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My top five resources for teaching ICT and computer science | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional One of the key aspects to any outstanding lesson is having outstanding resources. Below you will find my top five resources from the Guardian Teacher Network for teaching ICT and computer science. Enjoy. Microsoft Playful Learning: Computer Games in Education Have you ever wondered what gamification is? Where can it be used? BAFTA Young Game Designer Following on from the resource above, is this full project on game design from BAFTA. Where can it be used? Top 10 Computer Science Teaching Resources Alan O'Donohoe reveals his top 10 computer science resources in this fantastic post from the Teacher Network blog. Where can it be used? Mr Britland's ICT Curriculum 2012-2013 This is my new ICT curriculum booklet and includes 11 original projects. Where can it be used? Safer Internet Day Although this is a presentation for Safer Internet Day 2012 it can be used all year round. Where can it be used?

World Class Physical Education @MrWickensPE Outdoors Recreation Victoria :: Outdoors Recreation Centre :: Adventure Activity Standards, Walking Clubs and Outdoors Organisation ABC Science Hot tags Weather Climate Change Planets and Asteroids Archaeology Fossils Editor's choice Sunday, 15 January 2017 RN Offtrack Counting birds to save the Murray-Darling Friday, 18 November 2016 Professor Richard Kingsford has spent much of his life counting birds: a critical body of work that shows Australia's rivers are under threat. Great Moments in Science The earworms you can't get out of your head Tuesday, 29 November 2016If you've ever had a song stuck in your head, you'll know it's annoying. Photos Incredible inner space Venture into the micro world of human anatomy and animals with teeth reinforced with iron, scales that reflect light and velvet 'fingers' on their skin captured by scientists from the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility. More galleries Science Quizzes Aussie birds quiz Can you tell the difference between a cuckoo and a cockatoo, or a peregrine and a penguin? Chemistry quiz Is your chemistry knowledge as light as helium or as heavy as plutonium?

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