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A Simple, Powerful Self-Compassion Method By Leo Babauta When we’re frustrated with others, or feeling bad about ourselves … we often turn toward habits that comfort us: distractionsfoodshoppingsmokingdrugs/alcohol These don’t often work, because they tend to make us feel worse in the long run. We become unhappier, more stressed, and then need to seek comfort in these things again … and the cycle continues. These are sometimes the only ways we know of comforting ourselves!

Self-Compassion Outweighs Self-Esteem for Resilience & Empowerment Self-Compassion Outweighs Self-Esteem for Resilience & Empowerment Strive for more, work even harder, aim to be the best! We live in a society that regularly sends us such messages. 20 Quotes to Inspire Self-compassion Do you need some inspiration for self-compassion? Maybe the following 20 quotes to inspire self-compassion can support you in that process! In-joy, Jane xx “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere.

Why We Need to Practice a Little Self-Compassion In the frantic pace of life, it can be difficult to keep up—and sometimes when we make mistakes or we feel we don’t work hard enough, we leave ourselves in the dust by thinking things like “you’re not good enough.” If we’re not careful, a few harsh words here and there can evolve into excessive self-criticism. This short animation from the London School of Life suggests another way to approach those negative storylines we jog through our minds, as well as the real setbacks we face—like adopting a kinder mindset toward ourselves when we fail, accepting our personal histories that we cannot change, and understanding that our worth is not only contingent on our achievements. Mindfulness allows us to see how we respond to ourselves, and work toward a bond that’s healthier and happier. Take a few minutes and try this practice: “5 Steps to a Better Relationships with Yourself” from Mindful magazine.

Through the Looking Glass — Human Parts I’m a single white male in his late twenties. I have a successful consulting business that I find very rewarding. I’m energetic, I enjoy life and I have many healthy relationships with thoughtful and caring people. Top 40 ways to reduce stress and relax… – Stress Free Teacher We are so busy in our lives. We flit from one thing to another sometimes with little regard to how we are feeling in any given moment. We run through our lives at 100mph more than we relax and unwind. The Powerful (Happiness) Side Effects of Self-Compassion Sometimes the most profound statements come out of children’s books. One of my favorite Dr Seuss books is Oh, The Places You’ll Go! It seems to tell the story of what it is like to be human. It brings you through all the experiences in life: the triumphs, the doubts, the confusions, the depressions, the fearful moments and the moments you stare your difficulties in the face and overcome them. Another fantastic book that goes straight to the truth of it all is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt If you haven’t read it, it’s a picture book where a family goes on a bear hunt and they keep coming across these obstacles from tall grass, to swamp, to spooky forest, etc.. and each time they say, “You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you’ve got to go through it.”

What’s So Wrong with Sex Before Marriage? What’s So Wrong with Sex Before Marriage? By Nestor A. Toro Something vital is missing from the prevailing mindset toward sexual relations outside of marriage. Source: Jupiterimages Lining supermarket check-out lanes, amid candy bars and breath mints, are enticing headlines in bold, eye-catching letters: “101 Sex Secrets,” “43 Ways to Improve Your Love Life,” “15 Ways to Drive Him Wild”…

Pressure Doesn’t Have to Turn into Stress When I was in my late twenties, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors operated and told me to hope for the best. I returned to Japan, where I was working, and tried to forget about it. The tumors returned a year later, this time in my liver.