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Over the past seven years, at our creative agency, Access, we have worked with a number of residential and commercial property developers from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, helping them with development and strategy. Yet we see so often the sad sight of yet another mediocre building going up. We see city councils approving mediocre design and we see cities looking uglier because of it. We see property developers rushing to get their building up, wanting to make a quick sale and profit, and not really caring or thinking about the aesthetics of the building. Does the building enhance the surrounding area or make it worse? What will the resale value be down the track? Property developers — and city councils — need to wake up and realize their influence on the cityscape and take that role seriously. As a developer and as a city council, do you want to be known as an organization that values and understands design and creates iconic developments? What amenities does the building provide? Related:  Gadgets

ArchDaily | Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide MIMOA | Modern Architecture Guide | Contributed, organised, and mapped by you. Incredible Futuristic Concept Creations | Art, Concepts, Design, Gadgets Nick Kaloterakis, is an extremely talented Sydney based illustrator and CG designer. His stunning futuristic concept creations are often featured in Popular Science Magazine. When I came across his work on the website I found myself instantly fascinated and had to share his creative designs with you. WHAT WE DO IS SECRET | A Blog by A Lab on Fire via Marco Casagrande | Photo © AdDa Zei / Casagrande Laboratory Here is another fascinating project by Marco Casagrande and his team – “an architectural organism growing from the ruins of an abandoned farm-house in the jungle.” Photos » Drawings » Text » Model » (Don’t miss to checkout the models of this project at the link above!)

Accueil We Heart; Lifestyle & Design Magazine Plataforma Arquitectura SoloTrek creators on their way to build world's first-to-fly hybrid ‘Air Car’ The former SoloTrek XFV engineering team is up to work on another outstanding aircraft innovation. Aircraft innovators Michael Moshier and Robert Bulaga, who designed the Exo-skeletal Flying Vehicle, are looking for funds to develop a groundbreaking fuel electronic hybrid air car for day-to-day transportation purposes. The aircraft exponents call the new project as a ‘history-making one,' but they are yet to spot enough financial sources. First Hybrid Air car The projected air car could be used for daily commutation purposes in third world countries, where transportation infrastructure is always a torture. The SoloTrek one-man Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft from the team was a huge success. For the new project, the Silicon Valley firm finds lack of fund as the major barrier. It is no longer a question of if it can be done. Via: PRWeb

Actu-Architecture ||| La passion des arts du bâtiment.

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