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Reimagine student feedback

Reimagine student feedback

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Iniciar sesión en la cuenta Escriba la dirección de correo electrónico de la cuenta con la que desea iniciar sesión. Estamos teniendo problemas para encontrar su cuenta. ¿Qué tipo de cuenta desea usar? Iniciar sesión en {0} ¿Con qué tipo de cuenta desea iniciar sesión? Asegúrese de que está escribiendo la contraseña de su cuenta profesional o educativa. Su id. de usuario debería tener la forma de una dirección de correo electrónico, por ejemplo o Asegúrese de que ha escrito la dirección de correo electrónico correctamente. Escriba su contraseña. Para iniciar sesión, primero escriba un id. de usuario. Compruebe la dirección de correo electrónico que especificó. Escriba una dirección de correo electrónico diferente, o bien obtenga una nueva cuenta de Microsoft. Puede que aún tenga la sesión iniciada en algunas aplicaciones. Inténtelo de nuevo en unos minutos. Inténtelo de nuevo en unos minutos. Inténtelo de nuevo en unos minutos. Inténtelo de nuevo en unos minutos. - Juego de trivial online educativo Roligt glosförhör - H.O.T. / D.O.K.: Let's Make a D.O.K.! A Game Show Approach to Depth of Knowledge What exactly is depth of knowledge? The framework designed by Norman Webb (1997) categorizes depth of knowledge into four levels. D.O.K.-1 questions require students to recall or reproduce knowledge and/or skills to come up with an answer that is either correct or incorrect. Questions at this particular level usually involves working with facts, terms, and/or properties of objects.D.O.K.-2 questions expect students to think deeper about how to answer questions by applying the knowledge and skills they have acquired and developed. A D.O.K.-3 question challenges students to think critically and strategically how to answer a question acceptably, accurately, appropriately, and authentically. Then why is there so much confusion as to what qualifies as deeper knowledge, understanding, thinking, and awareness? Why is there so much concern over how students' depth of knowledge of concepts and content will be assessed and evaluated on assessments such as the PARCC or the Smarter Balanced exams?

Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay Start - Bedömningsportalen 10 MORE digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class (Part 2) Want to kick class off in a meaningful way … AND pull student interest into the lesson? Try one of these creative digital bell-ringer activities. (Public domain image via We have a golden window of time at the beginning of any class. For these first five or ten minutes of class (OK, probably more the five than the ten), we have our students’ most attention. If we squander that time, the rest of our time with them suffers. But if we seize the opportunity that it is, we can spark interest and hook students into a lesson. This is why great bell ringers are crucial — quick activities to get students going at the beginning of class, when the bell has just rung. Technology and digital tools give us some unique opportunities to unlock activities that we could do otherwise — or couldn’t do as uniquely. I recently posted part one of this post — 10 digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class. My brainstorming list had so many more ideas that I knew I had to write another post! 1. 2.

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