Download compressed XML Sitemap sitemap.xml.gz (3.91Kb) Download HTML Sitemap sitemap.html (85.87Kb) [view] Download Sitemap in Text Format urllist.txt (38.39Kb) Download ROR Sitemap ror.xml (181.36Kb) Download all sitemap files All sitemaps in a single ZIP file (5 sitemaps)

Open Office - La bureautique pour tous 10 Tips For Creating Good Looking Diagrams Using Inkscape After multiple attempts to find a good free diagraming application I think I have found a decent solution. I'm not creating enough diagrams to justify buying something expensive and I don't feel like finding a graphics designer to make Dia diagrams prettier. If you have a Mac you are probably not in as bad a situation since you can buy OmniGraffle for $79. But for those of us without a Mac or who are just very cheap I think the best solution starts with Inkscape. I've put together a list of 10 tips that will help make better looking diagrams with Inkscape. You will want to download Inkscape first. 1. This is one of the most important things you need to do. I'm using the following color scheme for the examples here: 2. Don't be afraid to use the sides of the screen as a scratch pad. 3. Learning the hot keys will speed up your drawing. group – Ctrl-Gun-group – Ctrl-Shift-Gcreate square – F4create circle – F5create polygons – *transform – F1 4. 5. First draw a square: Then draw a circle: 6.

Conversion de fichiers en UTF-8 — MoodleDocs Moodle1.6 Certains fichiers, notamment ceux des paquetages de langue personnalisés, les fichiers d'importation d'utilisateur ou les fichiers de langue de modules de tierces parties doivent être convertis en UTF-8 avant de pouvoir être utilisés dans Moodle 1.6 et ultérieur. Cet article vous indique comment effectuer cette conversion. Ordinateurs basés sur Unix (Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) La conversion s'effectue au moyen de la commande iconv : iconv -f encodage_original -t utf-8 fichier_original > nouveau_fichier Ordinateurs sous Windows Solution 1 Charger le fichier plat dans PSPad (un éditeur freeware qui, entre autres, peut convertir en UTF8) : Cliquer sur Format, UTF-8 Sauver le fichier Solution 2 Téléchargez la version du programme iconv pour Windows. Solution 3 On peut effectuer la conversion avec Cygwin, un environnement Linux fonctionnant dans Windows, et en lançant la commande iconv dans cet environnement. Exemple d'une solution sous Windows avec Cygwin : #!