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An Introduction to the ELK Stack (Now the Elastic Stack) Most Recent Getting Started On Demand Videos: Looking for a hosted & managed solution? Check out the Elastic's 14-Day Free Cloud Trial. By combining the massively popular Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (what was the ELK Stack is now the Elastic Stack), Elastic has created an end-to-end stack that delivers actionable insights in real time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source. Built and supported by the engineers behind each of these open source products, the Elastic Stack makes searching and analyzing data easier than ever before.

FS River Welcome to the FS River Plugin for Elasticsearch This river plugin helps to index documents from your local file system and using SSH. WARNING: If you use this river in a multinode mode on different servers without SSH, you need to ensure that the river can access files on the same mounting point. If not, when a node stop, the other node will think that your local dir is empty and will erase all your docs. WARNING: starting from 0.0.3, you need to have the Attachment Plugin.

ElasticSearch Head What is this? elasticsearch-head is a web front end for browsing and interacting with an Elastic Search cluster. elasticsearch-head is hosted and can be downloaded or forked at github contact me via github or on twitter @mobz shipping to logstash with rsyslog - logstash cookbook It’s an alternative to using logstash on your nodes to ship logs. The logstash agent, when run from java, can incur significant overhead. The minimum memory footprint I have been able to achieve is about 100mb. Inverse Path - USB armory The USB armory from Inverse Path is an open source hardware design, implementing a flash drive sized computer. The compact USB powered device provides a platform for developing and running a variety of applications. The security features of the USB armory System on a Chip (SoC), combined with the openness of the board design, empower developers and users with a fully customizable USB trusted device for open and innovative personal security applications. The hardware design features the NXP i.MX53 processor, supporting advanced security features such as secure boot and ARM® TrustZone®. The USB armory hardware is supported by standard software environments and requires very little customization effort. In fact vanilla Linux kernels and standard distributions run seamlessly on the tiny USB armory board.

Using Loganalyzer with syslog-ng « Czanik@BalaBit Recently I found many e-mail and forum posts looking for a web GUI for syslog-ng. One of them, Loganalyzer is getting more popular, as a completely free web application. There is just one catch, it was not designed for syslog-ng originally. With this post I try to help to make syslog-ng work with Loganalyzer.

Samy Kamkar: PoisonTap - exploiting locked computers over USB Created by @SamyKamkar || When PoisonTap (Raspberry Pi Zero & Node.js) is plugged into a locked/password protected computer, it: emulates an Ethernet device over USB (or Thunderbolt)hijacks all Internet traffic from the machine (despite being a low priority/unknown network interface)siphons and stores HTTP cookies and sessions from the web browser for the Alexa top 1,000,000 websitesexposes the internal router to the attacker, making it accessible remotely via outbound WebSocket and DNS rebinding (thanks Matt Austin for rebinding idea!) Live demonstration and more details available in the video:

Hosted full-text search, powered by ElasticSearch and One More Cloud Prepared for the Worst We’ve been in this business long enough to know that sometimes things break, and it’s our job to prepare for that. All of our production indexes are replicated across multiple data centers, we back up all of our data daily, and every deploy we run creates a fresh snapshot of our cluster data. Just in case. and Raspberry PI Network: Home Directory Documentation Nagios Core Documentation

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